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A bob haircut with bangs has long won the love of millions of fashionistas and, admittedly, this is very well deserved. Stay with us and you will learn about the benefits of this stylish haircut, find out who it suits and what types of it will be the most popular in the new season!


What is it

The name of this haircut clearly hints that it hides 2 techniques. From the square, she got a stylish lower cut in a straight line, and from the bob, the haircut borrowed graduation and a change in the shape of the strands to the bottom. Accordingly, a surprisingly harmonious combination of rigor and light audacity, softness and rigidity is created. You can even use this haircut as a way to talk about your versatility and versatility.

Bob bob often has to endure comparisons with a simple bean, but these are completely different haircuts. The subject of our attention has much more freedom in execution, and it does not have clear contours and a specific expression.


Such a fashionable haircut has a number of advantages, which often act as serious arguments in its favor. We have highlighted the most important benefits!

  • Versatility is the very trump card that usually captivates fashionistas when choosing a haircut. Bob bob really suits any type of hair, whether it’s straight, wavy or curly hair.

  • It is difficult to say what is more in this haircut – femininity or looseness. One thing is clear – the bob always adds zest to the image and makes it unforgettable.

Stylish haircut for modern fashionistas

  • This haircut combines style and practicality. It is not demanding in care and elementary in styling. Girls who have known the happiness of cutting their hair this way also note that they have become thicker and more obedient.

  • Have you noticed that star beauties are increasingly opting for a bob with different types of bangs? This once again confirms its relevance.

Who will suit

The answer to the question of who will suit a bob haircut for short hair with bangs will surely please you, because it suits almost everyone! The choice directly depends on the features of appearance.

  • For chubby young ladies, a haircut with elongated and profiled front strands is recommended – this approach will visually narrow the face. A double effect is guaranteed when paired with an asymmetrical long bang. Girls with this shape often opt for a bob car because of the shortened crown, which lengthens the proportions of the face.

  • With a square face shape, an oblique bob with the same bangs and soft edge design will be an excellent choice. It is necessary to rely on smooth outlines that will reduce the angularity of such a form to a minimum. If the chin is rather heavy, stylists recommend doing bangs with wings on the sides.

  • The straight shape of the “heart” needs to be corrected for a wide forehead and a narrow chin. For this purpose, the hairdresser makes the side strands elongated and complements them with a high nape. According to this description, it is easy to recognize a legged bob.

  • An inverted “heart” is an argument in favor of straight bangs and the same haircut outlines.

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Note! Ladies aged, regardless of the shape of the face, are not recommended to cut the back of the head too short – this will insidiously emphasize all age-related changes in the neck area.


Short length options

A short haircut is easy to calculate by the length of the hair not below the chin. And it goes great with bangs. In the 2019 season, this option is at the peak of popularity. We suspect that the secret of such success is in an extraordinary form and versatility.

  • A short bob with long oblique bangs is recommended to be cut using the layering method, provided that you have manageable and soft hair. This approach promises to create volume in the back of the head and temples.

  • Thin hair can get the long-awaited volume by shaving the back of the head – this haircut option also goes well with various types of bangs.

  • A short bob in a duet with the same bangs is beautiful for its unpretentiousness in care – this is really a very comfortable and practical haircut. However, it does not suit chubby girls at all.

  • If you need to significantly correct the geometry of the face, use this haircut with pronounced asymmetry, pointed tips and long bangs. This combination can transform the image of a girl beyond recognition.

  • A short haircut with the same bangs, accentuated along the edge, will adorn only fashionistas with a perfect oval face.

  • Oblique and hooligan-style ragged bangs, in addition to a short bob, are designed to hide a small chin.

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Interesting! The short version of the bob is a unique indicator of age, shedding a few years and making the look fresher and more stylish.


bob on leg

This hairstyle is easily recognizable by the unique shape of the fungus on the stem and shortened nape. Without a doubt, this option is suitable for fragile, slender girls with a beautiful neck. The ideal face shape for a stalk haircut with bangs is triangular or slightly oblong.

Elegant haircut

Graduated Version

Fashion loves stylish and bold decisions and graduated bob – just one of those. The haircut looks a little sloppy and turns the girl into a fashionable rebel, without depriving her of femininity and charm. The main feature of this type is uneven cutting of strands, which creates a slight negligence.

If you do not like to waste time on styling, rely on graduation – with it you can generally forget about foams and hairsprays.

A graduated bob haircut for medium hair with bangs is amazingly combined with fashionable shatush or balayage coloring techniques. Such a move will give the hair extra volume and expressiveness.

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Bangs are a stylish addition to a graduated bob, which is almost always a great idea. We have identified several of its types that are in harmony with such a haircut.

  • An asymmetrical version with a pronounced oblique cut can be performed on perfectly straight hair.

  • Graduated bangs to match the technique itself – this is perhaps the most popular option. With her, the haircut looks finished and stylish, facial features soften, and the image becomes more feminine.

  • The mission of the torn bangs is to disguise a high forehead. In combination with thin curls, it creates the effect of volume.

  • Straight bangs will suit everyone and make any girl more fashionable and mysterious.

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Bob caret + straight bangs

This haircut looks amazing, but with only one condition – healthy and thick hair. If you have just such and you want to create an emphasis on this dignity, feel free to choose this option. Straight bangs put forward another important requirement – perfectly straight hair.

Bob square with oblique bangs

Perhaps this is the most versatile option in our ranking. It is with him that you can…

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