Body rejuvenation at home

Surely every person on earth would like to remain young and full of energy forever. But time inexorably takes its toll. Whether we like it or not, old age inevitably comes to everyone. But someone already at forty feels her approach, and someone at eighty does not give up their vital positions. What does this fact say? That this octogenarian someone knows the secret of youth? May be so. But more often than not, the secret of youth is not a pill or tincture that you can drink and feel forever young. The secret of youth lies in a complex of balanced healthy nutrition, a reasonable mode of wakefulness and sleep, preventive cleansing procedures, an active lifestyle, an optimistic life position, a harmonious perception of one’s body, spirit and environment.

From the point of view of physiology, the aging of the body occurs when all organs and systems do not cope with their functions one hundred percent. In the body, decay products of substances begin to accumulate, clogging the channels of the blood circulation and excretory systems. Organs and systems do not receive sufficient nutrition and become contaminated with toxins through the blood. As a result, the work of organs and systems fails, various diseases occur, which become chronic. The body gets old.

Is it possible to reverse processes? How to stop degenerative processes and activate regenerative ones? Many argue that it is in the power of man.

Cleansing the body – the beginning of the journey

This set of measures is put at the forefront when they talk about the youth of the body. Indeed, the body accumulates a huge amount of decay products of substances that need to be removed. We can take a shower and wash the dirt off our face and body. But what about internal pollution? Radical measures are needed here:

  • Purgation. Methods can be different enemas, colonoscopy, natural laxatives and medications. It is best to discuss the method with your doctor. A cleansed intestine will work much better, the absorption of nutrients will be more intense. In addition, toxins will no longer enter the blood from the intestines and, by inertia, the blood and circulatory systems are also cleansed;
  • Liver cleansing. Many people recommend drinking a glass of water with lemon and honey on an empty stomach, and this gives a good effect, as it produces a slight choleretic effect. There is a radical way to cleanse the liver with lemon juice and olive oil. But, attention! This method is contraindicated in people with gallstone disease. To avoid hepatic colic, consult a gastroenterologist;
  • It is recommended to cleanse the kidneys with the help of diuretic teas, which gently flush out salts from the kidneys and contribute to better hydroexchange in the body. But you should not get carried away with kidney teas either. Together with harmful substances, the necessary salts, minerals and trace elements are washed out of the body. Restoring them later will be difficult and time-consuming.

After a deep cleansing, the body will rejuvenate, metabolic processes will proceed faster, organs and systems will unload. The effect of cleansing procedures can be fixed and maintained for a long time, following the principles of a healthy diet.

Healthy nutrition for a youthful body

And it works. There are basic rules for a healthy diet, which you need to follow for a youthful body and good spirits:

  • Maintain the correct balance of carbohydrates – proteins – fats. In descending order. The basis of the diet is complex carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits, cereals, whole grain bread), the use of animal proteins (meat, fish, eggs, dairy products) is mandatory. The consumption of fats is minimal, but they cannot be completely excluded. Eat fatty fish, nuts, vegetable oils;
  • Refuse fast food, high-calorie fast-digesting carbohydrates, refined foods and convenience foods.
  • Minimize the use of marinades, smoked meats.
  • Avoid products with flavorings, flavor enhancers, dyes, preservatives – something stale is hidden in them. In addition, these products are foreign to the body, are not digested and settle as ballast.

Feel free to drink water

Water is the basis of all metabolic processes in the body. It is required to drink about 2 liters of pure water per day (juices, soups, compotes, tea do not count), and to be precise, 30 ml per 1 kg of weight. This will improve bowel function, increase metabolism, remove toxins and saturate the skin and hair with moisture. This is a significant step towards achieving youth.

Be active

In an active organism, all processes proceed faster. With active movement, the muscles work, blood enters all organs and tissues, the metabolism is accelerated, the mood is fine. Active people live longer and look younger and more cheerful. Try to move around as much as possible. Go in for sports, walk more, have an active rest. Even if your health condition does not allow you to make great physical exertion, you can afford light gymnastics in the morning, a few stops on foot and a walk before bed. You will be surprised how quickly the body gets used to activity and you will feel the joy of movement.

Stay optimistic

People with age become prone to pessimism, stop enjoying simple things, become grumbling. And completely in vain. Pessimists tend to take all problems and stress too personally and result in depression and cardiovascular disease. Optimists look at life more cheerfully and perceive difficulties as a temporary phenomenon. It makes you look younger and more energetic.

Keep a rest and sleep schedule

The day is for being awake, the night is for sleeping. This is an iron rule, following which you will understand why nature intended it this way. Full sleep is 6-8 hours. With a lack of sleep, the body does not have time to fully recover. Fatigue accumulates, health problems begin to arise, the body ages in a forced mode.

Speed ​​up your metabolism

By adhering to simple rules, you can “disperse” or speed up the metabolism. First, try to eat fractionally and often. If you eat in small portions every two hours, then the digestive system will improve, and the metabolism will adjust to such a fast pace. Secondly, try to eat protein foods in the morning. Protein substances contribute to the formation of enzymes and hormones, which means that the metabolism will take place in full.

Secrets of traditional medicine

For centuries, people have been accumulating recipes that help rejuvenate the body. Among them are the following:

  1. Tibetan herbal collection: flowers…

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