Brown suede as the “highlight” of the look of the spring season 2021

Suede is an expensive and refined material from which clothes, shoes and accessories are sewn. In the 2021 season, brown suede has gained popularity, and in shades from red to dark chocolate. Designers have tried and offer fashionistas to decorate their wardrobe with stylish elements from this beautiful material.


Suede coats, trench coats and jackets this season appeared in the collections of famous fashion houses: Christian Dior, Derek Lam, Gucci. Designers offer various styles and finishes, the main thing is suede leather and all shades of brown.

Coats with a peplum, a fur collar or a belt and a wrap are gaining great popularity. These coats are versatile and will suit any style of clothing – from jeans with a sweater to a classic suit.

Brown jackets are a separate trend for next spring. Jackets, jackets, pilots or duffles – no matter what style suede jackets have, they will be in fashion for more than one season. In such outerwear, you can go for a walk, and to work, and on a date.


Buy a skirt made of natural brown suede this spring is offered by world fashion houses. A wrap skirt or a mini-length A-line skirt are the most popular models.

The decor on the skirt can be different: a lock, buttons, buttons or leather lining. In combination with a plain sweatshirt, turtleneck or blouse, a suede skirt will look stylish and elegant.

Of course, a skirt made of natural suede leather requires special care, especially if it is in light caramel colors. Therefore, as an alternative, they purchase an eco-suede skirt. And it’s easier to care for, and animal advocates would definitely approve such a replacement.


For several seasons, such a model of boots as the Cossacks has been keeping the brand. And red suede Cossacks are the squeak of the next season. With or without a fringe, under a dress or jeans, the Cossacks will make the image fashionable and memorable.

For a dry cold spring, fashion shoe brands offer flat boots. Comfortable, stylish and bright – the motto of this spring.

Such shoes will become not just a highlight of the spring look, but also a stylish solution to any set of clothes. The main thing is not to overdo it with bright colors and expressive accents.


A brown bag is almost a classic solution in choosing an accessory. It has been relevant for more than a season, and fashion brands make entire lines of suede bags in shades of chocolate, caramel or cognac.

Clutches, bags, cross-body, briefcases continue to be in trend. For a casual style or the now popular sport chic, suede is the perfect solution.

Brown suede accessories and clothes always look expensive and stylish. Therefore, if at least one element of the wardrobe in the spring of 2021 is made of this exquisite material, then its owner will automatically become a fashion icon.

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