Black manicure for the most fashionable!

Black manicure is one of the latest trends among the fashion trends of 2019, photos with examples of which adorn the pages of the portfolio of leading nail art masters. Indeed, despite the fact that many consider this design to be gloomy, with proper design, black manicure becomes very elegant and feminine. Therefore, we suggest that you take a closer look at the most fashionable color combinations, as well as the original ideas for black manicure designs given in our article.

Beautiful nails with black polish

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Best combinations with other palettes

Black color is considered one of the most versatile, as it harmoniously combines with almost all shades. However, the following combinations are considered the most winning “duets” in nail design:

  • With gold. This is one of the most fashionable combinations for today, which always looks very expensive and elegant. Basically, the black color in this case acts as a decorative substrate, on top of which golden monograms or abstraction elements are drawn.

Black with gold

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A novelty of this season is a manicure design in which wide or thin golden lines are applied over a black matte base.


  • With pink. The combination of black and pink colors in one design is considered one of the most relevant and sophisticated. Indeed, thanks to an extensive palette of shades of pink, you can create a very effective and catchy design of black manicure using various nail art techniques, especially such as French or moon.

Black and pink – a chic design idea

  • With white. This is a classic combination of colors in manicure, which will harmoniously fit into absolutely any look. In addition to standard designs made in black and white, patterns imitating the colors of a zebra or the surface of a chessboard are also in fashion this season.

Black and white manicure

  • With red. An absolutely win-win option that looks harmonious on both short and long nails. The red-black combination looks especially impressive in a gradient stretch and in a picture that imitates animal coloring.

Black and red ombre

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Fashionable black manicure ideas

Fashion trends in the nail design segment today are very diverse, especially for black manicure, which is confirmed by various photo examples of such nail design presented on the Internet.


The most beautiful and original of them are the following:

  • Broken glass effect. This is one of the most current designs that looks best when combined with black as the base color. The effect of “broken glass” is achieved through the use of silver or colored foil, which is laid out on the surface of the nail in a chaotic manner, or is one of the constituent elements of the design.

Black manicure with broken glass effect

  • With rubbing. The combination of a mirror finish with a metallic gloss is today considered the main trend of this year. Basically, one or two nails are rubbing, while the rest are painted with a decorative black coating.

Rubbing nail design

  • Matte. It is one of the most fashionable designs of the autumn season, which looks harmonious both in a single-color design and in a combination of textures. A black manicure with a matte finish, made using the “veil” technique, is considered especially spectacular.

Black matte manicure

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  • With acrylic powder. Very fashionable and elegant manicure design, which is based on the use of finely ground acrylic powder. Nail art masters lay it out, both as the main coating on the nails, and in the form of various monograms, curlicues and geometric elements.

Black manicure with acrylic powder

  • Stained glass. This manicure design option has conquered the heights of 2019 fashion trends in the nail design segment, the most striking examples of which can be seen in the photos presented in thematic magazines dedicated to nail art. Basically, one or two nails are distinguished by stained glass decor, while the rest are covered with black gel polish. As an addition to this design, craftsmen often use foil casting or colored glitter.

Black manicure stained glass

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The stained glass manicure made using the swеet-bloom technique looks most impressive, thanks to which the design elements look voluminous and textured.



  • With rhinestones. Not a single manicure can do without these shiny pebbles, especially black ones. After all, using this decor, you can create many original design options for nails, ranging from full coverage with rhinestones to laying out on a black base in the form of an ornament.

Chic black matte manicure with rhinestones

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Important! This winter, the most popular black manicure design is the moon one, in which the lunula border is adorned with black and silver rhinestones in different sizes and shapes.


  • With bright accents. If monochrome design is not to your liking, we suggest diluting it with bright colors. In addition to the standard combinations with white, red and pink, you can also experiment with other palettes. For example, beige, blue, purple and blue will be great complements to black manicure.

Black and blue manicure

  • Drawings. In this case, it is better to refuse extremely complex ideas with artistic painting. Simple patterns and simple drawings will look most harmonious. As for the theme, geometric motifs in the form of parallel or intersecting lines will be the most suitable here.

Stylish drawings on black manicure

Black manicure is not only the fashion trend of 2019 in the nail art trend segment, but also a very effective and catchy nail design option that fits perfectly into any look. We hope that the ideas we have proposed will please you and one of them will definitely become a bright decoration for your nails.

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