At present, bioepilation is the most popular and affordable method of depilation. Before understanding the intricacies of this procedure, I would like to understand how depilation differs from epilation. During depilation, only the hair is affected, and the hair follicle (follicle) is not affected. In the process of epilation, the effect is on the follicle, as a result of which the hair stops growing.

Based on the theory of cosmetology, it is not correct to say bioepilation, biodepilation is more correct, however, patients and cosmetologists are used to the current term, therefore we will not violate the established stereotype, since a slight effect on the bulb during waxing still occurs.

Bioepilation is a hair removal technique that typically uses wax. Other substances that are structurally similar to wax can be used – sugar, resin, honey.

Wax bioepilation

Most often, hot and warm wax is used in beauty parlors. This is due to the fact that when applied to the skin, it envelops almost every hair, thus deep bioepilation occurs, and the discomfort from the procedure reduces the thermal effect that “steams” the skin.

Wax bioepilation is carried out by the following methods:

  • Hair removal is carried out using special paper (removal with napkins);
  • Hair removal on delicate parts of the body (face, deep bikini, bikini area) is carried out by hand.

As a rule, the following zones are chosen: deep bioepilation of the bikini, back, arms and legs.

Before starting the procedure, the wax is heated in a wax melter (a special apparatus for heating and maintaining the wax). At the same time, the cosmetologist prepares the client’s skin for the procedure – cleans it of cosmetics, so that the whole process of deep bioepilation is as efficient as possible.

The beautician cleans the skin with a lotion that removes cosmetics from its surface and slows down the process of sweating. This preparation contributes to the most effective removal of hairs, because during the application of wax, the hairs will be wrapped as tightly as possible in the wax structure, and even too short hair will be removed during the procedure.

After the patient’s skin is prepared and the wax is heated, the beautician gets down to business.

Wax is applied in the direction of hair growth using a cartridge or with a special spatula. After some time, the wax hardens, and the beautician removes it with a sharp movement against hair growth. As a result, hairs “pasted” into its structure are removed with wax.

It is worth noting that wax removes not only hairs, but also particles of the epidermis, as a result of which the skin is redder and “burns”. Therefore, after such a procedure, the surface of the skin is treated with cosmetic creams or oils that nourish and soothe the skin.

Due to the fact that the bulb is not destroyed during the procedure, after a while, the hair grows again, but less pigmented and not so hard, and after a course of several procedures it becomes almost invisible.

The duration of the effect does not depend on the materials used, it all depends on the hormonal background and the individual characteristics of the organism.

Bioepilation is a sensitive and not very pleasant procedure, which is why experts advise girls to carry it out in the middle of the menstrual cycle – during this period, the pain threshold increases and the procedure proceeds with minimal discomfort.

To enhance the effect of the procedure and increase the “smooth skin” time, it is recommended to use creams that slow down hair growth. They inhibit hair growth, and the treated areas of the skin remain smooth for a longer period!

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