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How do you like the idea of ​​​​creating a beautiful New Year’s manicure based on an elegant jacket? When we meet 2019, this is a real hit! Look for inspiration for amazing nail art in our article and feel free to copy these ideas in your manicure. With this approach, a festive look that is flawless to the tips of your nails is guaranteed!


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Fashionable color palette

There is a rating of shades with which it is very easy to please the fashion trends of the upcoming 2019. Great news: all the most relevant colors can be used in a festive French manicure.

  • French classics – nude shades – are now at the peak of popularity. To prevent the dullness and routine of such a design, a neutral base can be decorated in any way you like. This is a great backdrop for the most luxurious and vibrant decor.
  • It is very easy to adapt trendy metallic shades to the festive design. You can choose lacquer with imitation of gold or silver for the New Year’s manicure, as well as exquisite decor in the form of precious metals.

Delicate New Year’s jacket

  • Leave the usual colors of varnishes for daily nail art. Festive design calls for brightness, and the red color scheme is perfect for this. Both sensual scarlet shades and noble burgundy are in trend.
  • A truly winter jacket will turn out using a fashionable blue-blue palette, because frosty freshness literally blows from them.

Beautiful snowflake on a mirror rub

  • An edgy option for a festive design will be shades of emerald and coniferous. Without these deep and self-sufficient tones, it is difficult to imagine a stylish New Year’s manicure.
  • Black and white lacquer with a touch of rigor and elegance will look great in a festive design. With the right approach, this classic color union is anything but boring. Its beauty lies in the fact that it friendly accepts any spectacular decor.

Black and white jacket – an unusual holiday design

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If you believe in signs and want to please the symbol of the year 2019, choose shades borrowed from nature. The natural palette is presented in brown, orange and green.


  • But the most favorite color of the Earth Pig is yellow with all the variety of its shades. The symbol of the year will definitely not resist a manicure in her honor and will give you good luck for the whole next year.

What shape and length to choose

On the occasion of the New Year, almost all the rules of nail art disappear. In festive design, you can embody all the most daring ideas. For example, stop at the extravagant form of nails “ballerina”.

If you stick to more classic solutions, look at the elegant oval or almond shape. They look elegant, and also emphasize the beauty of the hands in a favorable light. These forms will look harmoniously on spectacular long nails.

The main trend of the 2018-2019 season is medium and short nails. This trend is due to the course of fashion for naturalness and naturalness. For this length, the shape of a soft oval is also ideal. However, many women of fashion are not averse to experimenting with a square – it is also in trend.

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Pay attention! The square shape is not suitable for owners of thin fingers, because it will make them visually even narrower.


Idea #1

If you are a fan of minimalism and understated elegance, you will surely like the most concise version of a festive jacket with a metallic accent.

To make such a manicure is not difficult. You just need to cover the nails with your favorite color, and then decorate your smile with gold or silver varnish. Today, its displacement or shape change is in fashion – you can also use this for your own purposes.

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Idea #2

Holiday paraphernalia often appears in beautiful New Year’s nail art. Despite the apparent complexity of such patterns, this design is easy to repeat at home.

Typical New Year’s drawings may include:

  • Christmas tree
  • Santa Claus;
  • deer;
  • snowmen;
  • clock;
  • splashes of champagne;
  • patterns;
  • Christmas decorations.

How do you like the idea of ​​​​drawing a charming Santa suit on your nails? We think it’s very cute!

If this design won you over, remember a simple sequence of actions:

  • cover your nails with scarlet and let them dry;
  • draw a smile in white with an openwork edge;
  • using a thin brush (toothpick, ballpoint pen, dots) and black varnish, mark the buttons;
  • draw a belt strip under the smile;
  • the final touch is the gold buckle.

An alternative design with an infectious holiday vibe looks like this.

Idea #3

A fashionable New Year’s manicure with snowflakes can also be made on the basis of a jacket. Our photo selection of elegant designs proves that this is a great idea for the meeting of 2019!

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Idea #4

The surest association with a festive manicure is a brilliant decor. When else will girls shine in all their glory, if not on New Year’s Eve.

For fashionistas who, on the occasion of the celebration, want to add shimmering elements to their nail art in combination with classic French designs, we have prepared these ideas.

The most win-win options for an enchanting jacket with sparkles are as follows:

  • discreet or bright shade for the base coat and glitter in the smile area;
  • a shiny base and a monochromatic glossy smile;
  • classic jacket with a transparent base and subsequent coating of the design with a colorless varnish with sparkles;
  • mirror smile on a matte finish;
  • shimmering powder on the tips of the nails in a chaotic manner.

Idea #5

A rare festive design does without the intervention of rhinestones. So the jacket with such decor is presented in all its splendor.

For those who appreciate discreet and elegant nail art, a great idea would be to decorate one nail with rhinestones. For example, this manicure guarantees that you will become the star of the New Year’s party.

And how elegant this manicure looks! A discreet accent of rhinestones turns the usual jacket into the epitome of beauty. It is noteworthy that such a design requires very little time.

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Note! With such a manicure, it is necessary to apply 2-3 layers of the top. A glossy finish will not only ensure the durability of a beautiful design, but also smooth out any bumps if necessary.


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Idea #6

Any experimentation with the classic French smile is welcome this season. So the manicure acquires a more fashionable and modern reading.

Idea #7

Combining a French manicure and a moon manicure in one design is not a new idea, but nevertheless it is a win-win option for sophisticated and modest nail art.

Idea #8

A great idea for smoothing strict French lines is color gradation with a smooth transition. Fashionistas love this…

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