Bright accents that will make the image memorable

Girls need to know about the main bright accents that will make the image memorable. With the help of such details, you can diversify even the most ordinary outfit. Stylists suggest using unusual prints, bags and other accessories.

What bright accents will make the image memorable

If we talk about clothes and shoes, then use the following options.


Previously, this wardrobe item was part of underwear. But for the past few years, designers have been using the corset as an additional detail of the image. The most popular option is a linen model in black or flesh-colored. Take a white shirt dress and put on a black corset over it. Such a piquant accent will favorably emphasize the waist and attract the attention of others.

Unusual art print

A complex pattern on clothes will help to create a spectacular image. This feature became popular in the winter of 2021. An artistic print is applied to any thing. So an ordinary jacket / dress / pants of a standard cut turns into an exquisite picture. You can choose a painted dress or a sweater. Bright print will help to be the center of attention.


Add colorful socks to a calm outfit and the outfit will sparkle with new colors. This season, stylists offer girls to use socks under shorts, trousers and even skirts. If you are afraid to experiment with colors, then you can take high white socks. In combination with a gray suit, they will stand out and be remembered.


This model is a classic option that suits any girl. To add brightness to the image, choose shoes of a saturated color. For example, yellow pumps for a light dress or red heels for jeans and a white shirt. Such a bright accent diversifies everyday bow. With it, the eyes of passers-by will be riveted only to you.

Accessories for spectacular image

Accessories are an important part of the look. They are the ones who can make you stand out from the rest. Stylists advise using the following items.

Belts and garters

Original straps began to be added to outfits not so long ago. Thanks to such accessories, you can emphasize the legs or the bust with the waist. For a festive event, take a red bodycon dress, and put on a black belt with binding under the bust over it. This detail will make the image unusual and expressive. For very brave girls, an image with a skirt and a one-leg garter has been prepared. The accent adds zest and creates an intriguing bow.


A massive chain around your neck or instead of a strap on a bag will help you quickly add a bright accent. Dark pants, a gray loose T-shirt, a straight-cut jacket with shoulder pads and a gold chain around the neck are an option for a basic combination.

As jewelry, necklaces, earrings and bracelets in the form of chains have long been in demand among girls. In winter, designers often used such details. The most common are metal and plastic chains. Now the trend is clothes with chain decor. It can be part of the design or an accessory worn over. Alternatively, you can take high-waisted black pants and attach a large chain to the front pocket. A small detail will make an ordinary bow noticeable. You can also decorate other things when you want to draw attention.

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Another bright accent that will make the image memorable. Pearl hair accessories were trendy last season, now minimalist accessories are in trend. For a romantic bow that will collect many compliments, take a long, narrow gold-colored hairpin. It is perfect for malvinki on hair of different lengths. This option can be used by girls who want to stand out, but are afraid of catchy details.

Veil and hat

This season, one of the main trends is the closed face. Designers have come up with different options. The items that cover the eyes have become the most sought after. Therefore, a lot of veils were used on the catwalks. Such an extravagant item in everyday life will undoubtedly cause a sensation. Take a dark gray skirt with a jacket and a hat with a black veil. This bow is not distinguished by bright colors, but it attracts attention with its originality.

If you are not ready for such an unusual accessory, use a hat. You can choose a product with wide margins that are lowered to the face. This detail is suitable for both dresses and trousers. With its mysteriousness, the hat will definitely not leave you without attention.

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This detail is an important part of the wardrobe. You can use it not only with jeans or trousers, but also add such a bright accent to the looks with skirts and dresses. For example, a white dress with a jacket and a yellow belt on top.

Nylon bag

Use a bag not for convenience, but for beauty. A small bag of a rich shade will make the bow spectacular. For example, with olive trousers, a cream sweater and a gray trench coat, take a pink handbag. This accessory will look appropriate at any time of the year.

The listed bright accents, which will make the image memorable, will help to be in the spotlight. Try different options and choose the ones you like the most.

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