Beautiful pearl manicure with design

Mother-of-pearl or pearl manicure is the main nail trend of the current cold season. And no wonder, because many fashionistas are conquered by its light, unobtrusive radiance, tenderness and sophistication. Mother-of-pearl is the antipode of flashiness and variegation, which are ubiquitous in all segments of fashion. On the nails, it looks expensive and absolutely not pretentious. Choosing a mother-of-pearl manicure in 2022-2023 means showing good taste, showing a desire for naturalness, which is considered an unconditional trend. And handles with such a coating definitely look more accurate.



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Shades that harmonize with mother-of-pearl

Pearlescent nail art is distinguished by its versatility and practicality. It favorably complements any outfit, be it a white bridesmaid dress or a silk office blouse. Soft pearl overflows soothe, add sophistication to the image. At the same time, they look equally attractive on both long and short nails. But until recently, mother-of-pearl was considered appropriate only in wedding bows. Today, even world celebrities are delighted with him, for example, Hailey Bieber, Christina Ricci, El Fanning and many others.



Mother-of-pearl manicure can be not only pearl. The modern nail industry allows the use of other shades, but it is desirable that they belong to the pastel palette. We list the most trendy for the season 2022-2023.

  • White. Classic white is the perfect base for mother-of-pearl. As a result, the manicure looks “cold” and attractive in winter. As a design, you can add a few silver rhinestones. Their brilliance will also successfully fit into the general idea of ​​​​this nail art.


  • pale blue. Another good choice for those who want to see a real winter manicure on their nails. Pale blue, covered with mother-of-pearl powder, looks like a frosty day, like frost on a frozen window or fog on an early January morning. A very beautiful combination.

  • Beige. Pearl manicure 2022-2023 does not have to be “cold”. Mother-of-pearl overflows will also look good on warmer shades. For example, beige or peach. This design will be appropriate in office and everyday bows.


  • Pale pink. Rubbing and a pale pink finish is a combination for those who seek to add femininity and sophistication to the image. This nail art looks unobtrusive and neat. It is quite appropriate to wear it without any extra decorative elements or with a small amount of sparkles.


  • Gray. Inconspicuous in ordinary life, gray will reveal itself in a completely different way if you add a pearlescent glow to it. The manicure will turn out to be very attractive and quite suitable for New Year’s Eve 2022-2023, you just need to add some rhinestones to the design.


  • Mint. Beautiful, fashionable color in the current season. We recommend experimenting with it by adding a pearl powder. It will turn out very “refreshing”. Such a manicure is suitable for everyday, business, as well as evening bows, if you choose the right outfit for it.

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If you want something unusual, turn to a gentle lavender shade. It is also quite possible to impose a pearlescent effect on it. Such nail art would be appropriate, for example, on a date.

Design Ideas for Pearly Manicure 2022-2023

Now let’s move on to considering a suitable design. And although a pearl manicure in itself turns out to be self-sufficient, this does not mean that it cannot be combined with popular nail techniques.


  • With drawings or stickers. This option is for those who find the monochrome pearl rub too boring. Choose neat, small drawings so that they can be placed within 1-2 nail plates. It’s the same with sliders. The drawing should complement the design without drawing too much attention to itself. In general, mother-of-pearl manicure with a pattern is very interesting.


  • “Broken glass”. Pearl manicure with a “broken glass” design is very fresh and spectacular. Holographic foil will help to recreate an unusual cosmic design that will literally sparkle in the rays of the winter sun, or spotlights if you decide to make it for a holiday. Pieces of foil with a holographic effect can be laid out on all nails at the same time.

  • with sequins and rhinestones. Shiny decorative elements are quite harmoniously combined with elegant mother-of-pearl. However, when creating a design, it is important to observe the measure. Glitter should complement and enrich mother-of-pearl overflows, and not draw attention to itself. Place rhinestones on one or two nails, and next to the glitter. This will be enough to charm everyone around.


  • Matte. If you think that matte and mother-of-pearl are incompatible, then this is a deep delusion. Cover the pearl rub with a matte top and see what a delicate design the result will be. This is a very elegant solution that can be implemented on both long nails and short ones. This pearl manicure looks very soft.


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In addition, on mother-of-pearl nails will look good: gossamer, golden decorative elements, for example, potal, artificial pearls, pixie crystals, shell design.


Mother-of-pearl manicure is the hit of the 2022-2023 season. Even the photos convey its sophisticated splendor. And on the form of marigolds, almonds, and on a square plate, it looks equally expensive.

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