Black dots in the ears: causes and how to get rid of them quickly

One of the problems of modern man is the appearance of black dots. Even on TV, we see a growing number of advertisements for a wide variety of products that promise to help get rid of blackheads once and for all. Unfortunately, black dots sometimes find themselves in places for which they have not yet come up with their own remedy. Today we will tell you about why black dots appear in the ears and how to get rid of them in such a delicate place.

Causes of comedones (including in the ears)

Black dots (comedones) appear on the body in those places where there is an active production of sebum, that is, on the face, head and ears. If the process of fat production in these places is disturbed, then the pores become clogged with subcutaneous fat, which oxidizes and becomes black. This is how black dots appear. As a rule, this problem is familiar to those who have oily skin, that is, the production of fat is greater than in people with other skin types.

Another reason for the appearance is non-compliance with hygiene. Even if you have generally normal skin, blackheads will settle on your ears if you don’t pay due attention to their cleanliness. In addition, a head that has not been washed for a long time can become the cause of comedones in the ear cavity.

Hygiene is not only about the cleanliness of your body, but also the cleanliness of the things that surround you. The reason for the appearance of inflammation, black dots and pimples in the ears can be your favorite headphones that have not been cleaned for a long time, as well as other people’s headphones and hearing aids.

Although sometimes the appearance of comedones can also be associated with diseases of the digestive system, the presence of infections in the body, and hormonal imbalance. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to make sure that your health is in good condition if comedones have been tormenting you for quite a long time.


How to get rid of comedones in the ear cavity?

For starters, you should visit a dermatovenereologist. It is he who will be able to qualitatively examine you and establish the specific cause of the appearance of black dots in the ear cavity. To do this, you may have to take tests and undergo an examination. After determining the cause of the appearance of comedones, it is necessary, of course, to deal with the elimination of the cause itself (disease or disorder). Only after a course of treatment prescribed by a doctor, you can begin to remove the black dots themselves.

Well, if you don’t have any serious health problems that could cause such an active production of sebum, then you can immediately go to a beautician in a beauty salon. He will select the type of skin cleansing that suits you personally.

Ways to cleanse the skin in the salon

  1. Manual cleaning. This type of salon cleansing is carried out with the fingers of the cosmetologist himself. In other words, this is the same “squeezing” that we produce at home, only in the salon it’s all more sterile and more competent.
  2. Mechanical – using a special apparatus with a brush.
  3. Ultrasonic. In this case, the skin is cleansed by directing a sound wave at it.
  4. Vacuum. Cleaning is carried out by vacuum devices.

On one’s own

But if you do not have the opportunity to visit a beautician, then you can try to remove black dots with your own hands. But in order not to harm your health, we ask you to observe the following measures:

  1. First you need to disinfect the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe auricle and hands with soap and alcohol or any antiseptic solution;
  2. Then, for easy removal of comedones, steam out the place where the black dots are located to open the pores: hold the ear over hot water or apply a hot compress to it (but not burning!);
  3. Massage with any skin scrub the area from which comedones need to be removed. Then rinse off the scrub, wait until the cavity is completely dry, and then disinfect with the solution again;
  4. Beauticians in the tool kit have a special device for removing black dots. This is such a stick with a round hole at the very base. If you do not have such a tool, then you should not try to squeeze out points with nails or metal objects – they will scratch the skin and cause an even greater surge in the appearance of black dots. Take a paper napkin and try to squeeze out a point with a light pressure.
  5. If you did everything correctly, then you will not have problems with the removal of comedones. Well, if it was not possible to cope with the contents of the pores the first time, then simply disinfect the ear cavity and leave it alone for a day, and then try again.


And here are some folk recipes designed to cleanse your skin of unwanted guests. All the recipes given here can be used instead of a scrub on steamed skin.

  • Scrub with soda.

Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with a teaspoon of warm water. Apply this mixture on the comedones and hold for a couple of minutes, and then rinse. Carry out a similar procedure for several days until all black dots leave your ears.

  • Scrub with shaving cream.

We combine together half a teaspoon of soda, salt and shaving cream. With the resulting composition, gently massage the area where the black dot appears for a minute. After that, leave the ear for twenty minutes, then rinse the scrub with water and disinfect the skin with an antiseptic. This procedure is carried out every day until the complete disappearance of acne.

  • Mask with milk, charcoal and gelatin.

Mix a tablespoon of milk with a tablespoon of powdered gelatin and send the mixture to the microwave for two minutes. After that, crumble half a tablet of activated charcoal into a mask, stir and apply warmly to the skin area with comedones. After twenty minutes, the mask can be removed, during which time it will turn into a thin film and absorb all surface contaminants.

  • Prevention of blackheads.

Apparently, you can get rid of points in one procedure, but how long will your ears stay clean? If the appearance of comedones is not a rare problem for you, then we recommend that you analyze your exercise and diet. If you work in a highly polluted area, you may need to clean your ears more often. You can carry disinfectant wipes with you, for example. In addition, we recommend that you give up fatty or very sweet foods – they provoke abundant production of fat.


Pay attention not only to your hygiene, but also to regularly cleaning your headphones and hearing aids, as well as washing pillowcases.

In cold weather, be sure to wear a hat, scarf or hood. The fact is that sudden changes in temperature often affect the occurrence of sores, acne and black spots as well. The body feels an unusual cold, begins to produce more sebum from stress, and that, in its own way, …

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