Bracelets 2021: novelties and trends

Bracelets have long ceased to be simple decorations; in 2021, such fashionable accessories will be a great opportunity for self-expression and will help emphasize individuality and a sense of style. From the article you will learn about the main trends of the new season, see photos of current models.

Bracelets 2021: fashion trends of the season

Many brands presented a variety of bracelets on the catwalks. According to the current trends of leading fashion houses, products made from:

  • ordinary and precious metal;
  • plastic;
  • skin;
  • tree;
  • textiles, etc.

In the new season, stylists offer fashionistas not to limit themselves and wear several bracelets at the same time.

In winter, girls should look at products decorated with fur, while for summer, neat bracelets in the form of chains and more voluminous accessories are suitable.

The last option is a real must-have in 2021. The bracelet is massive due to the use of a large number of weaves, for example, leather or metal strips. Large accessories made of metal or stone will also be in demand.

Also noteworthy are bracelets of original and unusual shapes. They not only help to create an interesting and stylish outfit, but also favorably distinguish a fashionista from the crowd.

Fur accessories

Fur bracelets are one of the main trends of the new season. Best of all, such products look in the cold season, adding warmth and comfort to the image.

Fur on bracelets is usually found in the form of tassels, pompoms, it can cover the entire surface of the product.

It is best to wear such products with discreet monochrome clothes, because the accessory itself is quite catchy.

Cuff bracelets

We are talking about beautiful and quite practical options for bracelets. A distinctive feature of the cuff is openness. Such accessories should be massive. They are most often made of wood or metal, leaving the surface smooth or complementing with carved elements.

For greater convenience and practicality, cuffs are supplemented with chains that will close an incomplete ring.

Bracelets with floral motifs

Flower-shaped accessories are one of the trends of 2021. Products are most often made from soft materials, such as leather or textiles.

If a woman prefers accessories made of precious metals, then you should pay attention to silver bracelets fashionable in 2021, assembled from beautiful metallic flowers.

A floral style bracelet will perfectly complement any feminine look, especially in the warm season, it will be the perfect complement to a colorful sundress.

Rhinestone bracelets

Glitter and play of stones make the image more catchy and spectacular. Especially when it comes to stylish massive bracelets, complemented by similar decorative elements. Such accessories transform any bow, making it more feminine and elegant. Especially stylish bracelets with rhinestones look in combination with solemn and evening looks.

In 2021, special attention should be paid to bracelets with stones in contrasting colors. Another important aspect is the shape of the stones themselves, ideally if they have an interesting cut.

Multi-row bracelets

Massive and at the same time feminine multi-row bracelets will remain in demand in 2021. Such accessories look very interesting, as each row attracts close attention. Their number is not regulated, it all depends on the individual preferences of the fashionista. It seems that the more turns, the better. Such bracelets are made of leather, thick cord, beaded chains and other materials.

Charm bracelets

It is not the first season that charm bracelets are very popular among fashionistas. And all because thanks to a variety of pendants, you can create a different mood, transforming the same bracelet from delicate and refined into a bold and catchy accessory. After all, you can hook several charms on a chain or cover the entire product with pendants.

With the help of beads, you can express your individuality, demonstrate to others the circle of your interests.

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Leather bracelets

Speaking of fashionable bracelets for 2021, one cannot but mention leather products. The most relevant accessories in ethnic style, made in the form of a single piece of material, decorated with various beads, stones and ties.

From precious metals

Bracelets made from precious metals such as gold and silver will also be trendy in 2021. Stylish and beautiful accessories can complement images in various styles, create the right mood.


Do not forget about stylish bracelets on the leg. Anklets are worn mainly in the warm season, combined with sandals. The ankle bracelet makes the look more sophisticated and feminine.

How to match bracelets with other jewelry

Today there are no clear rules, because stylists allow not only to wear several different accessories on one hand at the same time, but also to combine bracelets made of various metals in a single image.

The combination of bracelets and watches looks interesting. At the same time, in the new season, accessories are recommended to be worn on one hand. Watch and bracelet do not have to be made in the same style. You can wear a masculine-style chronograph in tandem with a feminine beaded bracelet.

Now you know everything about fashion trends for 2021 and you can easily choose a stylish bracelet, both on the arm and on the leg.

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