beetroot diet

Beets are one of the most affordable sources of the vitamin. In addition, not many people know that this product can greatly help in the difficult fight against obesity. Beets have been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. With its help, constipation and other gastrointestinal diseases are treated. The thing is that this bright vegetable contains a lot of B vitamins, as well as a little-known vitamin U, which has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract. Vitamin P contained in beets makes the walls of blood vessels more elastic, which in turn reduces the risk of strokes, heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases. Among other things, the following elements are contained in beets in large quantities: potassium, copper, boron, silicon, zinc, silicon, magnesium and others.

Beetroot has a laxative effect, it allows the intestines to be cleansed of toxins. The diuretic properties of the vegetable help to remove excess fluids. In addition, beets speed up metabolic processes, and it is these properties that are most valuable in the fight against excess weight.

The essence of the beetroot diet is that it is necessary to eat only this product. You can use a mono-diet and eat only beets prepared in various ways all day. In this case, you can use this diet for no more than two days in a row. Or another option is to eat during the week mainly beets, but with the addition of some other products. Of course, it is not easy to limit yourself in the diet in this way, so the recipes below using beetroot will help ease the diet.

Beetroot Recipes

First of all, you need to make sure that the beets are fresh and can be useful to eat. It should be small in size, rich in color and without any signs of rot. The peel on it should be quite dense. If you have chosen the right vegetables, then you can start cooking.

The simplest options that do not require special preparation are beets, fresh or boiled. Fresh, you can grate the beets and salt a little. It is useful to use a baked vegetable, after the beets are baked, the peel must be removed.

You can make juice from beets using a juicer or blender for this purpose, then strain. In the absence of this technique, you can grate the vegetables, and then squeeze the juice through ordinary cheesecloth. If desired, carrot juice can be added here, which will greatly improve the taste properties of beets. The benefits of beetroot juice are amazing. In addition to the fact that it helps in strengthening the immune system, effectively prevents the appearance of blood clots, helps to cope with thyroid diseases, the ability of beet juice to fight cancer cells has also been proven by recent studies.

The simplest dish is baked beets. It is necessary to cut fresh beets into several parts, sprinkle with lemon juice and olive oil, you can salt to taste or even add cinnamon, not forgetting that cinnamon is a good fat burning product. Beetroot does not bake for a long time.

Often the vegetable is consumed boiled. Without peeling, place the beets in water for an hour. After cooking, the peel can be carefully removed with a knife. Boiled beets are pleasant and healthy to eat.

Beetroot salad will help dilute the monotonous diet of the diet day. Dice boiled beets, boiled carrots, add onions and cabbage cut into long slices. Mix all ingredients and season with olive oil.

Types of beetroot diet

Now a little more about the types of beetroot diets. The first option is a ten-day diet, when most of the diet is made up of beetroot dishes and beetroot juice, but other foods can also be eaten. Most importantly, do not eat fried and overly fatty foods. This type of diet cleanses the body of toxins well, and the weight goes off gradually, which reduces the likelihood of a quick return of kilograms.

The second version of the beetroot diet is suitable for those who want to lose a few kilograms in a short time. In this case, it is necessary to arrange a fasting day and eat only beet products. We must not forget that it is not recommended to use this type of beetroot diet for more than two days.

And the last, third type of diet is the use of beetroot juice before meals. It is necessary to take juice, increasing its quantity every day. For example, on the first day, drink a tablespoon of beetroot juice once before meals, and by the end of the week, half a glass of juice before meals. In one week, not only extra pounds will go away, but digestion will also improve and overall health will improve.

Contraindications and restrictions to the use of the beet diet

Despite the availability, environmental friendliness and the presence of a huge number of beneficial properties of beets, the diet with its use is not absolutely universal. Before you start using the beetroot diet, you need to make sure that it will not harm the body. Such a diet is contraindicated for people with diabetes mellitus, with gastric and gallstone diseases, and some others. Among other things, usually a person may be allergic to beets. For any ailments when using the beetroot diet, it is imperative to refuse to continue it and consult a doctor. The most important recommendation to all losing weight is a consultation with a doctor. Each human body is unique, so you need to know what is suitable and what is contraindicated for one particular person.

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