бохо в гардеробе

Boho style in summer wardrobe 2020

This trend in fashion originated among the free gypsies of the Czech Republic several centuries ago, in order to become the personification of hippies at the end of the 20th century, and in the summer of 2020 to return to fashion collections again. Stylists predict its success in 2021, revealing a lot of advantages over other style trends.

boho in wardrobe


The fundamental principles are convenience, layering and originality, as well as a combination of incongruous. In order to choose comfortable clothes, preference should be given to light fabrics such as linen, cotton, knitwear. These materials wrinkle easily, but slight wrinkling, as well as wear, roughness, and raw edges fit into the spirit of summer 2020.

boho wardrobe

Layering allows you to combine diverse elements of clothing, putting on a crop top on a T-shirt, and a maxi dress over denim trousers. Characteristic colors are as close as possible to natural, which is especially important for the hot season. Originality and naturalness direct the choice towards warm shades, and if the style usually assumed bright colors, then in the summer of 2020 it is worth choosing a more restrained palette. The pattern of clothing can be represented by a cage, paisley, floral pattern, animal or ethnic print.

boho style in clothes

Hand-made details are welcome: the more original the image looks, the more it fits into the general mood of the direction. Trendy accessories and jewelry, which are valued no less than in well-chosen clothes, will help to diversify your summer wardrobe.

boho clothes

Clothing used in the style

It is impossible not to highlight the maxi dress as one of the main elements of the image. Be sure to have a free cut, decorated with frills, fringe, flowing light fabric with a floral print – it is self-sufficient in itself, making its owner more feminine and softer.

maxi dress

For lovers of a separate top and bottom, you can choose many options from the category of boho-chic. Loose skirts (short to full length), raw-hemmed denim shorts, light-colored flared jeans or straight-cut trousers paired with a simple white top, t-shirt or cropped turtleneck in snake, leopard or floral prints are perfect for lovers of bohemian chic.

boho skirt

Summer walks don’t require a lot of little things, but money and a phone can be stowed in a small straw bag or rattan clutch.

rattan clutch

As for shoes, there are many variations, but the main condition is the absence of a heel. After all, initially gypsies and freestyle hippies are distinguished by their craving for comfort and convenience, it is impossible to roam on a hairpin. Now this rule remains unchanged: a feminine and romantic image does not need such an addition. Representatives of bohemian chic choose flat sandals, gladiator sandals, suede or leather closed ankle boots.

boho shoes

Another reason why boho has become a popular summer 2020 style is because oversized models are not leaving the catwalks: they simply represent practicality, allowing you to combine many wardrobe details under spacious outerwear, which is ideal for a cool summer. Over the clothes in the evening, you can put on a cardigan or a denim jacket in an original, bright shade.

original jacket

Boho accent details

If in other manners of dressing one or two things are called upon to concentrate attention, then boho-chic involves an abundance of heterogeneous design elements, sustained in minimalist colors, that make the image complex, but interesting. Wide-brimmed straw hats, bandanas or bright scarves tied around the head will be a great addition. When it comes to hair and makeup, there is no need to overload the look with bulky hairstyles or eye accents. It is enough to dissolve the curls, making a light wave. Dark brown or nude lipsticks are allowed.

boho makeup

You can complete the look with massive earrings, multiple metal or leather bracelets, rings, pendants and necklaces.


Boho is about combinations, combinations, the ability to feel light and atmospheric, present yourself correctly and look at ease in original images. Atypicality, originality, together with comfort, create a unique style that has become an integral part of the summer season in 2020.

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