Bob haircut 2023

The fashion bob 2023 embodies classic haircut silhouettes and modern novelties. We figure out which models of the legendary hairstyle will be especially relevant in the new season.

Smooth caret

The classic bob with a straight cut, embodied on straight smooth hair, remains a desirable and sought-after haircut among women. This hairstyle looks great on straight and thick strands. A stylish addition to the image in the 2023 season will be elegant coloring in trendy chocolate and chestnut shades.

A mega-trend styling option for a short length is the effect of wet hair, which is created using a gel.

french square

To give the image of charm, playfulness and femininity in the 2023 season, a charming French bob haircut helps. A straight cut with short bangs suits young girls who prefer sophisticated looks.

With a bang

A bob with bangs in the 2023 season is not only a way to keep up with fashion trends, but also an opportunity to correct facial features. The key trend is a straight cut of thinned front strands, which make the look deep and expressive appearance.

In tandem with a bob haircut, the bangs, divided into two sides with lengthening of the strands, also work great.

In a duet with short hair, the curtain bangs also look stylish, which invariably corresponds to the trends of women’s haircuts 2023-2024.

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Falling in love with a bob haircut 2023 is easy: the hairstyle is easy to style, gives volume, looks fashionable and elegant. The trend has no strict age restrictions and is suitable for women over 40 years old.

A stylish type of haircut with elongated front strands or side parting is a harmonious solution for owners of a round face shape.


To look irresistible without any extra effort in the 2023 season, stylists suggest taking a closer look at a fashionable medium-length bob haircut. It is fashionable to complement this hairstyle with graduation, which gives the strands volume, and the image freshness and dynamics. An elongated bob is the best solution for women who are not ready for a short haircut and want to give the strands below their shoulders a fashionable look.


The sophisticated cascade bob haircut has been popular for several seasons – 2023 was no exception. The main feature of the image is the graduation of the strands, which involves the design of the tips at an angle with a stepped change in length.

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Curly caret

Among the newfangled trends in women’s haircuts 2023-2024, the coquettish caret, embodied on curly hair, is the leader in popularity. More recently, a wavy structure was considered a contraindication for a classic haircut, but now the ban has become a fashion trend.

Fashionable coloring on a square

In fashionable coloring 2023, soft natural shades prevail on the square. So, favorites throughout the year will be wheat, creamy, light brown, honey and caramel tones.

The bob color for blonde in 2023 also welcomes the natural trend. The fashionable shade of staining tends to be beige or golden tint.

Owners of dark hair in the 2023 season can turn to chocolate mocha – a deep and noble color scheme with golden tints. Coloring looks beautiful not only in one color, but also with the addition of brown or beige highlights.

Remain in the trend and soft overflows of color, responsible for the volume and dynamics of the hairstyle. To the length of the chin and below, the Brazilian shatush elegantly lays down. Smooth transitions between tones look natural and create a trendy glare effect. Trend coloring will not require correction for 4 months.

A stylish solution would be the contouring technique with lightening the front strands. Fashion reception refreshes and rejuvenates the appearance.

By choosing a women’s bob haircut in the 2023 season, you can easily create a stylish and feminine look. This hairstyle is timeless and trendy at the same time, it noticeably transforms and refreshes your appearance – try it!

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