Bright summer manicure – interesting ideas, photos

The long-awaited vacation is about to come and it’s time to ask how the stylists see the bright manicure of summer 2019. For some reason, we all expect only positive emotions from the summer, it seems to us that this time is the best of the year. Probably, all this is not without meaning, because it is in the summer that the happiest meetings, vivid impressions and unforgettable discoveries take place. Accordingly, our external image must be in harmony with the internal. Mental impulses are embodied in a bright wardrobe, accessories and, of course, summer manicure.

Starting with color

The undisputed favorites of the summer season 2019 are light shades of green – mint, light green, lime, jade lime, pistachio.

Models showcasing bathing suits of all famous brands flaunted manicures in delicate nude shades.

[stextbox id=’info’]Tanned skin is perfectly decorated with a manicure of white, pearl, milky, cream and pink colors.[/stextbox]

If you are going to spend a vacation by the sea, then a nail design in blue or sand tones will be a natural addition to the resort look. For evening walks, a manicure with a bright red coating is ideal.

Print using stamping

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Monochromatic coating

For those who do not like experiments, designers offer interesting color options for monochrome manicure.

Please note that summer is the time when a monochromatic coating should be selected depending on skin color. An unsuccessful color can immediately emphasize all skin defects, as well as add a few extra years.


When choosing a beautiful summer manicure for the summer of 2019, you should focus on ordinary natural colors – blue, green, yellow, red.

It is appropriate to cover very short nails with not bright gel polish. Remember that a transparent coating can not focus on the length of the nail, but at the same time it can emphasize the velvet skin of the hands of their owner.

Design in bright colors for summer 2019

Let’s take a closer look at the new ideas of nail industry specialists for the summer of 2019.

Several technologies will be used as a base:

  1. french
  2. Lunar manicure
  3. negative space
  4. ombre
  5. Geometry
  6. stamping
  7. sweet bloom
  8. 3D drops

French manicure (French) in the summer pushes the classic cover and gives way to a variety of colors. Any color base of the jacket is allowed, and it is recommended to separate the edges of the manicure with any contrasting stripe. The same strip can be decorated with a gradient, kamifubuka, floral print, shiny dust.

Classic french

[stextbox id=’warning’]French in the summer is ideal for applying various ornaments not only with a brush, but also with modeling.[/stextbox]

This season, designers offer to diversify the jacket. Try one of the nails to completely cover the color of the smile line. The effect is just magical.

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AT moon manicure they try to highlight the hole with a more saturated color, but the designers do not offer drawings this season. Light beautiful moon manicure this summer is especially popular.

Trendy moon manicure

negative space (Negative space) – this is the new, which is spoken of as the forgotten old. The drawing is applied in such a way that a feeling of fragments of an unpainted base (bare nail) is created. To do this, the nail can really not be covered with a base or a transparent natural coating can be used. This design looks most impressive when using bright colors and shades.

Trendy Negative space

Ombre technique in the summer version will not leave indifferent any fashionista. Bright magical overflows are so spectacular and throws that it is impossible not to pay attention to them. Following fashion trends, this summer, designers recommend adding a little gold glitter to graduated transitions.

[stextbox id=’warning’]The ombre design can be complemented with a pattern or decorate 1-2 fingers with small shiny pebbles.[/stextbox]

Fashionable ombre manicure

Geometry this season is not as intense as in the past. Today, the most fashionable manicure will be a black and white composition in graffiti style.

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Any summer pattern can be applied to regular polish or gel polish using stamping. This is the name of a screen stamp with a blank of one or another image. Usually, bright flowers, juicy fruits, rays, marine motifs, exotics are used for summer manicure. Photos of these bright manicure ideas for the summer of 2019 amaze with the imagination and originality of the authors.

interesting geometry

Manicure in style sweet bloom can only be performed by a very experienced master. Using various shades of gel polish and acrylic powder, he achieves the desired three-dimensional pattern on the nail. This technique is considered very fashionable, it is only gaining popularity, and the cost of such a manicure is quite high.

sweet bloom

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Drops in 3D performance really want to shake off the tip of the nail. But this is just a visible effect. They are applied with a transparent gel polish on a glossy or shiny base. This novelty very quickly and deservedly found its audience.

Manicure in the technique of 3D drop

Summer manicure must convey the mood. And therefore, it can be bright, cheerful, playful, sunny, defiant, but not boring. Perhaps this is the only time when you can treat yourself to a manicure in all shades of the rainbow. Choose and give the world around you even more colors.


What summer manicure do you like the most?

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