Blouses with voluminous sleeves: what to buy in 2022 and what to wear

In 2022, fashionable and spectacular blouses with voluminous sleeves will become especially popular. Such models look feminine and elegant, with their help, the fair sex will easily look 100%.

What blouses with voluminous sleeves are in fashion in 2022

This season, designers offer to focus on a beautiful and elegant silhouette, so blouses with voluminous sleeves will take a leading position among casual, business and evening wear. Let’s find out which models will be in trend in 2022:

  • Leather. This season, leading brands have presented many options for stylish blouses with voluminous sleeves made of natural and eco-leather. These versatile models will harmoniously complement any fashionable look. A leather blouse looks equally good with both office trousers and an evening skirt.

  • With oversized sleeves. Creating elegant blouses with hyper-voluminous sleeves, designers were inspired by the fashion of the distant Victorian era. These original models emphasize the tenderness of the fair sex. They will appeal not only to older ladies, but also to young students.

  • White. In 2022, models of classic colors will be very popular, which, despite their laconic appearance, look very stylish. White blouses will be the perfect basis for creating spectacular spring and summer looks.

  • Translucent. For fashionistas who love to surprise others with non-standard outfits, this season stylists offer to pay attention to catchy and chic models made of light chiffon, cambric, organza. Semi-sheer blouses with voluminous sleeves will be a real fashion hit in 2022.

  • Gigot. This sleeve, puffy at the shoulders and tapering to the bottom, resembles a mutton ham (from which the Italian word “gigot” comes from). This season, such models are presented in all leading collections.

In 2022, blouses with such voluminous sleeves as corrugated (tightened with an elastic band in several metas), flared, flashlight (round) and balloon (slightly expanded with a cuff at the end) will also be fashionable.

What is fashionable to wear a blouse with voluminous sleeves in 2022

Designers advise women to be creative and boldly wear blouses with voluminous sleeves with clothes that are completely different in style. Consider the most successful and fashionable combinations of 2022.


This outfit is perfect for any occasion. The set, which includes a discreet blue blouse and cropped jeans, is perfect for everyday wear. You can wear it to work or study, to meet friends, walk around the city. But a blouse with voluminous sleeves in a bright floral print and boyfriend jeans is a suitable festive outfit for going to a restaurant or a club, a youth party.

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Blouse+long skirt

A black blouse worn with a nude pleated skirt will help emphasize the femininity of a fashionable look. The contrasting combination of a dark top and a light bottom looks very elegant. Well-chosen accessories in the form of sunglasses, jewelry and bags will successfully complement the outfit.


A great option for the hot summer of 2022 is a lacy white blouse and bright yellow shorts. In such a stylish outfit, every woman will feel beautiful and sexy, despite the discreet and very closed top. A stylish belt will help emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Blouse + dress pants

This is a good choice of clothes for going to the office in 2022. You can choose a traditional option and mix a blouse with voluminous sleeves with dress pants. To make the fashionable look more spectacular, you should wear cropped leather pants. Such a bow will look no less stylish and beautiful. Stylists advise choosing clothes in contrasting shades.

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Blouse + evening flared trousers

Such a fashionable outfit is perfect for going out, attending a reception or a festive celebration. A monochrome outfit consisting of a black transparent blouse with voluminous sleeves and lace trousers will definitely impress others. The image combines restrained conciseness and elegant sexuality.

Blouse+mini skirt

Feminine and seductive, short denim skirts paired with eye-catching blouses with voluminous sleeves are a great bow for a romantic date, summer vacation, going to a club or chatting with friends. This outfit is suitable for women of fashion who appreciate in clothes, first of all, convenience and comfort. But replacing a denim skirt with a leather wrap model, you can create a daring and bright look.


A combination consisting of a blouse with voluminous sleeves and a trouser overall that is fashionable in 2022 looks stylish. A spectacular headdress, original jewelry and a stylish bag will fit well into the image. An interesting accent to the bow will add a contrasting combination of white top and rich pink bottom.

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Every woman who has studied photos of fashionable blouses with voluminous sleeves will be able to look beautiful and spectacular in 2022. The main thing is to select models that will emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide the flaws.

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