Botox Honma Tokyo for hair: shine and beauty of strands

Cosmetics with a sonorous name – hair botox from the Honma Tokyo brand – promises to instantly turn strands from lifeless to radiant and silky. Is this true and what lies behind the tempting procedure?

Honma Tokyo is a Brazilian hair care line based on Japanese technology. The line includes many products, among which is hair botox, which is called a salvation for damaged hair and a luxurious remedy for healthy hair.

Years of frequent coloring, combing, styling and blow-drying take their toll. Often, a course of nourishing and moisturizing hair masks is not enough to restore the original softness and shine to curls. As we age, hair also loses its natural keratin, the protein that makes it stronger. In fact, they are defenseless against sunlight, harsh chemicals found in paints and many shampoos, as well as constant heat treatment with a hair dryer and flat iron.

Why is the procedure called “Botox”?

Today, the procedure for treating strands with Botox, offered in salons, is the most effective for resuscitation of hair in any condition. Despite the name, the Honma Tokyo product itself does not contain botulinum toxin, which is used in anti-aging skin treatments – those same Botox injections. Botulinum toxin is a muscle relaxant that, when injected into the skin, “freezes” the muscles of the face, as if paralyzing them, and provides relaxation of the skin and smoothing wrinkles. Hair does not have muscles, however, the so-called Botox treatment acts on them in the same magical way, turning burnt, dull, dry and damaged curls into soft, smooth and radiant health.

Imagine dry autumn leaves breaking when lightly touched. After countless dyes and styling, your “mane”, if not constantly cared for, can turn into the same. Botox Honma Tokyo “repairs” and similar strands, filling voids and restoring damaged fibers, and also provides them with protection in the future.

Keratin straightening or Botox?

The steps of these two procedures are almost the same, but they act completely differently: keratin immediately envelops the outer structure of the hair, but not the cuticle, while Botox penetrates deep and moisturizes. If we compare procedures based on the usefulness for the hair structure, then Botox is certainly in the lead.

The difference between them is primarily in the composition of the products. For keratin straightening, substances containing formaldehyde are usually used, which cannot be used in large quantities, so it is better to entrust such straightening to experienced professionals who are well acquainted with safety precautions. Botox from the Honma Tokyo line does not contain formaldehyde, parabens or any other harmful substances, it contains beneficial antioxidants and acids.

Keratin helps to get rid of the “fluffiness” of hair, especially curly, giving them the desired straightness and smoothness. Keratin is aimed primarily at straightening curls, especially if the hair is “thick”, curly and unmanageable. It is absolutely not suitable for dry and dehydrated strands. It should be noted that Botox Honma Tokyo or any other brand does not provide straightening, as in the procedure with keratin. Curls will also curl, only slightly wavy curls can straighten. At the same time, the procedure has an incredibly gentle effect on the hair – the product fills them with useful nutrients and gives them volume. As a result, the hair looks healthy and well-groomed, it is much easier to comb and style it.

Moreover, Honma Tokyo adds shine and smoothness to the strands, enhancing the intensity of the color. Fair-haired girls will also be pleased with this product because it removes the yellowish tint. The procedure itself is quite complicated to perform at home, so many girls resort to the services of experienced craftsmen. Honma Tokyo Hair Botox contains two types of keratin: its amino acids for establishing water metabolism and strengthening them, as well as soluble microkeratin, which is the filling substance. Tea tree leaf extract provides proper care and stimulates hair growth, while aloe vera extract strengthens them.

Who is Honma Tokyo suitable for?

The tool is suitable for those girls who:

  • The strands are fluffy, electrified, difficult to style;
  • Rough, uneven hair structure;
  • Dry, lifeless, damaged, dull curls;
  • Curly hair in need of intense moisture;
  • The hair was constantly subjected to staining and / or discoloration;
  • split ends.

How is it applied?

The procedure, very similar to keratin straightening, consists of the following steps:

  1. First of all, the condition of the hair, its structure and type is assessed. If you decide to carry out the procedure yourself (quite complicated), make sure that you have all the necessary tools and carefully read the instructions.
  2. Then the master (or the owner of the hair herself) thoroughly washes her hair using a special shampoo with a deep cleansing effect. Shampoo washes away impurities and paraben residues from the hair and scalp, opening the cuticles so that they can better absorb keratin and moisturize.
  3. After that, the hair is dried almost completely to prepare it for the application of Botox.
  4. Honma Tokyo’s “Beauty Injection” is distributed along the length of each sectioned strand, rubbing from root to tip.
  5. Then you need to wait half an hour or more until the product is absorbed.
  6. Hair is completely dried with warm air from a hair dryer.
  7. For each strand, you need to hold a hot iron 6-8 times so that the keratin penetrates deep into the hair structure. Then the hair is combed.

Resurrected. Silky. Beautiful

Thus, even the most hopeless curls, with the correct procedure, turn into smooth and radiant, like a child’s. According to the reviews of many girls who have experienced the action of the miracle remedy from Honma Tokyo, the hair not only looks better, but the combing process turns into a quick and pleasant one. The procedure lasts up to six months.

A nice property of this Brazilian remedy is that it is based on acidic components and is indicated for almost any hair in any condition. It nourishes them with important antioxidants and vitamins and cannot harm, on the contrary, Honma Tokyo Botox protects hair from psoriasis, dandruff, and also minimizes hair loss.

Who is contraindicated?

Botox can be used for all types of hair. However, you need to remember that:

  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding, Botox procedures should not be done so as not to harm the health of the baby and mother;
  • Botox is contraindicated…

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