British artist introduced the world to a virtual model

More recently, a new virtual model has been introduced to the world. Its creator is a photographer and artist from England Cameron James Wilson. The black model’s name is Shudu Graham and she has already conquered users Instagram with its beauty. Almost 70 thousand people have already subscribed to her account. The virtual model is incredibly similar to a real person – it has large and expressive eyes, plump lips, smooth skin and a slender figure. The creation of Shudu was a salvation for the artist in a difficult period of his life. According to Wilson, this is not a commercial project and he does not plan for Shudu to replace real models.

First virtual model - Shudu

The first virtual model – Shudu

I wanted to learn how to create 3D images for graphic novels and cartoons, and I had the idea to create a supermodel. So I created the most beautiful woman I could“, Wilson said.

Shudu Graham already has a professional portfolio, and the model has also become the face of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty brand.

Shudu Gram - the first virtual model

Shudu Gram – the first virtual model

Black Instagram Model Shudu

Black Instagram Model Shudu

Shudu Gram - virtual model

Shudu Gram – virtual model

Another piece of art by the artist

Another piece of art by the artist

Shudu was based on the South African Princess Barbie doll and Ducky Toth model. In addition, according to the photographer, Shudu is the embodiment of beauty in the sense in which he understands it.

Model Daki Toth - Shudu's prototype

Model Daki Toth – the prototype of Shudu

Wilson calls Shuda his fantasy that wants to break into reality.

Posted by Shudu Gram (@shudu.gram)

Shudu is not the only virtual Instagram star – a certain Mihuela lives on the same social network. She has 687 thousand followers who like her new selfies and follow what she is wearing, how she is shod and what makeup she has.

Miguela virtual model

Miguela virtual model

I wonder when virtual models will replace real ones from the catwalks – in 5 or 10 years.

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