Benefits of a coffee body mask

Many of us start our new day with a cherished cup of a velvety black flavored drink, not even realizing all the benefits that the most ordinary coffee bean can bring. After all, it not only gives vigor to our body and mind throughout the day. This aromatic drink is able to give the skin beauty, freshness and youth due to its many beneficial properties. Anyone who has tried the cosmetology effect of this drink at least once on himself will not be able to refuse this miraculous natural fragrant and, not least, inexpensive cosmetics.

It is not surprising that every year cosmetics containing coffee are becoming more and more popular and in demand. And all kinds of masks for the face, body and hair from this drink, as well as its thick, have become a favorite means of personal care not only for many women, but even for men. After all, coffee beans are rich not only in caffeine, but also in a number of useful substances that have a beneficial effect on the condition of our skin. For example, such as: organic and fruit acids, vitamin PP, alkaloids, fats, minerals, potassium, magnesium, iron.

But the beneficial properties of coffee have been known for a long time. It was valued not only as an effective cosmetic product, but also for its anti-inflammatory effect. Coffee grounds were applied to hematomas, bruised places, abscesses and wounds. And this contributed to a quick recovery. Only, unlike today, few people could afford such a fragrant treatment, because of the high cost of the product.

Nowadays, the benefits of coffee are not only undeniable, but also proven by science. And also confirmed by many caffeine lovers. Just a miraculous effect on the skin of the face and body has a mask of this drink or its thick. The skin after it becomes fresh, smooth, elastic, has a healthier appearance.

So what is the secret of this miraculous amazing invigorating drink?

Firstly, coffee is rich in caffeine, which not only has anti-inflammatory and tonic properties, but is also able to increase the elasticity of the skin of the body, and is also an excellent filter against harmful ultraviolet radiation. It has a vasodilating effect, therefore, it speeds up the metabolism by increasing blood flow. It is also an excellent fat-splitting agent that effectively protects and softens the skin, activating its lipid and water metabolism. It should be noted that caffeine relieves puffiness, activates cell metabolism, lymph flow, improves blood microcirculation. It acts not only on the upper layer of the skin, but also on the subcutaneous fat.

Secondly, the chlorogenic acid contained in coffee is a powerful antioxidant. It protects the skin from harmful external factors. And also from free radicals, and hence from aging. In addition, this acid has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Thirdly, coffee contains linoleic acid, which increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin, tightens it. Plays an important role in the formation of its lipid barrier. This unsaturated fatty acid helps visibly improve flaky, dry, and irritated skin. In addition, it is a natural UV filter, protecting the skin from sunburn.

Fourthly, due to its structure, coffee grounds free the skin of the hands, face and body from dead particles. In addition, it helps to get rid of blackheads that occur due to contamination of the skin pores. Regular use of masks from a fragrant drink and its thick will give the skin a slight shade of tan. This will help bronze-skin lovers to forego the solarium, which will have a beneficial effect not only on the health of their skin, but also on savings.

Beauty secrets with the help of “black gold”

Consider interesting and uncomplicated recipes for masks that give the skin health, freshness, a second youth and make every cell of it simply shine with pleasure. You can only use coffee for this. Or, if you have time and desire, supplement coffee grounds with other natural ingredients that are good for the skin. The addition of which will greatly enhance its effect.

At first, the recipe is the simplest, but no less effective. Take freshly brewed, cooled coffee grounds, which have the consistency of gruel, and apply them with massaging movements on the body. Pay special attention to problem areas. To improve the cosmetic effect of the mask, apply it to pre-steamed skin. This procedure will help to get the fastest effect.

It is good for owners of normal skin to add the same amount of cottage cheese to the warm thick. Mix everything thoroughly and apply with circular massage movements. Wash off with warm water after a few minutes. Instead of cottage cheese, you can use steamed and chilled instant oatmeal.

For irritated or flaky skin, add a pinch of salt, 1 teaspoon of sugar, and 1 tablespoon of olive oil to coffee grounds. Mix everything well and let the product brew for 1 hour. Then gently apply to damp skin with smooth movements. Wash off with warm water after a few minutes.

The main thing you need to know when using such masks

  • Instant coffee is not used for cosmetic purposes. This is only a natural drink.
  • Coffee should not contain any flavorings, additives and dyes.
  • The brewed drink or its thick, which will be used for cosmetic procedures, should not contain sugar or milk.
  • Before using coffee cosmetics, you need to make sure that you are not allergic to a fragrant drink.

Using natural cosmetics for self-care, you can be sure that your body will accept such care with gratitude. After all, coffee is not only a miraculous storehouse of beauty and youth. It is an excellent antidepressant that helps to get rid of stress and increases libido.

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