Belly Slimming Exercises

Every woman wants to have a flat stomach. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to perform physical exercises and follow a diet, in addition to do a special massage and just keep your posture.

Get ready to lose weight!

The result depends on your self-discipline. This is the main factor of effective regular classes. They should be held with a positive attitude, at least 3 times a week and last from 40 minutes. You should like exercises, perceive them with joy, do them with pleasure.

Any exercise should begin with a warm-up. The purpose of the warm-up is to prepare the muscles for work, warming them up. They usually start with running in place or walking, raising their knees high. Then perform tilts – forward, right, backward, left for 3-4 minutes in each direction. Finish the warm-up with exercises on the hands – within 5 minutes, rotate your shoulders, elbows, hands.

Basic exercises for weight loss of the abdomen

These exercises will help strengthen your abdominal muscles. It is necessary to monitor the uniformity of breathing during all exercises. Exhalation is done with muscle tension, and during relaxation – inhalation.

  1. Let’s strengthen the upper abdominal muscles with the help of the following exercise: lie down on your back, put your legs bent at the knees and raise your heels. Stretch your arms back or put them under your head. Try to lift your shoulders off the floor. Exercise should be performed slowly 10 times.
  2. Strengthen the central and lower abdominal muscles: raise the bent legs and head. Place your palms on your knees and press on them. So that the legs overcome resistance. After counting to 5, relax. You need to do 5 repetitions.
  3. Strengthen the central and upper abdominal muscles. Feet shoulder-width apart and bent at the knees. Hands on the belt. We push the pelvis forward, straining the buttocks. Reversely moving the pelvis, relax. Do all movements smoothly. Repeat 20 times.
  4. Strengthen the lateral abdominal muscles. You need to lie on the floor, put your hands under your head. Bend your knees, place your left foot on top of your right foot. Raise the body and turn to the right. You return to the starting position. It is necessary to do 5 repetitions, changing the position of the feet. Exercise variant: throw the left leg over the right. Left hand to the side, raise your head, press your right hand on your left thigh and count to five. Do 5 times, changing legs.
  5. Strengthen the central and lateral abdominal muscles. The right leg is extended, the left leg is bent and raised. The right hand is extended forward parallel to the leg, and the left is raised vertically upwards. Next, bend the right leg, and stretch the left. Change hands and do 5 times.
  6. Strengthen the lower, deep abdominal muscles. The head is pressed to the floor. Cross your legs and stretch them up. Hands along the body rest on the floor. We raise and lower the pelvis. We do 5 times.
  7. Strengthen the lower abdominal muscles. You need to lie on your back, grasp an immovable object (sofa) with your hands. We bend our knees and, exhaling, raise them above our heads. We inhale, lowering the legs down.
  8. Gymnastic hoop. You practice continuously for 10 minutes, if the hoop falls, you pick it up and twist it again without any stops.
  9. We draw in the stomach. Throughout the day, whenever it suits you. You need to pull in your stomach and hold it for a few seconds.
  10. The stomach after childbirth can be made flat with the help of Kegel exercises. Start with 15 muscle contractions 6 times a day – and the result will surprise you!

These are just a few exercises for losing weight on the abdomen, but they can be a necessary base for your first classes. Further, it’s a matter of technology and you yourself will choose your favorite exercises that will allow you to lose weight in the parts of the body you need.

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