Blue manicure for summer 2020

Fashionable blue manicure in the summer 2020 season pleases with its diversity and beauty. In this article, we will tell you what trends and novelties look beautiful with this foundation.

Stylish combinations

Delicate blue lacquer looks great on nails of any length. It strikes with its aesthetics and in splendid isolation, but still does not mind creative and stylish color combinations.

A tandem with white lacquer is a universal duet that combines freshness and beauty. This combination is the best for a summer manicure and will harmoniously fit into any look.

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Among the successful and fashionable color combinations, one can also identify a combination with representatives of the nude palette, which are recognized as the unconditional trend of the entire 2020 season. You can also put into practice a successful alliance with pink, yellow or gray accents.

Summer 2020 fashion trends especially emphasize the relevance of metallic accents. With such a design, it is difficult to miscalculate, because the blue tone is perfectly combined with both silver and gold. Such a stylish decor will effectively shimmer under the rays of the summer sun.

To create a winning manicure, you can take into account a harmonious combination of related shades from one palette. For example, in addition to a delicate blue coating, you can pick up the absolute favorite of 2020 – indigo color. This successful tandem has proven itself in a variety of techniques and trends.

[stextbox id=’info’]In general, a manicure in blue tones is easily able to accept any representative of a warm color scheme into your company.[/stextbox]

polka dots

Absolutely summer and charming print in the world of manicure is undoubtedly polka dots. To embody such a topical motif in your nail art, you can arm yourself with any tool at hand, be it dots, an invisible ball, a pen or a toothpick. The step-by-step action plan looks like this: first you need to draw up the base and wait for it to dry, and then decorate the tone with flirty dots. Since the combination of several fashionable prints is now in trend, the polka dot pattern can be supplemented with stickers in the form of flowers or other geometric motifs.


Summer 2020 is a great opportunity to embody a blue manicure with a rub-in design. This is a special acrylic powder that creates a bewitching sparkling coating on the plates, striking with its magnificence under the summer sun.

In the trendy manicure design of 2020, masters usually use mirror decor, which is amazingly combined with tanned skin. Pearl rub also proved to be excellent in summer nail art. On short nails, in turn, powder with a holographic effect is ideal. It should be borne in mind that the shine of the rub looks very self-sufficient, so it does not need additional complex decor.


An absolutely unique and spectacular blue manicure can be created by decorating it with fashionable half-beads in the form of pearls. Such decorations are amazingly combined with a delicate pastel base in both glossy and matte finishes. When it comes to decorating nail art for a special occasion, you can complement improvised pearls with beautiful rhinestones and lay out interesting patterns in the form of accents on a pair of marigolds.


Among the key summer trends, there is a very interesting way to play with pastel blue nail polish, and it is to use floral motifs. But complex floral arrangements in the world of manicure have finally sunk into oblivion – they have been replaced by silhouette and minimalistic images of plants, twigs or buds. In such drawings, the use of thin lines and just a few tones is encouraged. Perhaps your master will be able to embody a trendy motif with a few virtuoso strokes of a brush dipped in black or white varnish.

Youth design can also use the theme of floristry, but not all of its manifestations. For example, young girls willingly include field plants depicted in a naive “childish” style in their nail art. This trend guarantees the creation of a particularly touching and romantic manicure.


Sea style

When the holiday season becomes open, many nail art masters note the increased interest of fashionistas in the marine style of manicure. In 2020, this direction promises only to strengthen its position of relevance. It will be expressed in a jacket with cheerful blue smiles, images of shells and pearls, thematic stickers, textured sand and characteristic drawings. If you want the final manicure to be especially spectacular and expressive, you can apply several styles at once when creating it.

The stylish novelty of nail art for the 2020 season is Sinju stones, which perfectly resemble pebbles on the sea coast. This decor looks spectacular and bewitching on long nails.

The real hit of summer 2020 was the mother-of-pearl shell effect, which looks very attractive and elegant. Many girls will surely appreciate the three-dimensional relief in this design, which imitates the surface of the shell. To create such a memorable nail art, you must definitely use a transparent gel polish.

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Sea waves

An absolutely unique and individual design can be created if you beat the surface of the sea waves in it. Typically, nail artists use watercolor techniques for this, along with sparkling accents. The embodiment of such a pattern in abstract technology will also look especially trendy.

To make the final result deep and bewitching, you should use as many shades as possible from the blue-blue palette and, at the end, place light accents and transparent drops of “water” in the manicure.


The current manicure in the summer 2020 season may imply a spectacular duet of yellow or gold with blue varnishes. To put this combination into practice, you can connect a decor in the form of foil to a refreshing pastel coating. Such a manicure has every chance to turn out to be stylish and fashionable, since both laconic stripes and abstract prints from metallized foil are equally in demand this summer.

different hands

To create a trendy manicure in 2020, you can choose a combination of a solid color coating on one hand and a creative design on the other. For example, a tandem of blue monochrome with chaotic waves in different colors will look very fresh and stylish. A great trend prepared especially for the summer season!

negative space

Regardless of fashion trends, many girls consider blue nail polish to be their absolute favorite. It is very easy to fall in love with him, because such a basis of nail art looks very gentle, feminine and elegant. Manicurists say that the listed properties can …

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