Одежда в черно-белом цвете

Black and white spring 2020 fashion: 8 main trends

Black and white are classic colors that can be found in any wardrobe. They can be organically combined and create stylish bows. A typical office look is a white top (blouse), black bottom (skirt, trousers). However, this trend is outdated and boring. Based on the black and white palette, you can come up with more original kits.

Clothes in black and white

In order to look the latest in fashion in the spring of 2020, it is recommended to learn how to combine black and white colors correctly. But do not forget: for a harmonious image, the black and white range should be diluted with other shades.

Jacket, T-shirt and ripped jeans

A loose T-shirt, a stylish jacket and ripped jeans are one of the trendy spring looks for young girls. Lightness and freedom of movement are the main components for a casual style.

Correct bow layout:

  • light blue jeans with casual cuts and holes;
  • a loose short white T-shirt that will not restrict movement;
  • fashionable jacket, light, in black and white colors.

Black jacket, white tank top

Under this style, it is recommended to choose sneakers or sneakers. Shoes with heels are also acceptable, but are more suitable for an evening, relaxing walk or a date.

Short black dress and original elongated jacket

A business black and white image does not have to be familiar and boring. From a jacket and a classic black dress, you can create a very original bow.

The dress is strict, closed, without cutouts and neckline. Length – preferably mini, if there are problems with the figure – midi. The main emphasis is on a non-standard jacket. It should be elongated, overlapping the length of the dress. Vertical black and white stripes are required.

Such a set looks quite strict, but will allow a woman to stand out from the gray office crowd. In addition, vertical stripes visually elongate the figure and make the silhouette more slender.

Small black dress

Jacket and trousers

For lovers of black clothes, it is important to be able to properly dilute the set so that it does not turn out to be gloomy, but stylish.

For spring weather, black tight-fitting trousers with a plain shirt or jacket are perfect. But they require an additional accessory. And we are not talking about jewelry, but about light decor in clothes. For example, pick up a black sweater with white polka dots.

In the spring of 2020, non-standard forms and freedom are relevant. Therefore, the top should be chosen with interesting details, for example, flounced sleeves.

The final chord is a belt with a colored plaque that will outline the line between plain clothes.

Black and White Polka Dot Sweater

Dress to the floor

Spring is a long-awaited opportunity to throw off warm clothes and charm men with luxurious feminine outfits. In 2020, the fashion for floor-length dresses is back.

Black-and-white gamma with correctly spaced colors will emphasize the grace of the figure. The main secret is a white dress, framed on the sides with black inserts and accentuated with a belt. As a bonus – a moderate neckline. You can complement the image with discreet jewelry, a cape on the shoulders and shoes with heels.

Such a model will hide any figure flaws and make you feel like a spring nymph.

Dress to the floor

Stylish sports set

Spring is the time for sports and the initial stage of preparation for the summer season. Fitness classes can be made not only useful, but also beautiful. A well-chosen tracksuit will allow a girl to stay in trend in any situation.

In addition, many ladies prefer to periodically change heels for sneakers, and a tight-fitting dress for loose pants. Sports style is more relevant than ever in the spring of 2020.

The most fashionable shades of the season are a combination of black and white. Kit composition:

  • tight white t-shirt or top;
  • black tracksuit with white trim.

Sports look

Completing the look – massive, but comfortable sneakers. Their color should be more contrasting, for example, purple or green.

Suspended Check Pants and Shirt

One of the trendy looks for spring 2020 is wide trousers and a strict closed shirt. But such a typical bow will become fashionable thanks to a few details:

  • suspenders – an element more familiar to the men’s wardrobe, now in women’s hands;
  • large cage – large black and white squares on trousers will make you pay attention to a stylish woman.

For such a set, it is important to choose the right shirt – a classic, buttoned up with all buttons. Necklines and rolled up sleeves are prohibited. This will give the girl a mystery and a desire to reveal her tender soul, hidden behind a rough outfit.

Any shoes are suitable: classic pumps, moccasins, ballet flats, ankle boots with heels or platform.

Wide trousers with a shirt

Fake dress

For office workers, the mandatory dress code is a white shirt and a black skirt. A fake dress will allow you to change a boring set without reproaches from the authorities.

The dress consists of 2 visually different parts – the top imitating a classic white blouse and the bottom in the form of an asymmetrical black wrap skirt. Such an image will allow you to dilute everyday working life and feel like a girl in a trend.

To hide the snag, you can complement the outfit with a belt in a contrasting color. Shoes or comfortable flats should be worn under the dress.

Fake dress

Black and white raincoat

Spring does not always please with warm weather, so a raincoat must be in the wardrobe. For a fashionable girl, he, of course, is unusual, catchy and stylish.

Wide black and white stripes, a voluminous collar, a loose fit are the 3 main components of the right outerwear, which must be in the wardrobe of a fashion-conscious girl.

The direction of the stripes is at will, if the woman has no problems with the figure. For magnificent ladies, horizontal lines are prohibited, which will make the forms even more vague.

Striped raincoat

A black and white raincoat will perfectly complement a set of clothes of any color palette. For a glamorous look, it is recommended to wear it with a black dress or leather pants.

From the classic black and white range, you can create a lot of stylish clothing sets. The main thing is that a woman should feel comfortable in an outfit that is relevant for the spring season. If desired, you can dilute the bow with colored accessories – jewelry, a handbag or acid-bright shoes.

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