Brittle hair – causes and treatment

To date, the negative impact on the hair has reached its zenith. Even healthy and unpainted, they lose their strength, luster and density, become brittle. There are many reasons for this: frequent stress, poor water quality, improper use of detergents, frequent use of varnishes and gels that accumulate in the hair. As for hair loss, this problem also has a lot of reasons.

Causes of brittle hair

Medicinal effect

The appearance of fragility can be affected by frequent staining. If you do it regularly, then you should not be surprised why the ends are split and the hair breaks quickly. The occurrence of split ends is quickly affected by the frequent use of chemicals: varnishes, styling pegs, gels that accumulate in the hair and many other drugs. If you cannot imagine your life without styling, then you are at risk. Such drugs do not protect the hair from damage, but only contribute to it.

Very often, brittleness occurs due to frequent chemical exposure to the hair. It’s about chemical perm. If you cannot imagine your life without this procedure, then you should remember its harmful effects and try to save your hair with restorative preparations that your master will advise you.

Improperly selected hair care products can contribute to the development of their diseases. Sometimes it happens that a shampoo of low enough quality causes itching and dandruff, but they continue to use it, instead of replacing it with another one. So use only products that are suitable for you to save your hair.

Subject impact

Also, the development of fragility is positively affected by excessive use of an iron or curling iron. With prolonged use, they destroy the structure of the hair, and they are left without their natural protection. So, if you are a fan of permanent hairstyles, then do not abuse these devices.

The appearance of brittle ends is greatly influenced by their improper drying after washing, and even improper wiping. In no case should hair be dried until there is not a single wet hair left. In such cases, you often overcook them, destroying the molecular structure and violating the integrity and protective shell.

Another item that can cause hair breakage is using curlers more than once a week. They do a little less harm in one use than the use of a curling iron, but with frequent use, they not only provoke brittle hair and split ends, but also fall out. This, of course, negatively affects your beauty, so do not overdo it in this matter.

Wearing bulky hairpins, jewelry on the hair contributes to their loss due to brittleness. No need to overload the hair and head. It is worth choosing elastic bands, crabs, bananas and others as light as possible. Also, the use of wigs, hairpieces and false strands adversely affects the condition of the hair.

Other factors

The appearance of fragility is also affected by disease processes in the body. If you are often exposed to stressful situations, then problems with brittle hair will soon begin, as well as a host of others. Try to monitor your health and eliminate the root cause to get rid of the consequences.

If the body suffers from a lack of vitamins, then this will also appear on the hair. Try to maintain a balance in the body, eat fruits and vegetables that will strengthen the body and enrich it with useful vitamins and minerals.

Hair reflects the painful processes taking place in the herbal system and the respiratory system. They can be silent signs of a disease occurring in the body associated with these zones. Check in often and take care of maintaining the body in a healthy state to prevent brittleness.

Also, the occurrence of brittleness is affected by the quality of air, water, the amount of exposure to the scorching sun and the winter cold. It turns out that not wearing a hat or something to warm your head in the cold, you doom your hair to the harmful effects of the environment. So take care of yourself and your health.

Brittle hair treatment

vitamin therapy

If you are sure that the reason for the fragility of your hair lies precisely in beriberi, then start saving your body as soon as possible. These should be vitamins that contain iron, zinc, magnesium, as well as vitamins of group B, C, E, A. Together with the start of a vitamin diet, establish the correct diet.

Together, this should give good results and, in the shortest possible time, you will notice that not only your hair has become radiant and healthy, but your entire body is very “satisfied” with vitamin support. If the reason really lay in vitamins, then this will definitely help.

Correction of the diet

Improper sleep and rest, combined with improper nutrition, can negatively affect not only the health of the hair, but the whole body. Such a feature of hair is to notify about malfunctions in the body. Start going to bed at the right time. Set the power mode to normal.

If you cannot completely avoid fast foods, then try to limit the consumption of food bought in them. Less fried and too greasy. If you improve your intestines, then in any case, this will have a positive effect on your hair.


Massage treatments are actively used to treat dry and brittle hair. Massage can be done at home. It contributes to the blood supply to the hair follicles and enriches them with minerals and beneficial substances that are contained in the blood.

This procedure is not too difficult and you can even do it yourself. You just need to cover your head with massage movements. The main thing is to disperse the blood and increase the blood supply to the scalp. For several sessions of such therapy, an improvement in the condition of your hairstyle should appear.

Bio lamination

This is probably the most effective procedure of all known. It is carried out in the salon and allows you to restore the structure of the hair, protect it from the harmful effects of the environment and preserve the color of dyed hair for a long time. After bio-lamination, the hair acquires a healthy shine and radiance.

In the case of the problem of fragility, it can be solved after the second session. This is an incredibly useful procedure for hair, which in the shortest possible time not only restores, but also allows you to maintain hair health at a high level.

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