Brown manicure – design ideas

A manicure made in brown colors in 2019 has become especially relevant. Indeed, on the basis of this palette, you can create many original designs, including both simple and using rather complex nail art techniques. Don’t believe? Then let’s deal with the features of the “chocolate” design together, and also consider the most original ideas for such a design of marigolds, which are given later in our article.


“Fresh” chocolate design trends

The brown color in itself looks very impressive, therefore, even in a monophonic design, a manicure made in chocolate and coffee tones is simply a win-win option. However, it is still possible to single out a number of fashion trends, without which not a single design of such a manicure can do without this fall.

  • Imitation coffee beans. Brown always evokes an association with a bar of chocolate or a cup of fragrant coffee, which prompted nail art masters to create a “delicious” manicure. Stickers, drawings or voluminous acrylic modeling imitating coffee beans or the surface of a chocolate bar in particular will appeal to those with a sweet tooth.

Interesting drawings and a brown jacket

Brown and a minimum of rhinestones

  • Matte finish. A brown manicure with a velvet design looks expensive and spectacular, including in a monochrome design. In addition to a simple matte finish, you can also use flock powder or acrylic powder. The final accent of this design will be a narrow gold strip of foil along the nail plate.

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Matte brown manicure

Light shades of brown and a combination of different textures in manicure

  • “Precious” inlay. Rhinestones fit perfectly into any design, but they add even more high cost and sophistication to brown manicure. In this case, the presence of such a decor must be necessarily in volumetric quantities. In addition, stylists recommend not being limited to rhinestones alone and adding gold-colored foil casting, beads, glitter and sequins to the design.

French and design on brown background

Brown with rhinestones

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! The main feature of a manicure in brown tones lies in its versatility, since it allows you to embody all your design ideas not only on long nails, but also short nails that are fashionable today.[/stextbox]

Spectacular and trendy taupe

A color scheme

Despite the fact that brown is considered a fairly versatile color, which is successfully combined with the vast majority of different shades, you can still highlight the top of the most winning combinations.

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  • With white. In a manicure design made in brown tones, white plays the role of a dominant accent. One nail can stand out white, or several at once, or even all. A striking example of such a manicure is a design in which white monograms are drawn on the ring finger with a transparent base, while the rest are made in brown tones and decorated with monograms only in the lunula zone.

French and design on brown background

Combination of brown and white

  • With pink. A kind of “companion” of brown color, thanks to which a light and elegant design is obtained on the nails. One or two marigolds are distinguished in pink, and only a few rhinestones or casting are used as decor.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! New in 2019 are camouflage polishes with pink or beige undertones, which fit perfectly into the brown manicure design and are an excellent substrate for various decor. Photo examples of such designs are also present in our selection.[/stextbox]

  • With beige. This is one of the most win-win combinations that does not require any additional decor. Basically, several marigolds are distinguished with beige, on top of which drawings are applied in dark brown.

Gray-brown combined with yellow

Trendy brown manicure and stripes

  • With yellow and orange. One of the most unusual, but no less spectacular combinations. One or two nails stand out mainly in yellow or orange with a warm undertone, on top of which decor in the form of rhinestones or sparkles is applied.

The combination of brown and gold with glitter

  • With gold. This is a priori the most sophisticated and expensive combination. Gold decor made of foil, confetti, glitter or a full-fledged coating imitating a metallic gloss will be an unsurpassed option for decorating a stylish evening manicure.

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Stylish design ideas for “chocolate” manicure

Thanks to all sorts of techniques, as well as an abundant number of decorative accessories, nail art masters have brought to life a huge number of manicure designs made in brown tones, examples of which can be seen in the photo on the Internet. The most fashionable of them in 2019 are the ideas below.

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  • Monochrome with a pattern. An original and at the same time completely unpretentious design that combines the combination of several shades of brown at once. It is only necessary to apply a drawing in a darker tone on a substrate of a lighter shade.

Bright drawings on a brown background

Delicate design and a combination of different shades of brown

  • “Broken glass”. The chaotically arranged pieces of gold foil not only blend perfectly with the color of the substrate, but also create a truly catchy and unusual design.

Design in the technique of “broken glass” on a brown background

  • With rub. At first glance, this is a completely incomparable combination, but the result is simply a stunning effect. Beautiful iridescent overflows on a brown base create an elegant and at the same time bright design.

Brown and rubbing with red tints

  • “Cat’s eye”. An original and at the same time bewitching design that looks harmonious, both in monochrome and with various combinations. For example, cat-eye varnish can highlight one or two nails. Another option is to create a French manicure based on it, where the “smile” zone is highlighted with a metallic coating.

Drop drawings on a brown background

Brown cat-eye manicure

  • “Chocolate” ombre. A beautiful transition from dark brown to light cream color is considered one of the most spectacular options in the design of a “chocolate” manicure, which looks just perfect on almond-shaped, oval or ballerina-shaped nails. In addition, the brown gradient is also very versatile, as it is perfectly combined with a matte or glossy finish, as well as all sorts of accessories.


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