Best Long Nail Design Ideas

Photo novelties of long nail design in 2019 will not let you get bored. You will see both laconic stylish designs and real works of art in nail art. And most importantly, you will find inspiration for a new beautiful manicure.

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Which shape to choose

Long nails this season are becoming more calm and feminine, and the current forms are the best confirmation of this. Fashionistas are increasingly choosing the shape of an almond or a classic oval. Rounded lines look soft and natural, and any manifestation of naturalness is in trend today.

Fashionable nail shape

Square nails also undergo changes: they become more rounded and smooth.

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Provocative stills remained in the distant 2000s, but today they can be safely added to the list of anti-trends. Fashion trends call for abandoning very sharp and shockingly long nails and relying on naturalness and elegance.


Provocative stilettos – anti-trend 2019

Red, blue, blue – you choose any

Fashion trends this season have not stinted on a variety of color schemes for manicure. Both soft pastel colors and provocative bright shades are in trend. We have prepared a rating of the most relevant colors of nail art 2019, which you can safely use for your manicure ideas.

Trendy colors

Pantone, the undisputed leader in color trends, has announced deep ultraviolet as the main shade of 2019. This is a borderline shade of blue and purple, which looks luxurious on long nails.

The whole palette of red color will favorably emphasize the showiness and elegance of long nails. Bright scarlet and noble burgundy shades look equally good on them.

The use of white nail polish is extremely relevant. It is at a great length that it looks elegant and fresh. You can pair it with your favorite colors and create different designs every time.

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A combination of contrasting shades is also in fashion. Dark patterns on light foundation will always look perfect.


Many girls prefer delicate nude shades. With this taste, you will also hit the bull’s-eye when choosing a fashionable design. Cream and pink tones will soften even the sharpest form of long nails and create a feminine and sophisticated design.

Now we propose to move on to the most interesting. Let’s look at the photo, what new products will surprise us with the fashionable design of long nails for the 2019-2019 season.


“Less is better!” – this is the motto that rules the fashion design in the style of minimalism. Laconic drawings will pacify the ardor of long nails.

To bring this design to life, choose a calm nude base and decorate it with simple geometric patterns. Stripes, dots, elementary abstraction are ideal.

Minimalist nail design

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A beautiful transition from one color to another has not slowed down for several seasons in a row.

This season, the gradient has acquired the most unexpected look. It becomes not only horizontal, but also vertical. This design combines various shades, but the unconditional favorite of all fashionistas is a tandem of delicate pastel colors on long nails.

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Quilted manicure

Is your main requirement for nail art not like everyone else? Then we advise you to take a closer look at the quilted nail design. This novelty, although it has become instantly fashionable, has not yet had time to turn into a banal and familiar manicure.

If you decide to implement a quilted design using gel polish, you will certainly be pleased with the durability of the final result. The fact is that with such a manicure, it is necessary to apply several layers of varnish and dry each one under a UV lamp.

Velvet design

Not every design can compete with the degree of solemnity of a velvet manicure. Fashionistas will no longer be surprised by a mirror or matte finish, but the embodiment of velvet on nails is a novelty that will definitely cause a “wow effect”.

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On long nails, luxurious velvet looks the most magnificent. By the way, if you are looking for a chic nail art for the New Year, maybe this is it?


To create a velvet effect, manicure masters suggest using a flock. Also, excellent results can be achieved with velvet sand.

French manicure

An elegant embodiment of the classics on long nails – French design. It can be done in traditional beige and white tones, and also accepts bright colors in a friendly way. For example, spring brought into fashion a pale blue or green smile.

Classic french

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Fashionistas especially love a jacket with a pattern or decor, because long nails allow you to experiment a lot on decorating a manicure. If you do not want to cover all the nails with decorative elements, select only the ring fingers – this is a win-win option for sophisticated and discreet nail art.

French with stylish decor

Matte top

The absolute must-have of 2019 is a combination of matte and glossy textures in one design. Based on this combination, you can come up with many spectacular options for nail art.

A matte finish in noble dark colors looks especially luxurious on long nails.

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Design with pixie crystals

These micro rhinestones are literally made for impressive long nail designs. With such a beautiful manicure, you are guaranteed to collect more than a dozen admiring glances and well-deserved compliments. Do not be afraid to take a chance and use pixies on all nails at once – due to the small size, such nail art will not be overloaded.

Fashion Pixie Crystals

Winter will be a great reason to use pixies. They will be the perfect complement to themed designs in light colors. If you are delighted with a manicure with spectacular ice, snowflakes or frosty patterns, then you will certainly appreciate the pixies.

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Microrhinestones are not demanding to wear, do not cling to clothes and are distinguished by excellent durability. Solid benefits!


negative space

This technique involves partial staining of nails with varnish. Spectacular gaps are covered with a transparent base and create interesting patterns. Today, various hearts, geometric shapes, verticals or abstraction are in trend.

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Note! The key to the success of this manicure on long nails is perfectly even nail plates. Therefore, the preparatory stage of the “negative space” technique will always be a thorough polishing of the nails.


Look for inspiration in our selection and do not be afraid to implement even the most daring ideas.


Long nails literally provide…

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