Breast lift

Over time, with age, a woman begins the process of lowering the pectoral muscles. Almost every woman faces this problem. The consequences that cause omission are very diverse. Even despite the young age, breast prolapse may appear – it can be, like injuries, postpartum reduction of the mammary glands (which subsequently reduces the breast, and it becomes less elastic and sagging). Breasts can lose their shape due to weight loss.

There are different methods of breast lift. You can do it yourself at home, but such activities require time and stability. To date, surgical breast lift (mastopexy) is the most common.

The result due to mastopexy is most noticeable on small breasts, since the duration of maintaining “elasticity” is long. Moreover, this operation can be compatible with breast augmentation surgery. If you do not put implants, but simply do a mastopexy, then the functions of breastfeeding can be preserved. Everything is done at the discretion of the patient.

In the process of breast prolapse, three main steps have been identified. First of all, the process itself was called pseudoptosis. At the initial stage of pseudoptosis, the chest descends below the subbamarous fold. In this case, the dismount and areola are located above this fold. The first stage in the development of pseudoptosis causes a decrease in the level of the nipple. The level of the nipple reaches the subbamarous fold, or drops to one centimeter below. At the second stage of development, the nipple descends below the subbamarous fold to three centimeters. During the third stage, the nipple drops below three centimeters. As a result, it turns out that the indicator of how breast prolapse is the main one for the provision of the operation.

The most difficult part is not the operation itself, but the preparation for it. Preparation for this type of operation is a complex process that requires attention and responsibility. You need to prepare not only physically, which is already difficult, but also psychologically. As before any other operation, it is necessary to undergo an examination. In addition to passing all the necessary tests, you need to stop drinking alcohol (at least two weeks in advance), quit smoking. The preparation process is complex. The doctor, after passing and diagnosing the results obtained, selects the most effective method for each client, of course, wishes are also taken into account.

The operation of mastopexy has several options. When choosing a specific effective method, the following criteria are taken into account: the degree of breast prolapse, physical health, general health, age, condition and size of the breast itself, skin condition. The timing of the operation itself depends on the operator, usually they do not last more than three hours. Anesthesia can be both general and local with intravenous sedation.

There are three types (techniques) of the operation: periareolar, T-lift, short suture. In the periareolar technique, an incision is made around the areola. Usually, the use of this technique is carried out in the presence of the first stage of ptosis (breast prolapse), or if the chest has some elongation. As a result, the chest will be flatter. The T-shaped lifting technique is one of the most common and complex. The outcome of the operation is as follows: first, the vertical and horizontal sutures are cut, then the areola circumference. The vertical incision technique reduces the duration of the operation, and therefore is the most popular. Also, this technique preserves the sensitivity of the nipples and natural forms.

Any of the methods of breast lift surgery gives a long-term effect that is noticeable. Naturally, over time, the breast will still lose the result of the work already done, and in any case, the operation can be repeated. It does not contribute to the development of diseases such as breast cancer, does not reduce the sensitivity of the nipples and the function of feeding. The only negative is that in any case, seams will remain at the cut sites, even if they are barely noticeable. If the plans are to acquire offspring, then breast lift surgery should be done after childbirth, since during pregnancy the breast swells and after childbirth it still loses its shape and decreases in size. Breast reduction after childbirth is a natural process. A surgical breast lift does not use any special action to hold the shape of the breast, because it is only a lift.

Mastopexy is quite acceptable used for breast augmentation. In total, the duration of the operation will be approximately four hours. In addition, not only women, but also men can use breast lift surgery. In the second case, this type of surgical intervention occurs with breast augmentation, hormonal failure or obesity. Men can also use the method of liposuction and the removal of unnecessary skin patches.

Mastopexy increases women’s self-confidence, because women should always be beautiful. Today, almost any girl can afford such operations; earlier, the price tags were, to put it mildly, “outrageous”. Women are the most beautiful and beautiful, but everyone needs to look after and take care of themselves. Shine with health and happiness!

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