Black classics on New Year’s Eve: 5 elegant looks

The main winter holiday is approaching, and everyone wants to meet it with dignity. And the women are beautiful too. Anyone wants to shine on New Year’s Eve, and not always with colorful attire.

Self-respecting beauties have in their arsenal the famous little black dress or elegant raven trouser suit. If such feminine products are correctly beaten or fashionable fabrics are chosen for their tailoring, then it is quite possible to celebrate the New Year in this way. Moreover, global trendsetters propose to celebrate in black this year, diluting the gloomy color with glitter, makeup and accessories.

little classic

Classic style is timeless. Nothing can overshadow him. Yes, and no need. Girls in this image are feminine, beautiful and mysterious. And each to face classic dresses. So that it does not look boring on New Year’s Eve, you need to focus on accessories, adding more metallic sheen. In addition, the star patron of the coming year favors any metal.

Another option to stay in the classic style, but shine, will be rhinestones and sequins. And even better, when the whole little dress is embroidered with glitter in any design.

Rock star

Lovers of rock, metal and leather will not refuse to dance by the Christmas tree in their native style. This image is completely contrary to the classics. But the New Year is a time of fulfillment of desires, miracles and mischief. Why not give yourself a little masquerade and surprise everyone?

Suitable materials with a rough structure, high boots or leather trousers, black leggings or tights. All this is complemented by bright makeup, heavy earrings and bracelets made of leather and metal.

More glamour.

Daring, artistic and courageous can afford to become a glamorous lady on New Year’s Eve. Red lipstick, red nail polish, plunging neckline and thigh-high slit. Bright, seductive image of a lady vamp. The same black color will come to the rescue.

You can beat him with gold and silver, contrasting pumps and lace.

Royal length

Floor-length dresses made of elite fabric will emphasize the female figure and make you feel like a queen. And what girl did not dream of becoming a princess as a child? On New Year’s Eve, you can make your childhood dream come true with a long dress.

A silver or gold-colored strap will accentuate the waist, a heel will add sexuality to the legs, and long earrings will designate a swan’s neck. And a lot of glitter – a holiday, after all.


Flared trousers from the hip or knee, made of velvet or vinyl – it doesn’t matter, they are at the height of fashion in any material. And if you add a jacket to such trousers, you get a trendy look. Flared trousers are also good in overalls, especially with an open back.

This outfit will suit both young girls and ladies of Balzac age. And sequins and sequins will make the image irresistible.

The outfit plays an important role and is important for a good mood on New Year’s Eve. But more joy will be brought by sincere company and loving relatives at the festive table.

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