Blouses with voluminous sleeves: fashionable images 2023

Puffy sleeves are an echo of the oversized fashion that has not been passing for several seasons in a row. Designers willingly turn to voluminous styles and offer women a lot of different options for loose-fitting clothing, from skirts and dresses to coats and down jackets. Including things with wide sleeves are popular: blouses, sweaters, jackets. Although this detail adds extra volume to the silhouette, it looks incredibly feminine, especially when combined with matching clothing. Let’s talk in this review about what to wear with voluminous sleeve blouses in 2023.

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Blouses with voluminous sleeves: popular styles

Like any other blouse, models that have puffy sleeves can look completely different. And each of them will be appropriate in its specific case, whether it is a business image or a summer bow for a walk. Therefore, choosing the right option for yourself, pay attention to the features of the cut. We recommend to pay attention to the following models of blouses with voluminous sleeves.

  • Blouse with flared sleeves. Blouses with sleeves that gradually widen downwards will be incredibly popular in 2023. The most relevant of this series is a fitted model of a blouse that sits exactly on the figure, while its sleeves fit snugly at the shoulder and become flared down. Also feel free to choose blouses with loose-cut flared sleeves. They look very stylish and feminine, especially those that are made in white.

  • Blouse with puffed sleeves. These sleeves have a very wide cut, and sometimes even represent a voluminous sphere that does not even reach the elbow, leaving the arms open. Such styles of sleeves often complement the variety of off-the-shoulder blouses. This is a popular model for summer looks.

  • Blouse with balloon sleeves. The style of these sleeves is distinguished by a large volume in the shoulder area or along the entire length, while from below they are fixed on the wrist with a tight-fitting cuff. Balloon sleeves are a popular part of loose-fitting blouses, including oversized ones. This model will look good on puffy women of fashion.

  • Blouse with puff sleeves. This style of sleeves has been known for a long time and has several varieties, among which is the form of “gigot” (“lamb ham”). Over the centuries, puffs have been incredibly popular, then become anti-trends. Fashion 2023 is giving these sleeves another chance. Blouses with puffs can be worn to the office, provided that the size of the sleeves is not too voluminous.

  • Blouse with bell sleeve. This sleeve got its name from the bell, which resembles its shape. Often the wide part is only part of the sleeve, starting from the elbow and below. Another romantic option, suitable even for a date.

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How to wear blouses with voluminous sleeves in the season 2023

Blouses with voluminous sleeves in 2023 fit into all the fashion trends of the season. They can be worn with skirts, and with trousers, and as part of a business office suit. Take a look at the styles below.

  • Blouse with jeans. Denim clothing is versatile, so it’s easy to pair with anything. Including a stylish blouse with voluminous sleeves. This is a good option for office work, if the dress code allows. This combination is especially harmonious with white blouses or very light pastel shades. It can be a look for every day, or a very stylish option for the summer, if you choose a blouse with bare shoulders. Jeans can also be any, including torn or unusual colors.

  • Blouse with trousers. This tandem will also allow you to create a stylish, memorable image. This, again, can be an office version of the bow, to which you need to pick up trousers with a classic cut and strict colors – black or dark blue. Including a blouse with voluminous sleeves will look good with unobtrusive striped trousers. For other cases, you can choose loose-fitting trousers in bright, rich colors.

  • Blouse with skirt. Airy, feminine blouses with puffy sleeves go well with skirts. This outfit is a great option for a summer walk or for an evening, as well as for a romantic date. Such a blouse looks equally harmonious with long skirts of a free cut, but a more strict version of the figure is also suitable. Including denim skirts or leather, which is popular this season, are relevant for the bow.

  • Blouse with shorts. Another summer version of the bow. And you can pick up short shorts for it. Then the image will play well in contrast. A loose voluminous blouse and short shorts in a figure will attract attention and, among other things, will favorably emphasize beautiful slender legs. However, midi shorts with a wider cut will also add zest to a fashionable bow.

  • Blouse with vest. This option is somewhat universal. The vest brings a certain rigor to the fashionable image. On the one hand, this is another suitable option for the office – if the vest is in a classic color. On the other hand, it can be made in brighter colors and even with bold prints, which will allow you to get a more informal look that is suitable for a walk, a date, and even a holiday.

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In the photo above, you could see some fashionable looks. Perhaps they will help you decide what to wear with voluminous sleeve blouses in 2023. This version of the bow will help emphasize femininity and tenderness, even within the framework of a strict office dress code.

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