belly slimming massage

Summer is just around the corner, and winter a couple of pounds on the stomach do not want to leave, you have to help them! And this can be done, pleasantly and conveniently, without special physical, material costs. This will help you massage for weight loss of the abdomen, which is very popular in Europe. Since ancient times, it has been noticed that during massage, the skin becomes more elastic, smooth, elastic.

To date, it is known and scientifically proven that during massage, blood circulation and lymph flow increase. Due to which the skin condition noticeably improves, there is an accelerated process of burning fats. Therefore, abdominal massage is the most common procedure for achieving an ideal result. Many people like to get a massage from a professional, but others feel sorry for both the time and money, so let’s look at how you can massage the abdomen at home.

First you need to prepare the skin of the abdomen, warm it up. To do this, you will need a bristle brush or a massage glove. In a circular motion, clockwise, with a little effort, we begin to massage the abdomen for five minutes, until redness. This procedure also helps to develop “orange peel” on the abdomen. Now forward under the shower, with a contrast douche, alternating hot and cold water.

Wipe vigorously with a towel. With warm hands, applying a little body cream or oil, three stroking movements in a clockwise direction. Then we fold our hand into a fist and with protruding knuckles rub the skin back and forth with a little effort, then in a circle. Duration four to seven minutes. We take the fold of the abdomen, sort it out with our fingers, slide over the entire space of the abdomen (up and down), this exercise will help to most effectively disperse fat cells. Its duration is five or six minutes.

To achieve a good effect, you can do an anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen, using honey and sea salt. To date, honey is one of the many components of cosmetic preparations. The composition of honey includes more than seventy useful substances, from vitamins to trace elements. Honey nourishes and enriches our skin, making it as soft as a baby’s. We mix liquid honey with salt, and the anti-cellulite massage lotion is ready.

What is anti-cellulite massage? These are the usual pinching, patting, strong pressure, which contribute to the breaking up of the “orange peel”, subcutaneous fat formed on the abdomen. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to perform it at home, it is better to surrender to the hands of real professionals in this matter.

Thanks to honey lotion, the effect of anti-cellulite massage is possible at home. Apply lotion to the abdomen, then grab the skin with your hand, pinch, pat. This procedure should be carried out for at least half an hour, then take a shower or a relaxing bath with essential oils. After vigorously rub with a towel and supply the skin with olive oil, allow to dry and you can dress. The effect will be noticeable after a couple of sessions.

But to speed up this process, you can start training with the help of fitness or just running, every day for twenty to thirty minutes. Add ab exercises with body raises 20-30 times and straight leg raises, also 20-30 times in one set.

Under these conditions, your tummy will turn into a flat and elastic. Every day, you need to measure your waist with a flexible meter and make appropriate entries in your notebook. The result will not be long in coming. The main thing is the diligence and regularity of the procedure.

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