Bright shiny manicure

Our photo selection of brilliant manicure will conquer even lovers of minimalism, because shining nail art is not always an extravaganza of colors and brilliant madness. This design can be discreet and casual. But as soon as it comes to the holiday, sparkling nail art appears in all its splendor. Read in our article how different and equally beautiful a glitter manicure can be!

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Sparkling design tools

  • If you’ve been looking for the most basic way to achieve a glossy finish, nail polish is here to help. He always helps girls out when they need to create incredible nail art at home.
  • Dry glitters are small jars with shiny particles that you probably stared at in specialty stores. It’s time to buy them, because they are very easy to use. The most trendy types are sparkling crumbs and figured sparkles in the form of hearts, stripes and stars.

  • Shiny mica is another win-win option for creating spectacular nail art. It looks quite restrained, so it can certainly be used even in everyday design. A variety of shades will allow you to choose a manicure to your liking.
  • A girl’s best friend is diamonds. And in manicure, their role is played by luxurious rhinestones.
  • A more modest version of glitter decor is nail dust or pollen. The undeniable advantage of this decoration is that you can independently adjust the showiness and brilliance of the finished result.
  • A little more pollen, but at the same time, sand for nail art clearly does not reach the size of a rhinestone. He has proven himself in the knitted manicure technique.

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A brilliant manicure has a lot of advantages that distinguish it from other techniques.

  • The availability and low cost of tools for such nail art make it possible at home.
  • Glitter will delight you with excellent durability compared to other decor and simple nail polish. Therefore, if you need a spectacular and beautiful manicure that will not let you down at the most crucial moment, you know what to do.

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Chic, brilliance, beauty are the main advantages of such a design.



Alas, sparkling nail art also has a few downsides.

  • When it comes time to wash off the manicure, you run the risk of encountering some difficulties – not all types of glitter immediately lend themselves to nail polish remover.
  • Most of the most beautiful glitter designs can only be done by nail art gurus.
  • A brilliant manicure requires a careful attitude with sparkles. Overdo it a little and get a voluminous and ugly design that not only clings to clothes, but also spoils the whole image as a whole.

And now let’s move on to the most interesting: viewing a photo selection of new shiny manicures that will delight us with the 2018-2019 season. Choose the perfect option for you from the rating of the top ideas and be sure to repeat it on your nails.

Idea #1

If you are looking for a discreet and feminine design, we recommend that you take a closer look at the nude palette in combination with a brilliant decor. This perfect combination will show everyone your excellent taste and awareness of the main trends.

Connect the most relevant shades from natural colors to such a design: creamy beige, nude and dusty pink. So you get the most gentle and unobtrusive nail art that will look harmonious in any of your looks.

Delicate glitter manicure

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Idea #2

The exact opposite of previous designs will be a bold and fatal manicure with red at the head. Such a manicure is the best thing you can think of for a stylish accent in an evening look.

The red glittery design looks great in a monotone finish combined with different types of glitter. The easiest thing you can do is apply a clear glitter polish over the red base. Very impressive!

Bright colorful design

You should also not discount the bewitching contrasting combinations with red. He creates an incredible tandem with blue, white and emerald. If we are talking about the perfect manicure for the New Year 2019, then these color tandems will always be a great idea.

Idea #3

Matte decor in the best light is able to demonstrate the well-groomed ladies’ hands. But there is also the other side of the coin – with such a coating, all flaws and irregularities will be visible to the naked eye.

There are a lot of variations of this spectacular design, because the matte texture creates winning duets with various brilliant decor – from large rhinestones to small sparkles.

Idea #4

The geometry on the nails can be the envy of all other nail art techniques. Laconic lines and various shapes in nail design instantly won the hearts of fashionistas and have not lost their leading positions for several seasons in a row.

Idea #5

Don’t know what zest to add to your look? And what about a shiny accent on 1-2 nails? Dry or liquid nail glitter can help you with this.

The combination of a glossy finish with a shiny one looks so flawless that it’s really hard to resist such a manicure.

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Interesting! The most popular technique in a brilliant manicure is highlighting the ring finger on each hand with a spectacular decor.


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Idea #6

A typical winter design is the use of a special nail rub. This miracle tool creates a truly bewitching nail art that is appropriate in any image.

Rubbing cannot boast of its universal compatibility with any decor, but in tandem with shiny elements, it has proven itself perfectly.

Idea #7

Manicure is rapidly gaining popularity, in which only one figure is shiny. The secret of this technique is the use of stencils and glitter. Look at the photo how charming and cute this decor looks.

And if you make this brilliant manicure with gel polish, you will additionally ensure the durability of a beautiful design.

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Idea #8

French will be a more classic and modest version of a brilliant manicure, but this does not detract from its effectiveness. Look at the photo, how elegantly the usual French technique looks in combination with a brilliant smile.

Idea #9

A perfect accompaniment to your feminine and romantic look can be a moon manicure. Perform it as usual, but replace the colored hole with a shiny one. You will see, classic nail art will only benefit from such transformations.

You can go further and experiment with the shape, location and size of the hole – fashion trends approve of this.

Idea #10

Choosing a manicure with a pattern, you can always make it brighter and more spectacular. All you need is…

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