Bows and neckerchiefs: how to wear a fashion item for winter 2020-2021

The trend for masculinity and men’s things looks quite fresh and unusual, but many women do not like it at all. I still want to remain a feminine and sophisticated personality, and not highlight masculine traits in myself. Bows and neckerchiefs are exactly the detail that can emphasize such necessary features for any girl. But the main thing is to learn how to use them correctly.

Bow on the belt

For such an idea, it is better to choose large and lush bows, too small ones will look inconspicuous and childish. The dress must be plain, without any print. This accent is perfect for evening dresses or even wedding dresses. You can use a bow in the same color as the dress, or you can stand out and choose a bright option. This detail looks especially elegant when the dress has a bare back, but it is worth noting that before choosing a dress, you should carefully take care of the back skin so that it looks presentable, as the accessory will draw too much attention to this area.

Bow in hair

Such a detail gives sophistication almost always. A similar accent in the hairstyle can be combined with any style of clothing, but with the exception of sports. This hairstyle is perfect for any event or date, in combination with a dress, or for a casual look to university or work, in combination with a sweater, turtleneck, shirt, jeans, trousers or a classic skirt. It is better to choose discreet and simple colors, for example, black, white, milky, powdery shades, then it is perfect for any hair color and for any clothes.

Silk scarf around the neck

A great way to break up a low-key or even boring look. In this case, the scarf must be bright, stylish and rich, with an unusual print. If you choose a monochromatic option, then the image will not be attractive. But in this case, the image itself should be combined in fairly restrained colors. Or you should choose the shades of the print on the scarf, which are similar to the shades of the clothes themselves, then the image will definitely look harmonious.

Tie on a bag

You can simply hook the handkerchief to the belt or completely wrap it around the entire handle. Most of the girls in their wardrobe have classic handbag models mainly in black, white, beige, gray and burgundy. They are suitable for any look, but sometimes they can look boring and even too conservative. Then a bright scarf with an ornament or a fantasy pattern comes to the rescue of the image.

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