Boho style dresses

If you want to express your inner self, show your uniqueness and creative vision of women’s fashion – there is no better option than wearing clothes and dresses in the boho style. And decorations or decor can be made with your own hands.


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Stylish boho dresses

This is an unusual direction that many will consider “strange”, and only a few will feel the depth and originality of each model. This is not even just a choice of clothes – but a choice of worldview and a way of life.

Boho style secrets:

  • layering;
  • thoughtful negligence;
  • a combination of materials, for example, lace and knitwear, velvet and linen – a combination of different fabrics and inserts is now in trend;
  • the play of textures – roughness, smoothness, wrinkling and abrasion of fabrics – plays a huge role in creating an image;
  • a lot of decor: bright, unusual embroidery, rich prints, fringe, straps, tassels, ethnic ornaments;
  • knitted details.

Tenderness and dosed negligence – the secrets of boho

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This style is very much loved by creative individuals, as they express their unique self and individual sense of beauty. After all, wearing a boho-style dress means loudly declaring yourself and your unwillingness to follow the generally accepted. Among the images, it is almost impossible to find the same.

The following ideas were woven into the boho style:

  • gothic and gypsy style;
  • country;
  • grunge;
  • ethno;
  • hippie;
  • national costumes of many nations.

Fashion trends and boho trends

Style dresses are characterized by:

  • natural fabrics;
  • natural, natural colors and shades, and not necessarily faded and pastel: a riot of greenery and flowers or the incredible color of the leaves in autumn gives a rich assortment to choose from;
  • a sense of freedom: in such a dress, a woman feels at ease and comfortable;
  • the desire to do something with your hands for your image is welcome – both in 2018 and 2019, handmade is very popular.

natural fabrics

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Interesting. All things in the boho style are bright and combined in marvelous combinations. It seems like it should look ridiculous, but it’s actually stylish. And to pick everything up in one harmonious image – you still have to be able to.


natural shades

Boho directions:

  • boho-chic – dresses reminiscent of historical outfits of past times;
  • eco-style – refusal to use animal skin and fur, faded colors, floral prints;
  • ethno-boho – an emphasis on the fact that the dress reflects the spirit of some chosen culture;
  • homeless style – specially aged things that give the impression that they were found in second-hand stores or left over from a great-great-great-grandmother.

At the same time, in the created images, these directions can mix, creating something new.

Boho chic dresses

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styles boho style dresses

We create unique images full of freedom and inspiration:

  • hippie boho is recognizable by a maxi dress with frills, ruffles, pleats, fringe, often on the straps as an analogue of a sundress. From above, you can throw on a cardigan of the same free “flowing” cut;

  • openwork knitted dresses – coquettishly short, elegant medium length or luxurious to the toes – suitable for a hot summer, complete with a wide-brimmed hat;

  • shirt dress – most often classically concise with romantic embroidery, light colors;

  • glamorous outfits are sewn from “airy” fabrics – silk, chiffon, guipure, with notes of eroticism and lightness. Often use faux fur for decoration;

  • a linen dress is worn in the summer – the fabric behaves well even at high temperatures, allowing the body to breathe, the only negative is that it wrinkles easily and is difficult to smooth out. To brighten up this minus, some synthetic threads are added to the material;

  • winter dresses – long and warm, made of knitwear, cotton or knitted, combined with knitted cardigans or coats. By the way, tapestry dresses and coats are also suitable.

Warm knitted dress in boho style

Accessories and boho

Most often girls use:

  • hats – both wide-brimmed and massive, and compact;
  • wicker bags;
  • non-standard belts can be combined with unique dresses: leather, fabric, embroidered, handmade;
  • glasses;
  • large, original, home-made jewelry – beads, amulets, pendants, bracelets;
  • in cool weather – a colorful scarf or shawl.

Shoes for dresses of this direction are most often worn at low speed, comfortable and practical. In summer, these are sandals, sandals or gladiators, braiding the legs, and in spring and autumn – warm fabric original boots or cowboy-style boots.

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Advice. The main thing is to stick to harmony: a more concise dress requires more jewelry and fancy accessories, and a colorful, attention-grabbing dress with an abundance of embroidery and decor is worn with more concise and simple additions.


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Who suits boho style

This is an ambiguous and capacious direction in which you can pick up dresses:

  • according to the age. There are no requirements or restrictions, so both very young girls and respectable ladies can create boho images. Maybe just for those over 50 this style is more suitable: a long knitted dress is still more suitable than tight trousers or short skirts;

  • for the bride and for any festive event, you can choose a unique dress draped with lace, silk – lush and multi-layered or, conversely, elegant and romantic. In 2018, such outfits are very popular. In summer, add a wreath of flowers to your head or hat, and in winter, weave ribbons into your hair or secure with a strap;

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  • only creative people who do not need to dress according to the dress code can wear dresses of this style to the office;

  • original evening dresses can be worn even by not the most ardent boho fans – long and sophisticated outfits with an interesting belt or large necklace will suit any fashionista for a corporate evening or dinner;

  • in the summer, if you look, almost every girl wears boho: colorful and light dresses made from natural fabrics;

  • for cool weather, you can stop at a knitted dress with puffed sleeves, and if the outfit seems too concise and simple, add more beads and bracelets, and cowboy boots on your feet;

Boho style dresses for any weather

  • boho style dresses are a godsend for overweight women. Airy styles, frills and ruffles hide wide hips and figure flaws. Slim fit or high-waisted silhouettes help build a slim silhouette. And also do not forget about the opportunity to emphasize beautiful and graceful wrists or a long neck with jewelry. All this will be a plus and will help ladies with magnificent forms to create their own unique bow.

In general, when planning your look in the boho style, every fashionista focuses on her …

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