Bob haircuts 2019

We present you a photo selection of new bob haircuts for the 2019 season. Trends decided to fantasize a little over the classic version and add originality and style to it. See for yourself what came of it!


short haircut

A shortened version of the square is a godsend for fashionistas who love fresh and unbanal solutions for their image. The choice in favor of this haircut is also made by women of fashion, for whom hair is the main pride and they would not mind demonstrating it.

Incredibly beautiful haircut

I need graduation

A graduated bob is a great solution for girls with thin hair who are in desperate need of volume. This hairdressing technique also saves from split ends – a common misfortune of modern fashionistas.

A caret with a bonus in the form of graduation is suitable for:

  • girls with rough features;
  • broad-faced beauties;
  • owners of thick or thin hair;
  • fashionistas with short necks.

In the 2019 season, the palm among all the trends in the world of haircuts belongs to the bangs in its many manifestations. So, a graduated square is in perfect harmony with an oblique, straight, shortened, milled, asymmetrical or elongated bangs.

In the 2019 season, the choice in favor of a graduated bob haircut is also made by always in a hurry girls who want to reduce styling time to the maximum.

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Cascading caret

This option has already been tried on by many star beauties, because it has a lot of pleasant advantages. Girls are conquered by the volume effect that this hairstyle gives. In addition, the master can interpret this technique in his own opinion and create a unique hairstyle that is perfect for you.

Cleopatra hairstyle

At many top shows, one of the most stylish and unique variations of a bob with an impeccably even cut to the earlobe was seen. This is a classic version of a haircut that looks original and stylish in the wake of the latest fashion trends.

A bet on asymmetry

An asymmetrical square on one side is a well-known technique that helps to correct the appearance and hide some flaws. Elongated strands on only one side are incredibly popular with fashionistas – they are captivated by the style and creativity of this hairstyle.

The fashion trends of the 2019 season have made their own adjustments to the bob haircuts, in which the hair is shorter on one side. They insist on adding a straight parting as an alternative to the side parting that was relevant last season.

Bob-car with short bangs

Among all the fashionable novelties, a bob-car paired with a short bang looks especially stylish and charming.

Such a haircut has many wonderful features that are weighty arguments in its favor:

  • she professionally hides the angularity of her face;
  • delicately softens rough cheekbones and a heavy chin;
  • emphasizes the beauty of the eyes, makes them bigger and more expressive.

This variation is suitable for girls not only with straight, but also with curly hair, subject to an oval face shape.

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Interesting! Trends The 2019 seasons offer fashionable women to do such a haircut with a mandatory straight bang. With this stylish addition, the bob looks neat, fashionable and extraordinary.


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Kare with milled bangs

The attention of all fashionistas definitely deserves a bob with milled bangs as in the photo.

This fashionable solution makes the hairstyle lighter and more airy, and the image as a whole is stylish and feminine. If you are already a happy owner of a square and want to make fashionable adjustments and French charm to your favorite haircut, feel free to complement it with such a bang. Choose a straight cut or torn strands – any choice will be a 100% hit in trends.

Milled bangs are amazingly combined with almost any type of bob – asymmetrical, raised, double, legged, classic or bob. When laying such a bang, it is worth slightly lifting the roots and randomly directing individual strands.

sports car

An echo of the 90s in the new season is a sports square, which implies the presence of two levels of haircuts with the addition of voluminous bangs. The name does not at all oblige that only athletes choose such a haircut. This variation fits perfectly into the image of an urban fashionista or a stylish business woman.

Extended version

In the 2019 season, the elongated version of the bob is not going to give up its positions – an ideal solution for those who are not ready for a radical change in hair length. This haircut is perfect for owners of any face shape. In addition to its versatility, one cannot but rejoice at the possibility of experimenting with the image. You can come up with many variations of styling and hairstyles for an elongated caret.

Choose a color

We found out what coloring novelties the 2019 season is ready to offer for a bob haircut for short hair. See our photo selection of current shades and be inspired by fashion changes!

The main fashion course is naturalness, so it is a good idea to color in a shade that will only enhance the depth of the native color.

For example, light brown can be replaced with a golden walnut and add zest with the help of trendy highlighting. If you have a pinkish skin tone, look for wheaten, golden, light brown and light brown colors. For pale-faced beauties, stylists recommend stopping at honey, sand, beige or golden hair.

If you are a fatal brunette, choose fashionable chestnut tones paired with a shatush to diversify your square. The trend is also an elegant shade of “coffee with caramel”, which looks amazing on a short length.

Thin hair should be dyed in volume technique using 3-4 close shades. Such a trick promises visual density as well as a fashionable look. It is important to use natural deep shades without a hint of extravagance – this is the only way to get a truly stylish and expensive image.

Features of choice

The starting point when choosing the perfect square will be the shape of the face and features of appearance. We will tell you what you should know before going to the hairdresser.

  • Fashionistas with a round face shape are strictly prohibited from a bob with perfectly straight, even bangs.
  • The oval shape of the face does not impose strict prohibitions on the choice of haircuts, but still some options look the most advantageous. One hundred percent hit is guaranteed with a square with asymmetry in front, the use of cascade and step techniques. If a fashionista wants to create an accent on her cheekbones or lips, she cuts off elongated front strands.

  • The triangular shape of the face is a reason to recommend a voluminous bob with bangs and the addition of a strand below the chin, which are wrapped inward. This choice will soften the angular features of the face and add femininity to the image.
  • Girls with a square face shape are especially attractive with an elongated bob. If you want to add spectacularity to such a haircut, you can …

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