Boho style in clothes: history, examples of images and photos

Fashion never ceases to amaze with its versatility, each of the styles in clothing is original and unique, for example, in 2019, the attention of designers was attracted by the direction of boho. Now, for many, the boho style in clothes seems ridiculous, and only a few are able to feel all its uniqueness.


Rather, this style is like a lifestyle, which, in turn, affects both the wardrobe and the worldview. Boho style combines many fashion trends, such as hippie, vintage, country and others.

In addition, this direction combines the colorful accents of folk costumes of many nationalities, creating something new and characteristic for both Americans, Europeans and Australians.

For young girls, mini length is allowed

Style Features

The extravagant boho style dates back to the Middle Ages, when the gypsies who lived in the Czech Republic were looking for clothes full of comfort and uniqueness.

The same style was no less popular among the creative galaxy, who, like the gypsies, protested against the general rules and norms, combining incompatible things in their images.

Wear all the best at once or combine incongruous – you need to be able to

[stextbox id=’info’]It is the combination of the incompatible that is the main principle of the characteristic boho style.[/stextbox]

Boho-style clothes, as you can see in the photo of the latest collections, are often sewn from natural fabrics in contrasting colors, as fans of this trend strive for gypsy chic, but at the same time they want to be one with nature.

Elegant summer dresses to the floor

There are several main characteristics of the boho style that distinguish it from other trends:

  • layering;
  • skirts and maxi length dresses;
  • natural fabrics from which things are created;
  • many different decorations;
  • comfortable and simple shoes;
  • natural and natural shades;
  • ethnic style;
  • the use of lace;
  • combinations of fabrics of various textures;
  • high landing;
  • oversized clothing.

It can hardly be called ultra trendy and highlight some novelties among fashion trends, however, this trend has its connoisseurs who prefer comfort, lightness and ease in clothes.

An example of sophisticated and elegant boho

[stextbox id=’info’]For example, the famous actress Helena Bonham Carter has long been a fan of this trend, and you can often see her in the photo in mysterious and unusual images.[/stextbox]

Of particular importance in this direction is given not to the clothes themselves, but to well-chosen accents, including jewelry, shoes, a headdress and a handbag, which, as a result, create an original and unique image.

National style, chic, unusual combinations of different textures and paradoxical details make it possible to embody the most non-standard and fashionable images – light, relaxed and without superficial following of trends.

Ethnic ornaments in boho

As mentioned earlier, accents can perfectly complement a boho style outfit, so choosing an original neck jewelry, beaded bracelets and earrings, or massive vintage details, you can transform your monotonous look into a more romantic and bohemian one.

Wide bracelets and voluminous necklaces are the distinctive elements of boho

The boho style in clothing for women has no age limits, it is perfect for both young girls and those over 50, and you can often see photos of celebrities of the age who create such images.

Boho for older women

[stextbox id=’info’]Although this style allows experimentation with different combinations of styles, it is important that the resulting image is not overloaded.[/stextbox]

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If the outfit is monochromatic, you can use more original and colorful accents, but if the clothes are decorated with embroidery or some kind of print, there should be a minimum of accessories, or they may not be so bright.

Boho for full

It is also worth getting a few colorful scarves and boleros – with them it is much easier to create a layered and light look. By the way, boho style clothes are perfect for overweight women, due to their layering and loose silhouettes, you can often see photos of overweight celebrities who prefer loose outfits.

Scarves are often used as headwear.

It is worth noting that boho equalizes the concept of the value of things. When creating a fashionable image, it is allowed to combine both expensive and cheaper clothes, it is important to start solely from your preferences.

Dresses and skirts

First of all, the boho style for girls is multi-layered maxi-length outfits.

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Romantic ruffles, floral patterns, flounces, lace and embroidery are all boho dresses or skirts made from cotton or linen.

Layered skirts

With the help of such wardrobe items, you can create very feminine summer looks; a girl in such clothes is able to fascinate with the naturalness and lightness of her appearance.


Ease and comfort are the main features of this style, so jeans or trousers are must-have wardrobe items.

Boho pants

[stextbox id=’info’]It is worth choosing straight-cut pants, bell-bottoms, jeans with holes, skinny and models with unusual stripes.[/stextbox]

This bottom can be combined with loose tunics or sweaters, you can complement this look with a western-style leather bag and an original belt, creating airy and unusual outfits for everyday life.

Top of the look

If you are an admirer of the boho style, then a T-shirt, T-shirt or jacket worn on top of another will not surprise anyone.

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[stextbox id=’info’]You can use a simple knitted tunic to dilute the look with trousers, or complete the combination of a tank top with a skirt with a light shirt.[/stextbox]

A blouse made of natural materials, complemented by embroidery, will go well with any bottom. Sweatshirts with asymmetrical edges look quite stylish, which can be combined with both regular trousers and long skirts.

Classic blouse in boho style


When creating a bow in the boho style, it is important to pay attention not only to clothes, but also to shoes, first of all, they should be comfortable, in the photo from the latest collections you can see flat sandals. Ankle boots with low heels or wedges are suitable for the winter period. If for things in this style it is possible to play with colors and textures, then it is preferable to choose shoes in soothing brown tones.

Boho shoes

Boho style clothes are suitable for girls who choose comfort and naturalness. This direction does not have any age limits or restrictions on the figure, so any girl can experiment with it.


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