Buckwheat diet for weight loss

Well, what is worth considering one of the ways how to overcome excess weight. We may not discover America, but we will understand what we did wrong in previous attempts, but now I will tell you more densely about such a diet as “Buckwheat”. Before going on a diet, you should first read a few instructions about anatomy. This includes aspects such as how and why we gain excess weight, and how to deal with it, and effectively.

Let’s start, first of all, with the fact that we are gaining excess weight for a number of reasons, such as a sedentary lifestyle, endocrine system disorders and malnutrition, while the rest of the reasons can be attributed to purely individual ones that are best dealt with directly with a nutritionist.

How to deal with a sedentary lifestyle ladies, I think so, you know better than me. But have you ever wondered why when you combine diet and fitness, you lose weight, but then after the course of the diet comes (!) But not alone, but with “friends”?

It turns out the answer is very simple. While we are torturing the body with diets and physical activity, it thinks that the “harsh time” has come and begins to save reserves. At this moment, the muscles suffer first of all !!! Not only do you tear them with loads, but also our body begins to burn them, because due to the diet there is not enough energy, and the notorious fat for our body is not extra centimeters at the waist and riding breeches on the hips, but nothing more than a RESERVE in case of childbirth, bearing and breastfeeding, if not strangely cold.

First of all, the fight against excess weight is that we have enough energy, nutritionists rightly say: “eat often, but little by little” this is how a constant metabolism occurs, which contributes to burning fat and building up spent muscles.

The next step should be walking and good nutrition.

The third stage in the weight loss complex will be our diet, but it will work only when your weight stabilizes at one point for at least a month.

And then there’s the diet…

We take 200 grams or one glass of buckwheat. Porcelain saucepan or thermos, pour buckwheat into a saucepan and pour cold water, put on fire. Then we wait for the water to boil. Everything, then remove the saucepan from the heat, wrap it with a towel and leave it overnight. We begin to eat buckwheat in the morning, preferably no more than 50-60 grams at a time without salt and seasonings, without bread and tea, you can only drink non-fat kefir or green tea without sugar.

But do not forget that our body needs glucose, which is why on the third day we boil the beets and eat, or for those who do not like beets, you can buy glucose and ascorbic acid in tablets at the pharmacy.

So we eat buckwheat all day, as soon as we want to eat !!! We do not tolerate hunger, it will only get worse; you must always be full, otherwise you will not have enough nutrients. It is also worth observing the time period, you can not eat 4 hours before bedtime. Every other day we eat fruits of 50-100 grams. We drink water as much as possible. It is advisable to drink mineral water without gas 1.5-2 liters.

And finally, the last 5th stage, it lies in the fact that you will not deny yourself various goodies, only on one condition that, along with good nutrition, your body will receive appropriate loads, such as dancing, fitness, water aerobics, in general, what your heart desires.

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