Body shaping underwear

Shapewear is designed for women who want to get a more elegant figure, as well as correct posture and give the body a more feminine shape.

With the right selection, it will allow you to create the silhouette that you would like to purchase. The chest will become more magnificent, the buttocks will be rounded, and the waist will be slender. Body shaping underwear will instantly allow you to visually lose a few kilograms if there is an urgent need to look perfect.

Body shaping underwear is made of dense fabric, which contains synthetic and natural fibers. Synthetic fibers are very rigid and allow you to give the body the necessary shape, while natural fibers allow the skin to breathe and make wearing underwear more comfortable. Modern corrective underwear can also have a massage effect to improve microcirculation, blood flow and lymph flow in problem areas.

Corrective underwear is of two types:

  • modeling (increases volume in the right places, such as breasts);
  • slimming (reduces volume and allows you to make the figure more proportional).

Depending on which part of the body needs correction, the necessary underwear is selected.

If your breasts are small, you should use a modeling bra with a push-up effect. It will make the chest higher, rounded and lush. If the problematic part is the legs and buttocks, shorts, leggings or shorts with a slimming effect are suitable here, which will lift the buttocks and model the hip area. With a wide waist, a corset, combidress or bodysuit will help. With their help, you can not only make the waist thinner, but also give the body the necessary proportions, which is important for those who are not naturally endowed with feminine forms.

In addition to the slimming effect, corrective underwear is able to correct posture. For these purposes, certain types of modeling corsets are suitable, which also relieve the load from the back muscles and correct the line of the shoulders.

There is underwear that can solve problems in a complex way. Grace, combibody, combidress solve problems in four areas at once (chest, waist, buttocks, hips). A tank top corset will help shape your bust, waist and improve your posture. High-waisted shorts will support the buttocks, tighten the hips and make the waist slimmer.

Corrective underwear should be selected strictly according to size. It is necessary to take measurements immediately before making a purchase, since the body tends to change. Further, according to the dimensional grid of each manufacturer, focus on choosing your size.

Properly selected body shaping underwear can be worn throughout the working day. It should not restrict mobility, squeeze or feel uncomfortable. Shapewear should be like a second skin. It is absolutely invisible to prying eyes, but the figure takes on ideal forms. Only in this case, underwear will not disappoint, but will help you feel more attractive and confident in any situation.

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