Black and White Manicure: 15 Hot Ideas

Black and white are the two basic colors used to create a fashionable and stylish manicure. They can be used alone, as well as combined with each other and with other colors. The photos proposed in our article will help replenish the arsenal of original manicure ideas in black and white and always look stunning!

Black and white manicure design with black rhinestones

Design relevance

Let’s start with the fact that black and white manicure has a number of undeniable advantages, differing in:

  • versatility – suitable for any style of clothing;
  • practicality – can be used as a basis for additional decor;
  • attractiveness – the contrasting combination of colors looks beautiful and will never go unnoticed;
  • relevance – such a manicure is in fashion today, therefore, by painting your nails in black and white, you will find yourself in the stream of modern fashion trends.


trendy ideas

So, in front of you are two bottles of colored varnish – black and white. What to do with them? How to paint your nails so that it turns out not only beautiful, but also stylish, fashionable and original? Today we will help you find answers to these questions.

Stylish black and white manicure in the style of minimalism

Especially for our fashionable readers, we offer TOP-15 of the freshest and hottest design options for black and white manicure with photo examples. Fly in!

Beautiful black and white nails

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#1. french

Where without everyone’s favorite and ageless jacket. Classic and rather conservative, it gets a new life in a black and white palette. Just look at the photo – such a manicure looks not only stylish, but also refined. By decorating one of the nails with rhinestones or a pattern to match – a fashionista will receive a real masterpiece!

Stylish black and white jacket

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#2. Lunar manicure

This is another option for a stylish nail design that does not lose its relevance for a long time. Accurate selection of the hole at the base of the nail makes the image more interesting, and the fingers are well-groomed. You can make such a manicure on both short and long nails. Lunar manicure looks especially cool on pointed nails. See the example below and get inspired!

Lunar jacket – design on pointed nails

#3. Stroke

Unlike previous options, this manicure technique is quite new, and is just gaining popularity. If you decide to try it for yourself, you will be among the first! A manicure with a black and white stroke option is easy to do even at home. Take the gel polishes of the desired colors, paint over one layer, for example, with black, as in the photo, make the second white, applying the varnish a little closer to the center so that an unpainted black outline remains on the side and bottom of the nail.

Bypass manicure

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For these purposes, it is best to use gel polish, because it is denser than usual. This will allow you to effortlessly create even a black stroke with a white background.



#four. Gradient

Gradient or ombre is the hit of this year. Smooth transitions from one color to another today can be found among fashion trends in hairdressing, clothing and even tights. Manicurists did not stand aside. Moreover, various interpretations of the trend are used in nail design – horizontal, vertical transitions, as well as a gradient from the center of the nail. The photo below shows a trendy black and white version of the ombre in combination with geometric motifs.

stylish gradient

#five. Geometry

Stripes, lines, circles, triangles and squares – all this can decorate your fingers. Particular attention should be paid to the geometric manicure in black and white. Moreover, this design looks equally good on both short and long nails, and the photo below is a clear proof of this.

Geometric motifs in black and white

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#6. Drawings and inscriptions

Another option for a stylish manicure is to create a variety of patterns and patterns on the nails. It is not necessary to have a special art education. Indeed, today in stores you can buy special stamps, stencils, stickers, brushes, etc., with which it is very easy to make a stunning nail design with a pattern. So, a banal jacket will turn into a real work of art if you put a monogram on it with a stamp. A manicure also looks stylish, where only one ring finger is added with a pattern.

Black and white jacket with monograms

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Do not forget about floral manicure, because the floral theme is in fashion today more than ever.


Stamp drawing – flower manicure

If you are fed up with flowers and monograms, try a novelty – inscriptions on the nails. Letters, words and even whole phrases – such a manicure looks very stylish, giving the image freshness and originality.

Stylish manicure with inscriptions

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#7. Lace

Lace manicure has recently appeared among the offers of beauty salons, but has already managed to win the love of fashionistas. This design is suitable for special occasions, and also fits perfectly into everyday bow. In the black and white version, lace looks the most natural and feminine, covering the surface of the nail with a delicate veil.

Delicate lace manicure

#8. Flock

Flock or velvet manicure is also relevant today. After all, with the help of a simple technique, you can create a three-dimensional drawing or pattern that will look especially stylish in combination with warm woolen or fur autumn-winter looks.

Flock manicure in black and white style

#nine. Marble

Imitation of natural stone looks unusual and stylish. White marble with black and gray stains is a great choice for those fashionistas who gravitate towards naturalness.

Beautiful marble black and white manicure

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#10. plain

For those girls who do not like frills or simply do not have time to create a decorated manicure, trendsetters offer a simple plain design. Just paint some of the nails with black polish, the rest with white, and the trendy manicure is ready. Believe me, your hands will not go unnoticed by others!

Simple yet stylish monochrome black and white option

#eleven. Matte

Glossy nails look very cool, creating extra shine and volume. But girls really don’t like monotony, trying to look different every time. It is for this reason that matte manicure quickly gained popularity among fashionistas. And you can combine it with any design option. The combination of matte varnish with gloss looks especially stylish.

Variation on the theme of black and white matte manicure

#12. negative space

This trendy…

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