Beautiful manicure with foil 2022

This season, bright, noticeable nail art ideas are in trend. One of these is a manicure decorated with foil. There are many techniques for applying this material to the nails, as well as many styles in which it is appropriate to use it. Foil looks good on both long and short nails. Moreover, it is appropriate both for a conspicuous, daring manicure, and for a concise, modest one, made in a business or any other discreet style. Let’s talk about what a fashionable foil manicure can be done for 2022 and 2023.


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Fashionable color schemes in manicure with foil 2022-2023

Juicy colors are in fashion, which will disperse melancholy in autumn bad weather and add mood on a sunny summer day. Still relevant are red, pink, green, purple shades, and beige – from nude to coffee. In addition to them, pay attention to other popular colors of varnish: yellow, orange, lavender, blue and even black. No less popular are pastel shades and their combinations. Each of these options, especially the classic ones, are good for complementing them with beautiful foil decor elements.

Fashionable manicure with foil 2022-2023

As for the foil, it is quite malleable material that can be used in different ways, and which in all cases will achieve the desired result. Sometimes the goal is just a shiny addition, and sometimes you need to give the impression that precious metal gleams on the nails. Pay attention to the following design options.

  • French. Universal option. It can be both nude and colored. The nail plate is covered with gel polish, and the smile line, that is, the protruding edge of the nail, is highlighted with a white stripe. In the current season, white varnish can be replaced with a colored one, and the smile line can be made of a non-standard shape, or not highlighted, but the nail hole. French provides a lot of design ideas, and shiny foil will be a bright addition here. It can be either torn shiny splashes or neat stripes or geometric shapes.


  • Manicure with inscriptions. Another interesting option. The nail plate is varnished, often in light colors, and complemented by beautiful inscriptions. It can be any words with meaning, phrases, phrases written in a beautiful font, names of loved ones, declarations of love. Often such a manicure is complemented by shiny elements, including silver or gold foil.


  • foil strips. Another interesting design idea is with foil stripes. Here the foil is applied neatly, in straight stripes that can serve as a border for another fashion trend – geometric shapes. Stripes can be an independent decor, and create a strict geometric pattern on the nail, or become part of a complex ornament with parts of different colors. This nail art looks very stylish.


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  • Minimalism. A variant of a modest, appropriate manicure in any situation. This is either a plain nail art without unnecessary elements, or with minimal decor. Small drawings can act as such a decor: a floral ornament with abstract elements and a cobweb, including inclusions of foil. The minimalistic design is a good choice for women who prefer short nails.


  • Golden manicure. Gold foil manicure is a chic option for a party or holiday. On the varnish – pastel shades or dark – is applied potal, a foil coating that imitates gold leaf. It looks especially impressive on long nails. Gold can be the main element of a manicure, or complement the main color of the varnish. For this design option, red or another shade that contrasts with precious glitter is suitable. Another addition to such a manicure can be an ornament or pattern.


  • Style Combination. Foil can serve as an auxiliary material when creating a pattern on a nail. It can also be used as an additional element with a gossamer manicure, as a decoration of a floral ornament. In the current season, bold design ideas are welcome in manicure, to achieve which all available means are used, including all types of foil.

  • colored foil. Foil manicure design involves not only the use of silver and gold, but also bright, colored foil. A good base for such nail art will be a monochromatic varnish in dark shades, especially black, dark blue, dark brown. Against this background, colored shiny splashes will look luxurious and bold. A great option for a festive manicure.


  • Matte manicure with foil. The fashion for a matte finish is not limited to a black base for bright foil. You can also use gel polish in any other color that you like and matches the image. The contrast of textures and the noble sheen of the foil will create a noticeable effect and will look beautiful on the nails. You can use both regular and colored foil. This is a good option for long nails.


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Fashion trends season autumn-winter 2022-2023 have a wide variety and many stylish new products for every fashionista.

Whichever of the modern fashion styles you prefer, you can always diversify and decorate your manicure with foil decor elements to your liking. Let’s look at a few photos to see in detail the design of each foil manicure option that is popular in 2022.

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