Beauty dance

Women at all times have been looking for ways to maintain their beauty, but even half of them did not know exactly what they wanted. What do you understand by the word “beauty”? Facial features? Figure? Maybe clothes?

Many women misunderstand beauty, equate anything with it, and end up disappointed when men look past anyway. Sometimes misunderstanding simply overwhelms when you see a gray mouse, behind which admiring glances rush. Why does it happen?

Think for yourself, will a man attract you, no matter how handsome, well-groomed and tastefully dressed, if he is stooped, walks with a swaying gait, and his movements seem to be shoved?

Remember Mymra from “Office Romance”. Alas, most of the female population of the planet is exactly like that, as if they are driving in piles, while you yourself will not notice this, since this is not visible in the mirror, and it is not noticeable. But men see everything and draw their conclusions not in your favor.

Thus, no matter how much you fight for the beauty of the skin, the relief of the body and the health of the hair, this is still not enough if your movements are not endowed with grace. A graceful woman is a beautiful woman, even if she has extra pounds or irregularly shaped eyebrows. Such a lady is attracted precisely by the ease of her movements, the completeness of actions, hardness and plasticity. Even the look and manner of speaking is different.

“But what if I was born a tree?” – you ask. Train yourself! Nothing is given to us just like that, and grace too. Even talented people in some area need to develop their gift, otherwise it will simply die in them, the same with female beauty.

And the best way to give yourself ease of movement is dancing. Now, even in the smallest cities of any country, there are clubs for those who want to learn how to dance, it remains only to carve out a little time to go to such classes. Moreover, dancing is much more pleasant than morning jogging, a dreary gym or exercises, and you will work out in a team, and these are new acquaintances, jokes, and a good mood.

With a constant visit to the dance circle, you will provide yourself with a straight posture in the first place. Stooping is not only ugly, it is also the first call that you have serious posture disorders, which in the future will lead to horrific consequences. At dances, you will be taught to keep your chin parallel to the floor, and a high head has always said that a woman is proud and happy with life. You yourself will not notice how you begin to step quietly and smoothly, and your every movement will turn into a separate little dance.

In addition, constant exercise in moderation has never harmed anyone. Needless to say, your body will get prettier, and the skin will become elastic, and the muscles will be toned, and you won’t even have to exhaust yourself with diets. Dancing classes will have a positive effect on blood circulation, which will improve your overall well-being, the skin of your face will sparkle with a natural blush, and you will always feel cheerful and energized. It remains only to smile at the world.

“Men don’t let such a woman pass!” And Verochka is right.

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