Beige trench coat: what to wear with the “eternal” trend in spring 2021

One of the representatives of timeless classics in the fashion world and in the wardrobe of every modern woman is a beige trench coat. A classic trench coat is a universal thing for the autumn-spring period. Despite the seeming specificity of the style, it is able to complement almost any modern image.

What to wear with a trench coat this spring

The iconic English trench coat is inevitably associated with the inventive brand Burberry, but various variations of the trench coat are made by almost all fashion houses. The style of a straight cut of medium length (to the middle of the thigh or to the knee) is considered to be classic, mostly in beige shades. This trench coat suits any type of figure and is combined with both a classic wardrobe and a casual casual look.

In a business version, a trench coat can be worn with classic trousers and a blouse. Another win-win solution would be a pencil skirt or a dress with a straight silhouette. The story will be complemented by strict boots or pumps.

For going out, you can add liveliness and chic to the image by emphasizing the details: tie the belt, turn up the collar, gather the sleeves and slightly let out the shirt sleeve.

The absolute trend of spring 2021 is a beige raincoat combined with casual and sport chic fashion trends. Such images imply trousers or shorts of an atypical cut, shoes with massive soles. An open trench coat with a belt tied at the back is effectively combined with skinny jeans and stensmith sneakers.

There is a separate category of clothing that absolutely cannot be combined with a trench coat. A long skirt and very wide or baggy pants fall under the taboo.

Maxi trench coat

This long cloak (to the ankle) suits exceptionally tall girls. It is worn unbuttoned with flat shoes – boots, ballet flats, sneakers.

Short trench coat

For women of short stature, stylists will advise a hip-length trench coat. This model is worn with trousers and jeans in a classic cut or with straight dresses. This type of trench coat is considered the most practical of all, as it does not wrinkle. It is often chosen by car enthusiast girls.

Flared trench coat

This is a trench coat with a trapezoidal bottom that flares out in soft pleats. This style is worn mainly on the way out only when buttoned up. The dress or skirt should peek out from under the trench coat. A must-have attribute of this look is high heels. In this version, you also need to focus on the details – turn up the collar and roll up the sleeves.

In every wardrobe there is a piece of clothing, one way or another, combined with a beige trench coat. For a stylish look, you need to consider the length and style of the trench coat. And if the goal is to tie the set to the latest fashion trends, then you should pay more attention to the mix of casual elements with timeless classics.

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