Beautiful New Year’s manicure 2023 on square nails

New Year’s nail design is not tied to a specific style. On the contrary, this is a great opportunity to come up with something of your own, to reveal your creative potential. One of the most popular forms for the nail plate today is a square. In any design, it looks elegant, stylish, expensive. Therefore, the New Year’s manicure-2023 on square nails will turn out to be very beautiful. We list for him the most original design options.



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Choosing a cover color

Manicure for New Year’s Eve 2022-2023 is not only a lot of glitter, catchy decor, but also a good color of the coating, which will also help you get in the mood for a festive mood. In the current season, we recommend paying attention to the following shades of varnishes for the square shape.


  • Red. New Year’s classic. This solemn color goes well with any decorative elements, looks moderately catchy on the nails, ideal for evening looks. For your manicure this coming New Year’s Eve, choose a noble red, but not scarlet.


  • Silver. Nails covered with silver lacquer will also be a good addition to the festive look. They will go well with a dark cocktail dress, and with a regular knitted dress, in which you can celebrate the New Year at home. Silver glitter is elegant and noble.

  • Blue. A color that is sure to please the symbol of 2023 – the Black Water Rabbit. On a blue background, you can depict various thematic drawings, “scatter” glitter and pixie crystals. It will turn out harmoniously in winter. This is a good manicure color for New Year’s Eve at home.


  • White. Another classic that will allow you to experiment with any design. And last but not least, white will look great even on the shortest square nails. As a decoration for nail art, you can use stickers, small drawings, silver sparkles.


  • Lactic. The nude palette is as relevant as ever. One of the most popular shades within its framework is milky. As a rule, it has a translucent texture, which allows you to create interesting variations of nail design against its background. This is a very good color for the New Year 2023 for square nails.

  • dark green. A color that, like red, is associated with New Year’s celebrations. If it seems to you that dark green monochrome looks “heavy”, complement it with golden glitter, multi-colored or light green kamifubuki, silver or white snowflakes.

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Nail art for the New Year 2023 can also be done in dark blue, gold, burgundy, dark brown, orange, gray.

Design ideas for a festive manicure on square nails

The square is so versatile that it allows you to bring to life absolutely any nail design, up to the most complex. This is especially true for a long plate. What ideas will look most advantageous on New Year’s Eve? Let’s list.

  • Drawings. Let’s start with drawings, because this type of design is most popular with fashionistas. What girls just don’t depict on their nails: snowflakes, miniature Christmas trees, Christmas balls, fabulous animals, clocks, Santa Claus and all kinds of holiday paraphernalia. Nail art with a pattern, especially in the New Year theme, is very cute.


  • A scattering of confetti. A beautiful manicure with kamifubuki, which resemble scattered confetti, is what you need on New Year’s Eve 2022-2023. Kamifubuki can be chosen in one color, suitable for the main tone of the coating, or multi-colored, which will definitely match the atmosphere of the holiday. This design is easy to make and do it yourself.

  • Pearls and rhinestones. Yes, the design with pearls and rhinestones is far from new, but it is difficult to find an alternative to it, especially when it comes to evening looks. This nail art looks luxurious, noble, feminine. However, it is important to observe the measure here, because it is so easy to get carried away with rhinestones. Apply them pointwise, in certain areas on one or two nails at the same time.

  • With garlands. New Year’s manicure for short square nails 2023 can be done without the use of shiny decor elements at all. Just draw a multi-colored garland on a white background and it will already turn out festive. This design is a great option for girls who did not have time to visit the nail master before the gala night. It is enough to find a white varnish and 2-3 colored ones.

  • French. A simple classic and even multi-colored jacket, made in festive colors, is a little boring. Complete it with decor. For example, make a design with glitter that will highlight the smile line. Or draw a snowflake, Christmas tree, beautiful patterns with silver glitter. French classics are always relevant, even on New Year’s Eve.


  • Matte. If you need a manicure that looks not only festive, but also expensive, refer to the matte design, which will be especially effective on long square-shaped nails. Gently add some precious metal sparkle to it in the form of silver sequins or gold decorative elements.


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Nail art for the New Year 2023 can be anything – plain or bright, shiny or discreet. The main thing is that it should be done with taste. But the coarseness of the symbol of the year will not be to your taste.

In today’s review, we told you what the New Year’s manicure-2023 for square nails could be like. We hope you like the design options shown in the photo.

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