Blouses that fashionistas should pay attention to in 2021

A beautiful and fashionable blouse can create an incredibly delicate and feminine look, so in 2021 you simply cannot do without this thing. Every girl will look simply charming in a blouse, especially if it is combined with other light and stylish things. Designers paid a lot of attention to this wonderful clothes, so let’s get to know her better.

What blouses will be the most fashionable in 2021

A blouse is a thing that fits easily into a variety of bows. It goes well with skirts, trousers and shorts, as well as jumpsuits, sweaters and tops. In the new year, designers focused on such blouses:

  • Sleeves. The design of the sleeves has been well done, and now we can see on the models blouses with bell sleeves, “bishop”, with ruffles and frills, with tassels, flared options and frills. The sleeve on blouses in 2021 has turned from a more functional element into a very fashionable and decorative one.

  • Straps. These exquisite blouses focus on the most beautiful parts of the female body – the décolleté, collarbones and neck. Blouses with shoulder straps, made of silk or satin, with lace look very gentle.

  • Off Shoulder. Blouses with bare shoulders, beloved by many girls, will show off on them this year as well. Among these models, one can single out long, short, wraparound, with flounces or straps.

  • Asymmetrical. In this case, only one shoulder is exposed, which looks especially gentle. Such blouses can be complemented with ruffles, they are most often sewn from light materials, therefore they are suitable for summer.

  • With flounces. This is really a hit of the new season, because flounces, ruffles and all kinds of frills will be found on every second model. At the same time, elements can be small or very obvious, attracting attention.

In the new season, blouses began to decorate with various additional elements. We have already talked about unusual sleeves and flounces, but there are some more details. Fashion designers decided to add more bows and ties to this thing, while placing them on the neck, on the back and even on the sleeves. This fashionable image looks very sophisticated, and you can see for yourself.

Decorative elements in the form of lacing, as well as blouses with a V-shaped neckline, also look very stylish. Brave girls can purchase ultra-trend translucent or completely transparent blouses.

Speaking of business style, you need to pay attention to blouses with a stand-up collar. This high collar completely covers the neckline and partially the neck, so it looks quite restrained. To dilute its severity a little, the designers added lace, unusual sleeves and beautiful buttons. Business women can also choose classic blouses without any additional elements. They look perfect in white and are suitable for the office.

For obese women, we can also offer some options for blouses that are fashionable in 2021, which come with short, long sleeves and without it at all. For puffy beauties, we recommend choosing elongated free models and wraparound options.

Prints best suited for blouses

Blouses are clothes that look perfect with a print. Therefore, you should not deny yourself bright, unusual blouses with original coloring. The most popular in 2021 will be the following prints:

  • Floral. In summer and spring, this is the most appropriate and at the same time very fashionable print. Blouses may have large and small flowers or embroidery.

  • animalistic. Predatory patterns have not lost their popularity and are still in trend, so feel free to buy them and wear them proudly.

  • Geometric. Stripes, polka dots and checks are the constant companions of fashion, which have long become classics. White-blue and cream-burgundy stripe looks good.

In general, fashion trends very often remain the same for a long time, and in 2021, those blouses that have long won the hearts of girls have remained in trend. Therefore, do not rush to get rid of your blouses, because their life may still last.

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Fashionable colors

When choosing a blouse, also pay attention to its color, and try to choose the most fashionable shades in 2021. A white blouse is a must-have in any wardrobe, no matter what material it is made from. White color is universal, so this thing is suitable for any situation.

Fashionable will also be classic black, which is able to slim, and beige colors, as well as pastel shades. If you are a bright girl and love the same clothes, then choose green, red, burgundy, blue and purple shades.

The topic of materials for blouses should also be hooked. Contrary to stereotypes, this thing is worn not only in the warm season. In winter, you can give preference to blouses made of satin, wool, velvet and knitwear. In spring and summer, blouses made of lighter and more airy materials – chiffon, silk and others – are suitable. Also this year, lace blouses have become very popular. Designers even offered to wear them with a lace bottom – a skirt or trousers.

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