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The Oxysize System is a weight loss breathing exercise created by a woman named Jill Jones. The essence of the system is four-stage breathing: 2 stages for inhalation and 2 stages for exhalation. By inhaling more oxygen, fat deposits are burned. Usually, breathing exercises are combined with physical exercises at the same time, thereby the most problematic areas are worked out more intensively.

Those who have previously encountered bodyflex breathing exercises will wonder what is the difference between these two techniques. In bodyflex, the main emphasis was on holding your breath, while working on the oxysize system, you continue to breathe, just do it more intensively.

This system is indicated for people who, firstly, due to physical limitations, cannot actively engage in sports, go to the gym or just run. Secondly, for overweight people who are at risk of cardio, this system will also be an excellent alternative. Thirdly, for people who want to lose volume without gaining muscle mass. And fourth, the system is absolutely safe for pregnant women, which distinguishes it from bodyflex. Bodyflex is contraindicated for pregnant women.

What is needed for an Oxysize class?

To achieve the result, it is necessary to do 30-40 breaths per day using the oxysize system, which will take about 15-20 minutes. Breathing exercises do not require a separate room or special equipment. In principle, you can do gymnastics while sitting in the office or on the bus. Your breath will be imperceptible to those around you.

Do I need to follow diets when practicing the Oxysize technique?

There is no single diet. However, it is recommended to follow a healthier diet, ie. consume more fresh vegetables and fruits, try to exclude fried, sweet and fatty foods. It is also important to eat little, but more often, for example 4-5 times a day. Under no circumstances should you go hungry. Thanks to the oxysize system, your metabolism will improve, which is just as important when losing weight.

How does the oxysize system work?

To achieve results, it is very important to breathe correctly. Your breath should come from your diaphragm. Checking if your breathing is correct is very simple. Place your hand on your stomach, close to your ribs and breathe. If the hand rises and falls while breathing, then you are breathing correctly.

So, let’s move on to the respiratory system itself. The oxysize system is divided into 4 stages. Two stages per breath – the main deep breath, the stomach is relaxed and actively inflated, and 3 additional small breaths. Simultaneously with the breaths, tighten the buttocks, the muscles of the pelvic floor and strain the lower abdomen. Two stages to exhale – the main slow exhalation, the lips fold so that a small gap remains, draw in the stomach and 3 additional exhalations. Exhalations must be done sharply in order to completely empty the lungs.

The technique is quite simple and is mastered very quickly, which also distinguishes it from bodyflex, where it takes some time and effort to master the respiratory system. If you do oxysize breathing exercises daily, then in a month you can lose up to 10 cm in volume. One important thing to remember is that the oxysize system is mainly aimed at combating centimeters, so weight loss will seem imperceptible. However, with proper nutrition and compliance with certain restrictions, the result will also be obvious.

Breathing exercises according to the oxysize system

For more intense fat burning and working out problem areas of the body, while breathing through the oxysize system, you can also perform a set of certain exercises.

Complex 1 – Abs and waist.

Sit down, pull your stomach in a little. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the back does not bend. Watch your posture, keep your back straight. Breathe according to technique.

Basic pose, legs bent. Stretch your left arm up and stretch to the right. Feel your left side tense up. Hold the 4 breath pose. Repeat the movement on the other side. Do 3 sets on each side.

Complex 2 – Legs and thighs

The famous exercise is the “split floor”. It is also used during bodyflex exercises. Stand up straight. Bend your knees and rest them on the floor. Now try to tighten your leg muscles as if you are trying to split the floor. If you succeed, start breathing according to the oxysize system. Do 3 cycles. Repeat the exercise 2-3 times.

Standing, lean with both hands on the back of a chair. Bend your legs. The back should be straight. Take one leg back, while the leg should be straight. Lock your leg and breathe in oxysize breath. Repeat again on the same leg and switch legs.

Lying on your side, bend your top leg at the knee and place it slightly forward so that you can lift your bottom leg. Tightening the muscles of the lower leg, lift it up and hold. Breathe in oxysize breath. Repeat the exercise one more time on the same leg, and then move on to the other leg.

Complex 3 – Chest

Clench your hands into fists and rest them against each other. At the same time, with your hands, you seem to wrap around something round. Now firmly press your fists against each other. Breathe according to technique.

Of course, it is very difficult to believe that by performing such a simple complex, you can achieve tangible results. To check, you need to try. Just start practicing and see for yourself that this system works. Starting classes, in the first week you will feel an improvement in your condition. You will become more cheerful, more energetic. Your blood pressure levels will normalize, and your risk of diabetes will decrease. The muscular skeleton will be strengthened, and in general, health will become much better than it was before.

Get involved, and the result will not keep you waiting.

Good luck!

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