Beautiful nails 2019 – what is relevant?

Drawings on nails, what is most relevant in the 2019 season, what fashion ideas are in trend today? It is these and other questions related to manicure that can most often be found on the Internet. And this is not surprising, because nails are the hallmark of every woman. So, they should always be well-groomed and made up according to the latest fashion.

Beautiful and trendy nail design

So what designs and trends are currently at the peak of popularity? How to decorate your nails so that they look stylish, attractive and exactly in line with modern fashion trends. You can answer these and other questions by reading our article. Go!

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Best Manicure Techniques 2019

So, let’s not put it off indefinitely and immediately proceed to describe the most newfangled techniques with which you will get a beautiful and unique manicure.

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  • cat eye. In 2019, this nail art literally blew the minds of fashionistas! Absolutely every woman aspired to create an unusual iridescent effect on her nails. Someone chose more complicated patterns, someone made simpler ones at home, but the result was the same – the “cat’s eye” delighted everyone around!

Manicure “cat’s eye”

  • Rubbing. Here is another example of how you can effortlessly create a stunning 3D effect on your nails. It is enough just to decide on the color and rub the corresponding special pigment into the gel polish, which will help your nails to find an unusually beautiful mirror overflow.

Mirror manicure with rubbing

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Important! It is best to use glossy black varnish as the main background for rubbing. The effect from it turns out to be the most advantageous.


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  • Broken glass. This technique will look great in the winter season, as the special stickers used for this occasion are very reminiscent of pure ice crystals. This simple nail art is full of lightness and light, which made it wildly popular among lovers of this style.

Broken glass manicure

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  • negative space. This fashion trend is also now at the peak of popularity. Its main idea is very simple – cover a certain part of the nail with a transparent varnish, while the rest of the areas will be painted over with any color. The form of negative space can be absolutely any.

    Manicure negative space

  • Flock. Or simply velvet sand. A manicure with it will be especially relevant in the fall of 2019 and in winter, and it also allows you to reproduce the most original and fashionable ideas for drawing on your nails. To apply the flock yourself, you must have sufficient skill for this. But if you succeed, the effect is simply amazing! After all, from the side it will seem that your nails are wrapped in warm velvet.

Flock manicure

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Important! Flock is a special sand coating based on crushed acrylic composition. It is he who creates the appearance of a velvet surface. But if you want to bring a little gloss to this nail art, then add viscose to the flock, which contains shiny particles.




Now let’s talk about the most relevant decor elements, which are most often used by stylists and the most advanced fashionistas.

  • Kamifubiki. Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Then you urgently need to resort to this design. Its distinguishing feature is bright confetti covering your nail plate and fixed on it with gel polish. Choose the color and arrangement of kamifubikov at your discretion. If there is such a desire, then you can cover at least all your nails with them, but be prepared to get a very catchy holiday manicure. For a more discreet look, limit yourself to decorating only 1-2 nails.

Fashionable manicure with kamifubuki

  • Rhinestones. This is the most timeless fashion trend! For some, they will seem too bored, but, nevertheless, interest in them has not completely disappeared. On the contrary, women of all ages are very willing to use them to create their own unique nail art. The number of rhinestones can be very different: from the minimum, which will cover only a small part of the nail, to the defiant maximum.


  • fur cover. Yes, yes, you heard right. We are talking about the most real (or artificial) pieces of fur, which are everywhere glued to the nail plate. You can choose any color, but keep in mind that such nail art will look very catchy, which means it is by no means an everyday option.

Fur manicure

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The most relevant drawings on nails 2019

Well, what is a manicure without a print? In 2019, fashionable drawings on nails are more relevant than ever, and you can peep the best ideas for them in our photo selection, which we have selected for you with pleasure. And let’s take a look at some of them below.

  • Lunar manicure. Or reverse french. This is another timeless trend that certainly deserves your attention. Its distinguishing feature is the allocation of a hole at the base of the marigold, from where, in fact, the name of this nail art came from. The moon manicure looks very gentle and feminine, and there can be many variations for its execution.

The most fashionable moon manicure

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Important! Recently, it has become fashionable to replace the classic crescent that outlines the hole with a triangle. But this option is most suitable for long nails of an oval or pointed shape.


  • Veil. Do you want to create an unusual feminine image for yourself? Then you definitely need to depict a patterned veil on your nails. As a rule, it is performed with dark varnish on a light or transparent background. Less often, a dark veil is alternated with a light one. But whatever you choose, be sure that your manicure will be very gentle.

Veil manicure

  • contouring. The novelty of 2019, which conquered absolutely all fashionistas. In another way, this pattern is called “nails in a frame.” In fact, this is a stroke on the nail office with a contrasting color varnish. The most interesting contouring will look in black and white or white and black, as well as with red, which can be both basic and outline.

Contouring – new in manicure 2019

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Best of all, framed nails look with an oval and almond-shaped nail plate. [/stextbox]

  • Geometry. Well, we have already talked about this type of print more than once. And all because for several seasons in a row it has been wildly popular. To create any geometric pattern, you do not need to be a super specialist. It is enough just to be able to confidently drive a brush over the nail, or to glue special thin strips. The…

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