Blood after sex: why did it go, what to do?

Any bloody discharge indicates that a failure has occurred in the body, including blood after sex. Her appearance may be the result of many factors and finding the cause of the appearance of blood is the main task of a woman who cares about her health.

The individuality of the female body can make self-diagnosis difficult, because the intensity, frequency and abundance of secretions manifest themselves in different ways. Each specific case should be examined by a specialist who will explain why you have spotting.

What needs to be done?

First of all, a woman needs to consult a gynecologist. If this is a single appearance of blood and nothing like this has been observed before, then you can consult with your doctor by phone. He will ask the right questions and assess the general situation, and in case of doubt, he will invite you for a consultation. In any case, the doctor should be informed at the slightest alarming symptoms.

If treatment is prescribed, it must be strictly followed. If there were no instructions from the doctor, then you should just carefully monitor your further condition after intercourse.


You need to understand that if intercourse ended with the appearance of even a small amount of blood, this is a deviation from the norm. There are many reasons for this:

  • inflammatory processes of a different nature;
  • mechanical damage;
  • venereal diseases;
  • taking medicines;
  • neoplasms (benign and malignant);
  • violations of the cellular level;
  • interrupted pregnancy;
  • bleeding due to ovulation;
  • partner’s fault
  • natural reaction.

Let’s take a closer look at each possible reason.

Inflammatory process.

Inflammatory processes of various etiologies can be responsible for the appearance of blood after sex. Basically, abundant discharge indicates an advanced stage of the disease. The most common are:

  • vaginitis, which is an inflammation of the vaginal mucosa. In this case, there may be a slight discharge after sex. At the same time, the mucous membrane is irritated, there is a burning sensation and pain during the act and urination.
  • cervicitis, which is an inflammation of the cervix. Accompanied by small hemorrhages, pain during sex, swelling and purulent discharge. Symptoms are not always acute, may be asymptomatic.

You shouldn’t worry. These diseases are easily treatable with antibiotics.


Mechanical damage.

These include the following factors that provoke the possible appearance of blood:

  • errors in handling sex toys;
  • too violent sex with hard and abrupt movements;
  • a significant difference in the size of the genital organs of men and women;
  • lack of natural lubrication during intercourse, especially if it is prolonged.

As a result of the above factors, the cervix and vagina can be injured, causing blood spots to appear. To avoid this, you need to monitor the intensity of sexual intercourse, handle sex toys carefully, use lubricants.

Venereal diseases.

Some infectious diseases can cause blood to appear after sex. They contribute to the penetration of infection into the uterine cavity, vagina and cervix. These diseases include:

  • trichomoniasis. This disease can only be diagnosed by a gynecologist. A woman may not feel any pain or discomfort, seeing only a small amount of blood after sex. It is not difficult to cure it, the main thing is to pay attention in time.
  • gonorrhea can also cause bleeding. In addition, there are frequent urination with pain, discharge of pus and swelling of the genitals.
  • Chlamydia is usually asymptomatic, so bleeding after intercourse can be an important sign.


After taking certain drugs, a woman may observe blood stains on her underwear. Mainly:

  • taking medications that thin the blood can cause minor bleeding. These drugs include the well-known “Aspirin”.
  • birth control pills. A gross violation of the regimen or a sharp cessation of their use contributes to the appearance of blood after sex. They can occur during intercourse, after and during the day.


Polyps can cause light or heavy bleeding after sex. This is due to the rupture of the tissues of the polyp during intercourse.

Cellular disorders.

This includes hyperplasia. With this pathology, cell division is too active. Bleeding is not a specific symptom of hyperplasia, but it is worth paying attention. Often the pathology develops into a benign or malignant tumor.

Endometriosis is characterized by pain during sex and bleeding after intercourse. With this pathology, endometrial tissue grows and is located on nearby internal organs.


Aborted pregnancy.

If you are sure that you are in excellent health, but there is blood after intercourse, then take a pregnancy test. Bloody discharge in this position can be caused by active contraction of the uterus during sex.

Bleeding due to ovulation.

This phenomenon does not depend on sexual intercourse, but it can get into the period after sex. It appears in the middle of the cycle, closer to the day of ovulation. In this case, special treatment is not required.

Natural occurrence of blood.

Perhaps as a result of rupture of the hymen during the first sexual contact. It is possible that after several sexual intercourses, blood will be released. It all depends on the characteristics of the hymen. It is also considered natural to release blood during the onset of menstruation.

Partner fault.

In rare cases, it happens that blood after intercourse indicates its content in the semen. This is a sign that the partner has problems with the urinary system. These events are rare, but they do happen.

It is important to understand that fever and spasmodic pain, along with the discharge of blood from the vagina, is a call to action and cause for alarm. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor or call an ambulance. The discharge of blood can be a harbinger of serious conditions such as an ectopic pregnancy, ovarian rupture, or cysts.

At the present stage of development of medicine, determining the cause of the appearance of blood is not difficult. The new equipment can…

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