Beige manicure 2020

Beige manicure is a real hit of the 2020 season. It cannot be called boring and mediocre, because the nude base gets along well with current trends. Now you will see everything!


Mirror beige

If a fashionista wants to give a monochromatic beige manicure a bewitching and spectacular glow, she connects the rub to the creation of the design. This is a special powder that, on a solid or gradient basis, creates a delicate and magical glow.

In combination with light varnish, such types of rubbing as “chameleon”, “Maybeetle” or “unicorn” are good. Pearl powder will help to increase the degree of femininity and elegance, which is beautiful in the company of a delicate shade of beige varnish.

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Glitter manicure is always the epitome of elegance and luxury. But in the 2020 season, you should abandon the abundance of sparkling decor. Today, delicate accents and a wonderful sense of proportion come to the fore.

So, you can embody a great combination of a glossy light coating with geometric glitter inserts on several nails.

A win-win solution for several seasons is the combination of a matte surface with shiny decorations. Rhinestones, decorative stones, glitter or rubbing can be used. The velvety background slightly dampens the brightness of the shiny elements and makes the finished design discreet and elegant.

A lot of stylish manicure ideas in 2020 involve a combination of sequins with thin stripes. A good solution would be gold or silver lines, which will act as a minimalist accent.

Among the stylish novelties of nail art in 2020, there is a tandem of a modest beige base and delicate sparkles. It can be kamifibuki in the form of stars or circles. Miniature rhinestones, symmetrically scattered across the background, will also look relevant.

You can add a stylish zest to a monophonic manicure with the help of a stretching effect created with sparkles. It is noteworthy that such a design knows no restrictions in the form of the length of the nails.

Sequins always hint at luxury and showiness, so why not emphasize their significance with a crown design?


Luxurious rhinestones also maintain a strong position on the 2020 season’s trend list. From such a decor of various sizes, you can lay out various figures, which are usually combined with a plain coating. A modest beige background will balance the volumetric design and prevent its vulgarity and congestion.

Matte top

The matte texture reveals all the conciseness, elegance and softness of beige varnish. Under such a top, he looks even deeper and more stylish. Among the trends of the 2020 season are matte design variations with laconic patterns, animal print, marble effect or dosed sparkles.

[stextbox id=’warning’]It is worth warning fashionistas admiring the aesthetics of beige matte manicure. Such a coating is quite vulnerable to stains and dust, so it requires especially careful maintenance.[/stextbox]


We present you a photo selection that allows you to visually appreciate the variety of beige foil manicure, so popular in the 2020 season.


Do you want to create the most feminine and delicate nail art? Then you can turn to graceful twigs in manicure. This is a favorite motif of many fashionistas, which has not lost its relevance for several seasons in a row. It is fashionable to complement a sophisticated pattern with a laconic decor made of rhinestones or foil.

Quite often, a design with twigs is implemented with the participation of coffee or brown varnish – it turns out restrained and relevant.

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Designs in beige tones often suggest fashionable animal motifs, because this print is wonderfully combined with a muted palette. Even in such a manicure, simplicity is the key to success, so you should not overload the image with drawings on each nail. Just a couple of accents will be enough for nail art to be considered trendy and harmonious.


Geometry in the world of nail art is a real record holder, who has not lost momentum in popularity for a surprisingly long time. This style gives fashionistas a lot of room for imagination. First, you can come up with different color combinations. The most versatile and spectacular tandem is beige with black lacquer. But in 2020, you can also play with the addition of blue, light blue, pink, red and orange accents.

Secondly, geometric design is never against sparkling inclusions. The beige-gold tandem looks especially impressive.

A beige manicure with a geometric design in 2020 is considered a great idea for short nails. True, in this case, you should follow the vertical direction of the elements of the picture.


Many stylish design options can come up with a trendy and multifaceted abstract style. Such a direction this year may include colored watercolor stains, chaotic strokes of paint, a quail egg pattern, thin minimalistic lines and abstract portraits. In a word, this direction is a magnificent eclecticism of styles and design elements.


A neutral base can easily make friends with lace elements. Depending on the size of such a decoration, the finished design can be elegant and sophisticated or dramatic.

More recently, fashionistas have embodied lace design in one curious way – they simply applied a piece of a similar texture to a dried base and painted a pattern with a contrasting varnish – dark or white. In the 2020 season, such a simple trick is experiencing its triumphant return.

[stextbox id=’info’]A manicure with lace is considered a win-win option for a romantic mood or a date. This design will emphasize your fragility and femininity.[/stextbox]


The gradient effect with beige polish is beautiful in every way – it looks restrained, sophisticated and feminine. Most often, this color is combined with a translucent milky or white varnish, but in the 2020 season, you can also put into practice a combination with gray or coffee shades.


When it came to French, many girls immediately imagined an unfading classic with a transparent base and a white smile. But lately, French design has become so unpredictable and stylish that even fashionistas who are far from classic have fallen in love with themselves. For example, a colored jacket with a beige base and bright smiles has become a real hit. This is a great idea for the warm season!

Beige polish and jacket are true allies when it comes to various experiments with smile design. Now it is fashionable to draw this element at an angle, modify its shape and color. But even a classic smile in white on a beige background will look fresh and stylish.

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