Breast lift without implants: how it is done, reviews

Breast shape for a woman has always been an important topic. Some are dissatisfied with the size, others with the presence of stretch marks, and others with elasticity. But what if there is no need to increase the bust? There are different ways to bring the breast into a “girlish” state. One of them is mastopexy – a breast lift without implants. The surgeon cuts off some of the excess skin, repositions the nipple, reduces the areola (as desired by the patient), then sutures the skin. Due to which, the chest is tightened, it becomes higher and more elastic.

Types of mastopexy

There are several ways to carry out this operation. Depending on the nature of the incision, mastopexy can be:

  1. Periareolar – with this method, an incision is made around the circumference of the areola, the nipple is cut off along with excess skin, then the surgeon tightens the skin and sutures the tissue. After two to six months, the seams become invisible. The operation is performed at the initial stage of ptosis (sagging of the mammary glands).
  2. Vertical – the incision is made vertically from the nipple down, capturing the nipple along with the skin around it. Part of the glandular tissue is removed. The stitches also become invisible a few months after the procedure. It is used if the degree of ptosis is moderate.
  3. With an anchor incision – the incision is made in the shape of an inverted T. Under the breast and vertically to the nipple. This method is used most often. It is used for the third degree of sagging of the mammary glands.

Mastopexy is performed under general anesthesia. The effect remains for a long time, correction is not required. With the correct procedure, the breast acquires an anatomical shape, becomes more elastic, beautiful. All functions of the mammary glands are preserved. The sensitivity of the nipples may decrease.


There are a number of contraindications for which such a procedure cannot be performed: oncological diseases, unstable patient weight, exacerbation of chronic diseases, lactation and pregnancy, infectious diseases, benign breast tumors, mental illness, during an exacerbation, autoimmune diseases.

These contraindications are common for breast surgery.


Despite the fact that mastopexy is a quick, uncomplicated process, and does not involve intervention in internal organs, there are a number of complications that you should be wary of:

  1. Loss of sensitivity of the nipples – in 60% of cases.
  2. Bleeding – in 20% of cases.
  3. Sloppy scars – depends on the competence of the doctor.
  4. Inflammation – in 30% of cases.
  5. Prolonged healing (up to six months) – occurs in 5% of cases, more often in smoking patients.

You can minimize the likelihood of complications if you follow simple recommendations: a month before the procedure, give up alcohol, nicotine, certain medications, undergo an examination by a mammologist, surgeon, oncologist, and pass all the necessary tests.

Breast lift can also be performed using threads or fillers. Unlike mastopexy, these types involve the introduction of foreign bodies under the patient’s skin. This type of surgery is harmless. Unfortunately, the result does not last more than two years.

A thread lift is used when the size of the mammary gland is not more than the second, ptosis is not very pronounced. The surgeon inserts the threads around the circumference of the chest, “sews” the tissue, then fixes them on the collarbone. Due to this, the bust looks higher. The material is made of gold or platinum. Due to possible complications, this method is rarely used. In case of an incorrectly performed operation, it is possible: sagging of the skin between the stitches, tissue rupture, the appearance of stitches in a conspicuous place, and no result.

Lifting using the Macroline filler method involves the introduction of a special gel based on hyaluronic acid into the patient’s mammary glands. The skin looks healthier, more elastic, the inter-chest spaces are filled, the size slightly increases.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia, the rehabilitation period is much shorter and easier. The disadvantages include the high price of the procedure, short-term effect, the need for correction.

Cosmetic methods of breast lift

Are there any other ways to bring the chest in order? Absolutely yes! Beauty salons offer a wide range of such services. Cosmetic procedures are absolutely harmless, no stitches, incisions, more accessible, do not require rehabilitation and special preparation.

There are several ways to non-surgical breast lift:

  1. Microcurrents. The procedure involves passing a mild electric current through the patient’s pectoral muscles. Thus, the training effect is achieved. Muscles under the influence of current are strengthened, the skin comes into tone, and the mammary glands are tightened. It is carried out in combination with special oils and serums. It is necessary to take several courses with mandatory breaks. Otherwise, the muscles will “get used” to the load and stop responding to the procedure.
  2. Myostimulation. Similar to previous service. It is carried out without the use of serums. Cheaper than microcurrents. The effect is achieved in 10 procedures. You also need to take regular breaks.
  3. Mesotherapy – special anti-aging injections are injected under the patient’s skin. They contain hyaluronic acid and vitamins. As a result, the skin noticeably becomes more tender and velvety in appearance, tightened, toned.
  4. Laser lifting. Tightening is done with a laser. The process is completely painless and harmless. Appeared relatively recently. Has no complications, side effects. It is necessary to complete a course of 6 procedures with a break of two weeks. The effect is almost the same as from mastopexy.

Cosmetic procedures have their own contraindications, although they are much less: lactation and pregnancy, oncological diseases of the mammary glands, allergies to drug components. They have no complications.

Each type of breast lift has its pros and cons. Before choosing the optimal one, it is worth studying the procedure in detail, consulting with several doctors, and passing the necessary tests.


Marina. Moscow: “I did a mastopexy, I am very pleased with the result. After consulting with the surgeon, we decided to make an incision along the areola. He said this is the least traumatic way, with a minimum number of stitches and scars. I plan to give birth in a few years, the doctor warned that the effect may disappear due to feeding. It was also forbidden to suddenly gain weight or lose weight. There is practically no seam, I hope it will disappear completely soon. The first week was difficult: I could sleep exclusively on my back, everything hurt. For the money it turned out quite acceptable. About 200 thousand. The surgeon was competent, the operation was done in the suburbs. All left…

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