Black jacket: design ideas

We present you a new stylish interpretation of the classic manicure: black jacket on the nails. In our photo selection you will find the current ideas of this fashionable design, which you will immediately want to turn into reality. We advise you not to restrain yourself, but to create beauty at home or to sign up with your master for a brand new manicure.

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If you are in doubt about whether to do a black jacket on your nails, you should definitely find out about the benefits of this design.


Black or classic white jacket – which one will you choose?

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  • If an all-black manicure looks gloomy and often out of place, this definitely cannot be said about a dark jacket.
  • It brings a touch of sophistication and extravagance to any casual look.
  • This design will be appropriate for a holiday, a party, and even in an office setting.
  • It looks interesting, creative and not at all banal.

Fit or not

A black jacket is definitely your option if you like to break stereotypes about traditional manicure. Also, it will suit you if you prefer an elegant design that is not at the same time pretentious and outrageous.

Beautiful and at the same time delicate black jacket

But there is a category of girls who we advise to be careful with this technique. So, if you have short nails, this design is unlikely to suit you, because it will further shorten the nail plates. But when a black jacket is a “fix idea”, you can pre-lengthen your nails with gel extensions or tips.

Black fren – autumn design

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As for the shape of the nails, the black jacket, like its classic white version, is combined with any options.


Rihanna with a trendy black ombre jacket

Among the star beauties, fans of such a manicure are Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Jessica Alba. This stylish design was also appreciated by our compatriots Ksenia Sobchak, Olga Buzova and Irina Sheik. Maybe it’s time for you to join them?

Lunar black jacket – a fashionable example from celebrities

Combine with other colors

The classic black jacket is, of course, beautiful, but no one has canceled the game with color combinations. In addition, universal black friendly accepts a variety of shades into its team.

Black with hints of red

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  • A black and white jacket is a win-win option for you if you want to look stylish, elegant and tasteful. Classics are always appropriate, and nail design is no exception.

  • The red and black duo is ideal for creating a sensual manicure that is sure to attract attention.

  • The relevance of the blue color promises to continue in 2019. Therefore, remember the trendy manicure idea: a blue base and a black French smile.

  • The tandem of black and gold cannot look bad. This is a sure way to create an elegant expensive design under a beautiful evening dress. The most trending designs are black smile on gold base, shiny border between base and smile, and gold edge with charcoal finish.

  • The combination of black and silver is the epitome of elegance and style in manicure. It is possible to use this tandem on all nails. Other options are stretching the color or focusing on one nail.

  • To make dramatic black softer, a romantic pink shade will help. You can also connect other pastel colors to such a manicure.

Fashion Design Ideas

  • We open the simplest formula for a flawless manicure. Take a classic jacket and change your white smile to black. Ready!

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  • Various patterns perfectly complement the black jacket. In 2018, nail art masters love to embody floral motifs, lace, monograms and leaves on their nails. All these trends will fit perfectly into the French theme. A popular drawing technique is to paint on a dark smile with a light brush, then continue this motif with a dark varnish on a neutral base.

Black jacket with a pattern

  • From the fashionable geometric style, laconic dots and graphic lines are often used.

  • The “negative space” technique harmonizes perfectly with charcoal black. You can connect silver or gold accents to transparent and black elements – very stylish!

  • The luxury of a matte manicure is impeccable in a French manicure. By right, the most interesting and mysterious option will be a black matte base combined with a glossy smile.

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Absolute hit in black jacket design – Millennium technology. Its essence lies in the use of mother-of-pearl varnish, sparkles or micropowder to decorate a smile. The perfect finishing touch to your evening look!


Millennium black jacket

  • French, on the contrary, turns into a moon manicure, which is also beautiful using black. It is usually used to decorate a characteristic smile. Natural tones can be used as the main coating, but fashionable metallic motifs are no less attractive.

Unusual moon french

  • Mandatory French smile in the new season behaves completely unpredictable. It can become triangular, diagonal, shift and or turn into a double. All sorts of experiments look great in black colors.

Sloped smile line

  • The black jacket on the nails goes well with rhinestones. The main commandment of such a manicure is to know when to stop, because the use of black tones in design is striking in itself.

Matte glossy black jacket with rhinestones

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You can use either very small sequins or rather large rhinestones in the overall composition of the picture. Most of all, nail art masters love to decorate a french smile with artificial diamonds.

  • Various stained-glass windows and fragments on nails are easy to make from foil even at home.

French in the technique of broken glass

The broken glass technique can be included in a manicure in various ways: use it in a black smile, on the center of the nail plate, or on 1-2 nails without a French manicure.

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Secrets from professionals

Are you incredibly attracted to the aesthetics and style of the black jacket? But at the same time, are you afraid that such a design will not look as perfect on your nails as on a photo of the works of famous masters? For the result to really exceed your expectations, you need to know a few life hacks that nail art gurus use when creating such a stylish manicure.

Fashionable black and white polka dot manicure

  • Rich, deep blacks are perfect for this design. Various variations with greyish tones are often…

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