Boots without a heel for autumn 2019: trends

Flat boots are one of the most popular types of autumn footwear for women because they are comfortable to wear and look stylish on the foot. Therefore, in 2019, designers at the shows presented many interesting models, among which were both classic versions of such boots and new seasons. We will talk about them later in the article.


Even though high heels help to make the look spectacular and catchy, walking in them is still not as easy as in flats.

In addition, such models have other advantages:

  • have no age restrictions and are suitable for wearing by young women and older women;
  • a huge range of models allows you to choose exactly your pair for each girl;
  • easily fit into a casual look, as well as into a strict office dress code.

[tds_warning]Important! Boots without a heel are also suitable for obese women. However, donuts in this case should be careful, since an incorrectly selected model can significantly deform the silhouette, making it even more obese.[/tds_warning]

Current trends

Of all the models of low-speed boots offered at fashion shows, we have selected the top most wearable options, which include the following:

  • massive. Products that repeat the design of rough army shoes have been at the peak of popularity for several seasons in a row. In addition to the wide tractor sole, their characteristic features are also laces, all kinds of metal rivets and stripes;

  • with prints. Boots decorated with ornaments are a hit of the coming fall. Both discreet geometric motifs in the form of a cage, stripes and even peas, as well as plant or ethnic themes are allowed. But most of all, products on which the print is present in the form of colored embroidery will be most welcome;

  • multicolored. Although black is considered the trend of 2019, stylists still recommend fashionistas not to stop at one pair of autumn shoes, but to purchase several models at once, among which there must be color options. In addition to the basic brown and gray, blue, yellow, green, burgundy, coral and orange boots will also be relevant. The design of such products can be simple and restrained, as well as full of various decorations in the form of rivets, laces, etc.;

  • shiny. Boots made from materials that imitate a metallized surface will also be fashionable. These can be both classic leather products coated with a special coating, and options richly studded with sequins or stones;

  • suede. Although they are not entirely suitable for autumn bad weather, according to many, suede models embody femininity and elegance in the best possible way. In view of this, it is better to wear such shoes for special events. But every day you should not wear them;

  • lacquered. Boots made of patent leather will perfectly fit into any look and make it more elegant. In addition, you can wear them not only in everyday life, but also boldly complement them with sets designed in an evening or business style.

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fashion styles

If we talk about women’s flat boots, below we have presented a list of the best models of 2019 that have taken a leading position in the segment of autumn fashion trends.

  • Sports. These boots have long ceased to be representatives of an exclusively sporty style, as designers have made them both comfortable and elegant shoes that can be worn in everyday life with jeans, sweaters and tunics.

  • On the clasp. Even small buckles on boots help to make the finished bow interesting and unusual. This decor can be placed both with one side of the leg, and immediately with two. Also, do not pass by the side and styles that are literally “dotted” with decorative fasteners around the entire perimeter.

  • Lace-up. One of the most popular models today. And all because they are versatile and comfortable to wear. The sole of these boots can be flat, tractor or have a slight rise in the form of a small wedge.

  • Chelsea. High boots with decorative inserts in the form of rubber bands on the sides not only did not go out of fashion, but also became full-fledged representatives of classic shoes. Therefore, you can wear them not only in everyday life, but also safely wear them to work in the office.

  • Chukka. Low shoes, borrowed from the men’s wardrobe, fit perfectly into the women’s. They are easily combined with almost any clothing, and visually, despite the somewhat rough design, they make the leg more accurate.

  • “Stockings”. Bright models, the top of which is made of textile material resembling a sock or stocking, is another trend of the coming autumn. This is because they not only transform the image, making it stylish and even somewhat futuristic, but also emphasize the beauty of the female leg due to the tight-fitting top.

  • With a zipper. Boots with a zipper located in the front in the center have been popular for more than one year. At the same time, lightning does not always fulfill its direct functional purpose and is more of a decoration.

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With what to combine?

Demi-season boots without heels can be worn with almost all things from the basic wardrobe. Below we just presented the most popular and, most importantly, win-win options for such combinations, as well as their photo examples.

  • With jeans. One of the most wearable duets, as you can combine all styles of denim trousers with low-speed boots. It can be tight-fitting skinnies, as well as brutal boyfriends or pipes, classic bell-bottoms or moms. As a top, a knitted cardigan, leather jacket or oversized coat would be appropriate here.

  • With ⅞ trousers. These boots will look no less impressive with cropped trousers. You can wear these shoes both on tights and on a bare leg.

  • With dresses and skirts. There are no special restrictions here. Both mini models and floor options are allowed. The same applies to the features of the cut. But it is better to combine them with simple beige, black translucent or matte tights.

  • With leggings. One of the basic combinations designed for everyday wear. Leggings can be either knitted or sewn from leather. As a top, it is better to choose a voluminous product, for example, an oversized golf or a cardigan.

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As you can see, the trends of 2019 in the segment of women’s shoes without heels are very diverse. Therefore, every woman will be able to choose this fall an original, fashionable and wearable model.

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