Black glitter nail design

Among the new trends of 2019 in the nail industry, one cannot fail to note the design of nails with black sparkles. After all, this is a manicure that will help girls always be in the spotlight.


Glitter is used in all manicure techniques, and therefore everyone can find something of their own, unique and original. It is also worth noting that this is a great option for an evening look. Just imagine how beautiful the glitter will shimmer in the rays of artificial lighting. Represented? And now let’s see the novelties of such a manicure performed by the best nail masters.

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Despite the attractiveness of sequins, when creating a manicure, you still need to follow the measure. It is better if the glitter is used on one, maximum two nails.


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Glitter manicure for autumn-winter 2019-2020

According to fashion experts, this is one of the most successful options for creating an autumn or winter manicure. A nail design with black glitter, for example, such as in the photo, will perfectly complement the restrained and concise images of this season. In addition, he will create a harmonious tandem with a winter palette of colors.

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It will be interesting to look at such a glitter with autumn ornaments: droplets, leaves, various twigs, as well as birds.


Glitter manicure for a special occasion

An important event is on the nose, but you still have not decided on a manicure? Then we advise you to make a manicure design with black and gold sparkles, as this year it is very popular and will suit any evening dress.

Luxurious design in dark shades will not only emphasize your impeccable taste, but also your individuality.

It should be noted that such a manicure is suitable for any shape and length of nails. And therefore, even women of fashion with short nails can afford this beautiful and luxurious option.

In addition to rich dark shades, black sequins look beautiful with delicate openwork patterns and various curls. This option will be appropriate not only in the evening look, but also in everyday life, and therefore you should definitely try to do it in the very near future.

Stylish Black Glitter Manicure Ideas

Glitter will be appropriate in any manicure, if used in moderation. Below are some interesting and non-trivial design ideas that we hope you enjoy.

Idea #1

Black sequins go well with both matte and glossy finishes. But, if you want to impress others with your chic image, then we recommend that you opt for the first option. And to make it easier for you to choose a design, below are some ideas from leading masters in the nail industry.

Beautiful holiday manicure

Idea #2

Glitter and geometric patterns are a tandem that amazes with its beauty and originality. Intricate lines and bright shimmering sequins will appeal to girls who love to surprise and be the center of attention.

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This manicure is suitable for all modern fashionistas, regardless of their age.


Unusual design

If you do not like overly complex drawings, then you can turn to a geometric pattern in the style of minimalism.

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Idea #3

For lovers of the classics, we also have one option – a jacket with black sequins. It would seem that this is a banal and already hackneyed manicure technique. But it is worth adding a new element to it and the design will play in a completely new way. Look at the photo and see for yourself.

Idea #4

No less interesting is the relatively new type of manicure – ombre. There are many examples where glitter creates a smooth transition. It can be horizontal, vertical or go at a certain angle.

Idea 5

In 2019, the negative space technique will also be relevant. Many nail masters offer their clients just such a manicure, since it appeared relatively recently, and therefore has not yet had time to get bored.

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This design is suitable for young girls.


Idea #6

For girls who find it difficult to decide on a design, we suggest paying attention to a monochromatic manicure with black sparkles. Such a manicure not only looks spectacular, but is also suitable for girls working in the office, as it blends perfectly with business images.

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In this case, you can create a beautiful design with black and white sparkles. For example, such as in the photo.


Idea #7

Aquarium manicure is a chic option that can be done for a special solemn event. However, here you need to take into account the fact that you can create such a manicure only by building nails.

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In this case, gel or acrylic is used.


For decor, you can use:

  • Bouillons of various sizes.
  • Painting.
  • Rhinestones or glitter.

Idea #8

You can make holes with sparkles. It turns out simple in execution, but very cute option. Light shades can be used to create a casual manicure, but the black glitter design looks good with other colors.

Idea #9

Manicure with black glitter and beige polish is a classic that will always be relevant. Brilliant glitter makes the nude palette brighter and more interesting.

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We hope that our photo selection helped you choose your favorite black glitter nail design. We wish you this year to be not only the most stylish, but also happy.


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