Bolero 2019: current models and fashionable bows

Having a fashionable bolero in your arsenal in 2019 is relevant for both young beauties and older ladies. This cropped jacket with rounded sides, sleeves of any length and styles, with or without a clasp, will diversify your looks. It will replace a jacket in an office image in the summer, transform an ordinary dress into an evening dress, and warm you on a cool summer evening. It can effectively complement the beach bow. Let’s see what styles of boleros you should pay attention to this season.


Bolero Features

The main advantage of a jacket of this style is that it gives the look a special femininity and charm. Why is this happening?

  • Firstly, thanks to the length of the bolero. Against the background of a short jacket, the waist looks thinner, and the figure is more elegant.
  • Secondly, the original cut of the sides and collar draw attention to the neck and décolleté area. The accentuated neck and décolletage, paired with a slim waist, creates an elegant look for a woman with a flair of romance.

It is a sin not to use such unique qualities of the bolero. Moreover, it organically fits into both elegant and everyday bows.

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An elegant lace lace bolero, worn over a smooth knit dress, will create an evening glamorous look. You can take advantage of this effect on vacation so as not to take a lot of things.

[stextbox id=’info’]A bolero in a contrasting color will become a bright accent in an urban style bow, adding a touch of elegance to the outfit.[/stextbox]

How to choose a bolero style

A fashionable bolero can be sewn from cotton or knitwear, be knitted and even leather. As we see in the photo, there is no limit to the variety of styles. But when choosing a model for yourself, you should take into account the visual effect that such a style creates.

It emphasizes the shoulders and chest. Therefore, when choosing a fashionable bolero in 2019, consider the features of your figure.

  • If you have large shoulders, then when choosing a bolero, give preference to transparent or translucent models in black or neutral beige.

  • If you are a happy owner of a large bust, the style without a fastener is not for you. Choose a model with ties or buttons in front, the image will look more harmonious.
  • For owners of miniature breasts, a bolero will visually add volume. I think it will make them happy.

Textured material or a large pattern will also make the shoulders and bust look bigger. The vertical lines of a pattern, knitting relief or lace ornament will highlight this zone less.

Consider such details when choosing a style for yourself. And let’s see photos of fashionable boleros in 2019.

current models

Evening and everyday looks, complemented by a bolero, create a non-standard bow, distinguishing you from others, bringing a stylish element to your usual look. With a puff sleeve or wings, they make the look light and delicate.

A trendy 3/4 sleeve, such as a set-in, one-piece or batwing sleeve, will add elegance to your look. Fashionable decorative elements of frills, bows and fringes are used for evening and everyday models.


Boleros, sewn from jersey, will gently emphasize the beauty of your shoulders. They can be quite miniature and play the role of an accent or decoration in a suit, worn over a T-shirt or top.

The model with long sleeves will act as a light summer jacket, protecting you from the evening chill. Due to the plasticity of the fabric, you can use an interesting cut with draperies, bow ties, frills.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Idea: Made from glittery jersey, a bolero can be an addition to an evening dress or create a dressy look on its own when worn with a modest dress of the simplest cut.[/stextbox]


A fashion trend, such as hand made products, is unrivaled today. Knitted bolero gives the image individuality.

An openwork model crocheted or knitted will look great with a T-shirt and jeans, and can also complement a romantic dress or sundress. The originality of knitted boleros is that even the simplest style, without frills, brings a touch of originality to the outfit.

Delicate openwork bolero

[stextbox id=’info’]An openwork bolero crocheted can be an addition to an exquisite evening dress.[/stextbox]


Denim style remains in trend and is even gaining momentum. The return of “dumplings” to the catwalks is a confirmation of this.

Summer models made of thin washed jeans with short or long sleeves, with buttons or ties will be appropriate on the city street and on vacation. A denim bolero, especially with a shawl collar, will add a seductively elegant touch to the street style look.


A bolero made of lace or guipure will become the central accent of an evening dress. Wear it with a fitted cocktail dress or a long evening gown. Since the openwork bolero is itself an element of decor, delicate jewelry should be worn with it so that the image is not overloaded.

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A bolero in an evening bow can match the color of the dress, which creates a calm, elegant look, or be in contrast, being the color accent of the toilet.


Such a stylish thing as a leather bolero will create an extreme bow with a skirt or jeans.

Great bow with a leather bolero

It will definitely set you apart from the crowd and attract attention. If you like being original, try this one.


Sports style has become a trend. Minimalist boleros in smooth jersey complete the sport-chic look.

The style can be solid or played with color accents and will complement a knitted shirt dress, top with trousers or a dance outfit.


White, black fashionable bolero can be combined with things of any color. White color will bring freshness to the look, black will create a clearer silhouette and add glamour.

Neutral tones, like gray and beige, will also fit into the bow of any color scheme. Therefore, models of this color are practical, they can be attributed to the things of the basic wardrobe.

A bolero that matches the color of a dress or skirt creates a laconic bow. This solution looks elegant in evening dresses. You can create a suit based on the play of shades of the same color, this technique is now popular with stylists.

When choosing a contrasting combination of a bolero and the main outfit, be guided by the rules for color combinations on the color wheel. This will give you the opportunity to get interesting non-standard combinations of shades that will make your look stylish.

What to wear with a bolero

Collecting the right fashionable bow is the main skill of a fashionista in 2019. The universal bolero will complement and diversify the arsenal of your image.

It can be worn with a tank top and jeans and you will look more feminine in this unisex outfit.

In summer, a mesh bolero tied to a bow on the chest is relevant on the beach. It will complement not only a beach bow, but will also be a spectacular addition to an evening outfit on vacation.

Fashionable maxi skirts made of airy tulle or pleated with a top on the straps are nice to combine with a bolero. As well as knitted dresses of simple styles.

Velvet, satin and…

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